The lawyer and Pilot Beer Brewer, Eli Gershkovitch

An In-depth Look at Canadian Craft Beer


Craft beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink in Canada and comes with different flavors, tastes, and colors. In the market, one can get both innovative and traditional beers available to suit the customer’s tastes and preferences.

The major types of Canadian craft beer are Red racer pale ale, Glutenberg Belgian Double, Saison Station 16, Nutcracker, Weissbier among others. The major ingredients in making these beers are wheat, grapes, barley, citrus, clove, black oak among others. The concentration and selection of different ingredients provide different flavors. For instance, for figgy pudding, Nutcracker Potter would be a good option since it has the cinnamon spice and black oat as one of its ingredients. The major brewing companies include Hopefenstark Breweries, Black Oat, Central City Breweries, Denson’s brewing companies, and others.


Eli Gershkovitch Success Story


Eli Gershkovitch is the chairman and CEO of the Steamworks Brewery Company that brews its own craft beer for profit. Unlike the other entrepreneurs of fortune 500 companies who exhibit haughtiness and high-class kind of an approach to life, Eli is a casual and sociable individual who enjoys his own freedom without being fixed in a daily routine. That need for autonomy was most probably the motivation towards starting his own brewing company.


One may mistake the collected and calm personality of Eli Gershkovitch as one that lacks strategy. However, he is a strategic business person who believes that if a company does not grow to meet the current demand, then demand will, in the long run, diminish to meet the company. Thus, he remains strategic in ensuring his company meets the demand and when appropriate create demand for craft beer.


Eli Gershkovitch is committed to improvement, growth, and motivation in his company ( As such he adopts the newest technology for the company that will increase efficiency and reduces losses. Notably, Eli has been consistent in maintaining a business model that is innovative and allows tremendous growth. The reason for this model is his economic persuasion stagnation in business will result in the death of a company.


Interestingly, Eli Gershkovitch is also a lawyer, brewer, and a pilot who has worked in various corporate organizations over time. Currently, he is Vancouver, Canada.

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