Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Named Product Of The Year By TMC

Recently, Talk Fusion’s cutting edge cross-communication platform was recognized for its exceptional accomplishment in its industry. The Technology Marketing Corporation awarded Talk Fusion’s Video Chat product with the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year. It is the second award that Talk Fusion received this Year from TMC. The award recognizes products as well as services that enable voice, video, and data communications that were introduced to the market. It also honors the products that have been greatly advanced within the past twelve months.

TMC CEO Rich Tehrani noted that it delights him to honor the 2016 Communications Solutions of the Year Award recipients. He acknowledged that they were the true leaders in their sectors and they represented the premier products and solutions in today’s market. Talk Fusion Video Chat enables users to communicate with anyone, anywhere on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop. It utilizes the WebRTC technology to allow the users to communicate face-to-face. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat app is on iTunes as well as Google Play stores.

The second recognition is an indication of the steady impetus driving the state-of-the-art cross communication platform since March 2016 when the initial complete version went live. Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina points out that it is just the beginning. Additionally, he notes that the firm’s IT team that is remarkably talented has huge plans for the future. That is for Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution, which is an-all-in-one product.

Ryan Page, Talk Fusion’s chief technical officer views the accomplishment as a step towards a bigger objective. It is an indication on how creative the team is. Additionally, it is a testament on how critical the firm’s processes are in developing a brilliant application. Following the double recognition, Talk Fusion launched free trials, a new website,, and its WebRTC Recorder.

About Talk Fusion
Talk Fusion is technology company created in 2007 by Bob Reina. He is the firm’s CEO. Talk Fusion offers the world’s first full Video Marketing Solution. It is committed to facilitating business increase sales. It is also dedicated to helping businesses stay ahead of competition, boost profits, and retain their clients. Talk Fusion provides ways, which make marketing more memorable, engaging, and persuasive. The firm’s products are available in over 140 countries and are marketed by independent associates. These products and services include Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Sign-Up Forms, and Live Meetings.

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How Apps Are Revolutionizing Advertising

A wide variety of trends have developed over the years allowing for businesses to better connect with clients in an efficient manner. With the development of apps, the newest trend involves customers connecting with businesses via apps. The constant growth in the world of online marketing is definitely proving that SMS and apps are needed to get the brand more marketing and better formation on how they conduct research and business. More than 65 percent of customers have said that companies have tried to contact them via apps. Even more companies are trying to thrive for new ways to reach out to these people as effectively as possible.

The key when using this technique is to know how to reach people as effectively as possible. For example, some brands are trying to be as creative as they can be by using inventive approaches. A local beauty technician utilized whatsapp to provide a last-minute offer to previous clients in her store. The three most common options to connect with people are Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and then texting. All three options are powerful to go after.

Chatting through apps is the ultimate newest way to be connected with customers. If you can grow your brand and reach out to more clientele using different apps, grab the opportunity. SMS marketing and app advertising are all about effectively using these platforms as proper as possible. It’s vital to know what you are doing as a business to engage with customers on a much deeper scale like mobile.

Snapchat Aims to Boost Ad Revenue with New Design

Snapchat, a social media application that has seen a huge increase in popularity, is redesigning their application in a bid to attract more media investment and increase their advertising revenue. The application, typically used to send small images and videos that are deleted after use, is trying to find ways to monetize their popular service.

This article outlines Snapchat’s new plans. In addition to interacting with family and friends, users are able to see content from a spread of brands and paid sources. The move to redesign the application is done with the intent to expose users to more on-screen advertising. The logic here is pretty simple. In the era of digital advertising, marketing is often done a pay-per-view basis. As such, increasing the number of views will increase the amount of revenue going into the Snapchat coffers. This model has been applied with various degrees of success all over the web, and many global brands have shifted their focus towards advertising in the social media sphere.

