The Golden-hair Care Rules

Women prefer flawless well groomed, non-frizzy hair. Like the vibrant, bouncy hair from TV or magazine commercials. Our lives sometimes get too busy to provide enough care and attention to our hair.

Washing Hair

There are simple do’s and don’ts for manageable, healthier, happier hair days. The first step is to Wash your hair three times a week, to preserve the hair’s natural oils for natural conditioning. Experts concur that washing of hair every day is simply not healthy. This applies to colored hair as well, to preserve its sheen. Invest in a good shampoo preferably from WEN hair care products to refresh hair at the roots, reduce the oil buildup and produce amazing texture. Give your head a stimulating massage to encourage blood circulation and to detoxify the scalp.

Water Temperature

Avoid using hot water as it will out the hair, and form tangles that may perhaps result in hair breakage. Use warm water instead; cool off in the shower, then towel-dry the hair before applying a preferred conditioner. Deep conditioning adds moisture and strengthens hair. You can also use leave-in treatment or hair masks, for colored hair. Avoiding excessive sun helps to hydrate hair.

Brushes and Styling Hair

Brush your hair twice a day, from the bottom, up. For perfectly shiny, untangled hair, brush your hair twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed for a minute each time. Remember, comb wet hair, and don’t brush it to avoid hair breakage. Keep your Hair brushes clean. Clean them with a combination of baking soda and lukewarm water. A toothbrush will help to capture all the little dirt ridden bristles.

Use low heat for hair drying and point the dryer nozzle downwards. Cut back on heat-styling tools. Applying WEN by Chaz texturizing spray will help prevent hair damage. Use protective treatments to avoid hair damage when blow drying your hair. Visit Wikipedia for more information on hair care.

WEN by Chaz

Chaz Dean’s passion for hair began when he attended commercial photography courses. His interest in hair quickly blossomed into a career specializing in hair cutting and hair coloring. Chaz developed WEN Cleansing Conditioners as his passion for hair products ( grew. Chaz helps his clients achieve the hair of their dreams using his WEN by Chaz hair products.

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Makari Skin Whitening


Makari Skin Care is the premiere luxury provider of the best skin products on the market in the world. Makari Whitening Crème is the most effective product available to lighten skin and protect the skin for all cultures and skin tones. The benefits of healthy and beautiful skin is priceless and promotes confidence and success in all components of life.

Makari means beautiful in Swahili and the company has a mission to enhance the beauty endeavors of women all over the world. With it’s renown luxury skin products manufactured in Switzerland, they are a global company making faces prettier everywhere. The company has been thriving for the past 10 years and continues very impressive growth.

Whitening Crème can be utilized for various reasons including issues with multiple shades of skin tone. This crème is a strong combatant against uneven skin tones and more. Scars, blemishes, acne, sun patches, uneven tanning, and natural multi shaded skin can all be improved and properly treated with Makari Skin Whitening. The face is the first impression that is given to those we encounter and looking as impressive as possible should be mandatory. This can be achieved with this product.

Makari Skin Care is also great purely for cosmetic reasons to lighten an entire area. There are many studies to reveal the association between skin shade and being feminine. Traditionally, women were inside while men worked outside and got tanned. This association of feminine beauty carries over today and Makari Skin Care is the most effective and luxurious crème to take control over your skin.

There are many benefits to having beautiful and healthy skin. Being comfortable in you own skin enhances confidence, peace of mind, and overall happiness. This relates to success in all aspects in life and influences how someone is seen and treated by others. This could be that extra boost in getting that job offer or promotion, being asked out by that dream date, or simply getting more smiles your way. Makari Skin Whitening can help achieve all of this and more as it is the leading lightening crème available today.

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Tips On Becoming A Famous YouTuber

Becoming a famous YouTuber involves plenty of work. You need to be creative, fun, and capable of handling all kinds video creation in order for your channel to grow. YouTubers spend time creating content, coming up with new ideas, and constantly working on their social media to make sure that their fans are always engaged and cared for. Whether it’s responding to emails, comments, or setting up meet and greets, there are thousands if things that a YouTuber must do along the journey to succeed.

Tips On Becoming A Famous YouTuber

– Post Videos That Are Funny and Entertaining

It’s vital to remember that videos on this site that get people’s attention are those that are very entertaining. They need to be fun and exciting to watch, and they should be something that is worth paying attention to. Many people forget that your videos really need to be a certain way in keep people watching. Consistency and always posting goes a long way. It doesn’t matter what kind of niche you’re currently in and what it is that you do. The key is to have a channel that you’re just naturally in love with so that you continue to create videos that you enjoy making.

– Be Consistent

It’s very important that you are very consistent with your posting. Pointing once a month is not going to cut it, and posting videos every few weeks is not going to be something that will work. You need to be posting something every single week since you’ll gain some traction at some point.

– Being Social

It’s so important to be very social online. Being social is ultimately one of the main things you need to do in order to build friendships and relationships. Being social is all about just making friends and posting videos that they may like. Wengie does this be well, and she continues to collab and post videos with other amazing people on YouTube.

Wendy Huang is a YouTuber with thousands of subscribers on YouTube and other social media platforms. She continues to grow her brand and name online, and she just enjoys collaborating with more people on the site. As a beauty guru, she definitely knows what she is doing and understands the world of YouTube effectively. She is ultimately an amazing entertainer who knows and understands the world online. Wendy is a beauty guru YouTuber worth watching online.