Adam Goldenberg Commends Kate Hudson’s Work With Fabletics


Kate Hudson is not only one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actresses, she also happens to be a model and an owner in several athletic wear companies, including Fabletics. Fabletics is owned by TechStyle Fashion Group, the company that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded back in 2010. Hudson has not only made Fabletics her own personal athletic wear brand, she’s helped them develop a business model that’s friendly to customers, and a brand website that’s become simple to navigate and easy to signup under. Goldenberg has said on Twitter that he is proud of how Hudson has used her influence as an advocate of health and wellness products and associated that with Fabletics products. Fabletics has also evolved its VIP membership program to make more features optional.

Adam Goldenberg has been a longtime marketing and technology guru who became successful well before he and his friend Don Ressler entered the fashion industry. It actually began for him while he was still in high school exploring different ideas. He was very ambitious at the age of 15 and believed he could do whatever he set his mind to, and he founded an online advertising network called Gamer’s Alliance. It was this company he founded that helped land him a position at Intermix Media in 1998, a California-based digital marketing company that was responsible for founding MySpace. Goldenberg also met Don Ressler while he worked for Intermix Media.


Goldenberg and Ressler were actually instrumental in bringing revenue to MySpace through an e-commerce company they started called Alena Media. In 2005, Intermix Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt sold the company to News Corp, and upon that sale Goldenberg and Ressler’s company was phased out. So the two entrepreneurs decided to leave MySpace and start their own company. They started Intelligent Beauty first and were marketing various cosmetics products, but then they decided to open a fashion retail business in 2010 that became known as JustFab.


JustFab became popular because Goldenberg and Ressler found ways to cut company costs and deliver women’s stylish apparel at cheap prices. Several celebrities endorsed JustFab’s products including Kimora Lee Simmons and Kate Hudson. JustFab also received several rounds of venture capital totaling around $285 million which allowed them to open physical stores across the US. In 2013, JustFab became a billion-dollar company, or “unicorn” as Goldenberg and Ressler referred to it. Because big data usage became prevalent at JustFab, Goldenberg and Ressler had it renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group.  Read more about JustFab:, and learn about the brain behind the company at Adam’s Wiki.

Your Hair Can Flourish With Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz Dean ( revolutionizes the way you care for your hair and is under $40 a bottle. Most users consider it a genie in a bottle because of its lasting effects. One young lady decided that she would use it for the first time and give an account to the Bustle readers. She purchased Wen by Chaz with her own money and promised to document her testimonial. She admits that Wen by Chaz was easy to order online on Amazon and cost a fraction of pricey salon treatments or celebrity advertised products. They work hard to get your hair back to a natural state.

She was reluctant to try another product for her thin hair care type, but admits their commercial was very convincing. She loved the locks on the models after they used Wen by Chaz and for under $40 on Sephora she had nothing to lose. Making the most of the strengthening conditioner she purchased she decided to use it after every shampoo. She would wash her hair and condition it with their products. She noticed her hair didn’t break out like it use to when she would wash it in the shower. After one week her hair was longer and healthier.

She now recommends WEN by Chaz to the Bustle readers. They provide rich products with all natural ingredients that include extracts. Their are thousands of reasons that to invest in their hair care products. Men and women use Wen by Chaz products to revitalize their hair. You can build back your confidence with your hair. Never use to much with each product clearly listed on the outside of the bottle. You can use the right amount with all their products. You’re invited to visit their easily to read and navigate website for more details and information on their extensive list of products.

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The Woman Behind the Brand: The Successful Rise of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Easy going, laid back, and extremely relate-able, are a few of the many reasons why Doe Deere has found success in the world of self-made entrepreneurship. Due to an ever changing technological landscape, it is no secret that the world of online blogging can be extremely competitive. However, through utilizing the power of social media to help launch her career in the make-up industry, Doe Deere has proven that ambition, hard work, and staying true to one’s self can be the keys to success.

Doe Deere’s interest in cosmetics began in childhood, where she often found herself playing dress-up with her friends, taking their imaginative play to the next level with eyeshadows, eyeliners and lip glosses. Her love of color only grew as she reached her twenties, which was when she first burst onto the online makeup scene. Initially confused by her popularity, she soon realized that her eye for color and design, as well as her friendly personality, were what kept her fans logging in on a regular basis. Experimentation with fun and bold makeup is something that she has excelled at, which is a primary reason why her innovative beauty blog stood out amongst the masses.

It was not until 2004 when Deere decided to come up with a creative name for her eBay store front, that Lime Crime was created. Now synonymous with unique, experimental makeup and cutting edge looks, Lime Crime is a brand for fun, creative people who are not afraid to think outside the box.

Throughout her successful rise in fame, Deere has remained humble, continuously seeking feedback and opinions from her fans (whom she lovingly refers to as her “unicorns”). Friendly and accessible, it is not uncommon for her to personally reach out to her fans on an individual basis.

Though she credits Dita von Teese as one of her inspirations, there is no doubt that Doe Deere also stands out amongst her peers. Always an individual and never afraid to be bold, Deere’s ever evolving sense of style will continue to push the boundaries of makeup and design for years to come.  Be sure to join the conversation on Facebook, but also check out the Velvetines line for yourself on Amazon.