Facebook has done an incredible job of monetizing their users by selling their data to marketers looking to reach a targeted audience. This has made social media advertising on Facebook very effective, as marketers are able to reach the users that will be the most likely candidate for their products. However, Snapchat doesn’t collect nearly as much user data, so it is unclear how effective their ad bids will be.

Talk Fusion For Business

There are several uses for Talk Fusion when it comes to a business. You may not be sure if a video chat system is a good thing for your business, but there are several reasons to give it a try.

Email Video

One of the biggest things to look into is the email video options. These work as a way to communicate with people within the business who need to hear what the boss is saying. This system can also work the other way around. An employee can also use a video chat to let his boss or higher up know what they are thinking and what is going on.

Live Video Chat

There are a lot of ways you can use a video chat to communicate with others within the company. You can use the chat to brainstorm ideas between each other as well as to decide what may be good for the company. This is great for those that are not in the same area or even the same country. You can use this chat option for a video that is given to each of the offices for the employees to see. They may also choose to set up the chat in a way that is more group oriented. This way everyone feels like they are there with you as their boss.

There are a lot of ways to run a company and make every employee feel like they are a part of it. Video chat is one that allows everyone to feel they are working together in a way that is good for the company. If you are unsure about using a chat service, then you should look into it more and do a little more research. This way you will know you are getting everything you need to for your company.

Spring Cleaning For Those Who Don’t Have The Time

Winter has finally given way to the subtle changes of spring which means that its that time of year where people break out their rubber gloves and clean every inch of their home. From wiping grim hiding under the microwave to taking apart your vacuum and giving every inch of it a good soak people across the nation take cleaning to a whole new level when the flowers start to bloom. Unfortunately in today’s busy society not many people have the time to deep clean every room. That’s where Handy comes in to save the day.

Handy is a mobile app available on both iOS and Android platforms and acts as the Uber of home services. The tech start up has flourished into one of the nation’s leading cleaning and home services app in just three short years. Last year the New York based company celebrated their one millionth booking. While other competitive services have fallen short Handy has managed to gain so much popularity they’ve begun offering their services over seas and have even added a home furniture delivery and set up service.

Handy understands the nervousness when hiring a stranger to come clean your house but their hiring process ensures each professional is reliable and safe. Their app features company and individual profiles as well as user reviews and ratings. Each freelance worker goes through extensive background checks, reference checks, and multiple interviews before they are even considered. When the company first launched many people compared getting a job at Handy to getting into an Ivy League school. Not only does Handy offer great rates they give their employees the ability to create their own schedules which keeps everyone happy.

The app is simple to use and you can complete every needed action all within a few minutes. After the app is downloaded you simply choose a service, browse profiles, pick a cleaner, book, pay, and even tip! Handy also promises a full refund if the services are not adequate. So if your house is in need of spring cleaning but you haven’t got the time Handy can help you out.

Skout Reminded Me To Be Kind!

If you care about how other people feel, then you should consider doing more random acts of kindness. There are plenty of reasons to engage in random acts of kindness on a regular basis. It’s something that I really try to start doing every day. I’m not sure why it feels so good to be kind to others, but it does change the way that other people feel. You can see their days change right in front of you if your random act of kindness is the type that you actually see. Some random acts of kindness are the type that you do not even get to witness. For example, if you buy the person behind you in line at the drive thru, then you will not even see their reaction. However, you will leave feeling that you did something nice for another person.

Skout helped remind me to pay it forward to others in this way. They reminded me about random acts of kindness when they submitted their survey results to Uloop for all of us to read. They surveyed their users on what kind acts the like to be involved in when they do them at random. Then, they published the research on Uloop’s website for all of us to see. It’s interesting to see what people picked as their favorite acts of kindness. The top random act of kindness was to buy a stranger a coffee or buy food the next person in line in the drive thru.

I had heard of Skout before, so I knew what the company was. I actually have an account on their platform. I like to get on their sometimes to meet new people. I have met a number of people in my city from Skout’s social media website. I even use it when I’m traveling to find people to help me get to know the new city that I am visiting. It is always nice to meet a friendly face when you get to a new city.

