Skiing In Lake Tahoe May Look A Lot Different If Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth’s Redevelopment Project Is Approved

The 1960s is considered the glory days of skiing in Northern California, according to the baby boomers that watched the Winter Olympics back then. Whenever the Olympics and skiing are mentioned, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is always part of that conversation. Read more: Season 4 Episode 11 – Squaw Valley – Undercover Boss Photos

Back in those days, Squaw Valley was arguably the top ski destination in the United States. But a lot changed over the last five decades. New ski resorts have opened all over the country. And the drought has changed the amount of snow Squaw Valley has been able to pack on the slopes for the last four years.

But the Squaw Valley’s Cushing family knew that they needed help, and that’s why CEO Nancy Cushing decided to hire Andy Wirth, in 2012. That was also the year the family coughed up $70 million to renovated their dated ski resort.

Andy Wirth came to Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe at just the right time. Andy Wirth was a solid marketing executive and businessman. He cut his teeth at the Steamboat Springs Ski Resort, but he knew he had reached the highest level in that organization. Wirth believed Squaw Valley fit his personality, and Lake Tahoe was the kind of community that reminded him of his childhood in Germany.

According to SteamBoatToday, Andy Wirth fit into the community almost immediately. He joined every organization that promoted skiing and a clean environment. He started to network and was elected to the board of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. The board recently name him chairman of that organization.

But Andy Wirth is not defined just by his career in the ski industry or his contributions to the lake Tahoe community. Wirth is also a top-notch athlete. He competes in Ironman competitions on a regular basis, and he is an avid runner. But his main mission these days is the redevelopment of the Lake Tahoe community, so it’s less congested.

The redevelopment of Squaw Valley is part of that project. Wirth wants to make Squaw Valley an all-season destination, and he’s not stopping until that gets done. The project was approved by the planning commission recently, and now it awaits the final approval from the community.