Billy McFarland Is A Modern Day Hugh Hefner Type Entrepreneur

Growing up in the New York bedroom community of Short Hills, New Jersey had an impact on Billy McFarland. McFarland is one of those 25-year-old Millennials that was born with techy genes. Billy started his first online company when he was 13-years-old. His next online venture was Spling, the digital acquisition and optimization platform that companies like Universal and Discovery use.

Billy McFarland turned that successful online business into a base for a Millennial, members only club that offers his generation outstanding perks and special deals. McFarland came up with the idea in 2013, but the concept was launched in March 2014. McFarland called his members-only club Magnises, and it was game-on.

Billy picked New York City as a home base. He rented a desk in the New York workplace, Alley. New York Millennials join the club for a $250 a year membership fee. Each member receives a black metal member card that looks like a black American Express card. McFarland also decided to open the club in Washington and San Francisco.

Special offers like great seats at sporting or musical events as well as a ClubPass that open doors at private clubs and trendy nightclubs perked the interest of Millennials in the fashion, finance, and tech industries in New York and the other two cities. In two short years, Magnises has more than 12,000 card carrying members. Billy McFarland plans to open Magnises to Millennials in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, and London.

The membership fee and the fee for the ClubPass and the HotelPass are not the main revenue source for the Magnises platform. Magnises is making money from the corporate partnerships Billy McFarland establishes. Major corporations want more Millennial customers, and Magnises attracts the kind of Millennials those companies need.

Private clubs have been around for decades. One of the most successful private clubs was started by Hugh Hefner in the 1960s. Playboy clubs were playgrounds for the Baby Boomers that wanted to eat, drink, and be entertained in the same place. McFarland is a Hefner type entrepreneur, but he is using technology instead of women to attract his members. That is a major advancement in social clubs and social equality.