One time I even met a girl on Skout. You don’t have to use their site for dating, but it is easy to find people that you are compatible with when you use their application. Skout has a way of matching you to others based upon your interests, hobbies, age, location and other details. Go to this url to read Uloop’s article:

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Securus Gives Prisons an Upgrade

The concept of video visitation is becoming a lot more popular now that this technology is available through smart devices. I can remember watching the Jetsons and thinking that this concept of video phones would never be a reality, but the future is finally here. People that are looking for the opportunity to visit with family that is in jail will have the ability to communicate with family this way thanks to Securus Technologies.

I know that this is the way for correctional facilities to go. The government will actually have a better time with getting inmates out because the inmates will have hope. They will see all that they are missing on the outside and try hard to get good behavior early releases. They will become a lot less likely to get in trouble because there is a means of inmate communication that actually allows them to see what the wonderful outside world that they are missing is like.

When people visit the prison all that they bring is themselves. This is encouraging, but the inmate is still inside the prison. He cannot see anything other than the prison. What the video visitation Securus app does is allow prisoners to see things that they may miss in the outside world. That is how I use the video visitation to keep my friend encouraged during his time behind bars. I go and do the video visitation in the park. I show him what he is missing on the outside world. I encourage him to stay out of trouble and try to get the sentence shortened with good behavior. This is something that works better for him, and it also works out a lot better for me as well.

Securus Technologies video systems are the one piece of technology that seems to force correctional facilities to update in some type of way. The government has done a terrible job in general with staying abreast of technology in prisons because so much focus is placed on the guarding of the prisoners. Securus Technologies is the company that can help reduce the operating costs for a prison system. This is a company that has the ability to help keep families connected to their friends and loved ones that have went away to prison. For me it has made life a whole lot easier, and I certainly do enjoy this type of connection with those inside. Securus has a really good product. Read more about their business on their website:

Confab with new peeps at Skout

Skout is a global social networking mobile app and a website for meeting new people or discover new friends from all over the world. Skout uses a cellphone’s global positioning system to help users to find like-minded people within a walkable radius of one another. It is available in 180 countries and in 14 different languages. It is compatible with iOS devices, has several languages available and can be downloaded through either Google Play or the App Store.

About Skout

Skout is founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. It attained profitability and is adding 1.5 million new users per month. Skout learned that 59 percent of Filipinos, 53 percent of Brits, 48 percent of Australians and 46 percent of French users are friends with people who live in another country. Previously, It raised $22 million from Andreessen Horowitz. It has employed 150 people, with about 75 at their San Francisco HQ and the rest in Santiago, Chile.

Pros of being on Skout

Skout helps you in expanding your network with the tap of a button. It’s way too exciting that you won’t stop once you sign up. You can meet people by preference and proximity and get updates from the nearby users, buy and send gifts to your favorites. You can browse profiles and pictures of new people and promote your profile to earn points to unlock premium features, which will make skouting great.

Cons of being on Skout

Skout is probably the safest choice, if only because it has a teens-only section that seems to be moderated reasonably well. However, ages aren’t verified, making it easy for a teen to say she’s older than 18 and an adult to say she’s younger.

Special Feature on Skout

The travel feature of the Skout helps the travelers to connect with the other tourists while on the road. Millions of members have begun to use the app after the introduction of traveling features. As Audrey Shedivy, a spokeswoman for the company said in an email. Many of those virtual travelers, particularly young adults, and college students, she said, have begun turning those virtual trips into real vacations, in some cases touring a destination with those they met through the app.

Interview of CEO about betterment of Skout

Christian Wiklund, CEO, and co-founder of Skout emphasizes that understanding what your data says about your users and their experience is the most important factor in improving that experience. “You’re selling an emotion and a brand, and with that come analytics, testing, messaging, design, and consumer satisfaction. No matter how you look at it, data is everything.”

Skout is a competent social networking app, its focus on monetization rather than socialization negatively impacts the experience — users are far better off using one of the many completely free mobile-social networks to engage with people who share their particular interests.

A Full Travel Experience Just an App Away

Technology has allowed people to change the way they interact with each other. Nowadays conversations are carried almost exclusively by phones and computers since everything needs to be faster, easier and right now. Apps are a large part of this. They allow in many different ways to chat and meet people that share your same interests. Sharing photos, videos, and voice messages helps friends to feel closer and become part of each others lives in a much easier way without schedule or distance issues.

Online dating has existed for at least a couple of decades now, and the options to participate of this have expanded to more than 1000 dating sites and apps where many individuals have created their profiles to find their special someone, since blind dates are more popular than you think, or even just to meet new people with a little bit of help from experts, since most of them are dealing with increasingly hectic schedules and many obligations to meet, which limits them from finding the right date.

You can expand the way you interact with the newest app Skout. With there being so many dating apps, which would be the best to choose? Most important of all, you must consider the ones that have the best safety and security measures from preventing any bad experiences and that is the reason why Skout should be in your top options. This app makes sure you and everyone else is maintained safely. They have built-in tools to help make your interactions fun and safe.

When Skout first started, it was more than a dating app, it was meant to be used to make new friends in different cities around the world or to get contacts in a specific place to those who already had traveling plans, these ideas have been successful so far, particularly among young adults who want to experience the world and get the best relationships out of it.

Skout can allow you to expand your social circle by making it a whole lot easier to meet new people in the area who can also help you to get the know the city you are visiting. You can begin scouting anywhere at any time by preference and proximity, you will be able to chat, see who has checked your profile, get updates on nearby users and save your favorite ones.

Everyone has always tried to expand their social connections, and online dating sites are the way you can search for new people and they can search for you when finding someone interesting you can choose whether or not to get in touch, so it will be always up to you. Remember to always use a good photo, create a detailed profile and have patience, those will be the key elements to consider and get the best out of this experience. You should keep in mind, that if the first few profiles fail to your expectations, there are millions more to choose from.

Befriending People Online with Skout

Many people have become fans of Skout become this apps has made it easy to find new people all over the world. There is a level of comfort that comes with finding people online and getting to know them before meeting someone in person. This is what I like the most about this site. It has become a rather interesting way for me to say hello to someone new.

I use the wink feature to connect with someone that may have an interesting photo. It may seem a little shallow to some to only connect with people through their photos, but I am honest. I can face the facts. I know that most people are only checking me out and trying to get with me in person because of how I look. I believe I am funny and charming, but that isn’t something that people are going to see when they are passing me in the mall. They are checking my facial features and analyzing the possibility of a relationship based on these attributes. That is the same thing that I do on Skout from skoutorganic, and so far I have not been disappointed.

Skout can a wonderful site for those that are looking for some good times. Sometimes I use the drawer icon on the app and check out profiles of people. I don’t always have a desire to chat right away or send a wink to someone that is actually online. I do this when I have a lot of time, but I will just run through profiles and check out new people when I have a little idle time. This is usually something that I do at work in the morning or during lunch.

I purchase points on the site and I will often use the points to check who has been looking at my profile. This is interesting because it lets me know that there are some people that probably saw my photo and wanted to communicate. Some of these people are shy so I take the first step. Sometimes a person will send a wink, but they will not have anything to say. This can be a bit of annoyance, but with Skout you can block specific users if you desire.

Befriending people online through the cool social media apps like Skout has never been easier. I have really enjoyed the random people that I have met. I would not trade this experience for anything else. I also would not use any other apps. I know friends that have a screen filled with social media apps. They use Google+, Facebook, Twitter, OK Cupid and eHarmony. I don’t have that kind of time to keep up with all those different apps and accounts. I have one account and one profile to maintain and that is on Skout.