Online Marketing for Authors is All About Audience

Nothing is more essential to any marketing campaign than knowing the audience who is most inclined to buy your products. However, authors may have a difficult time knowing with whom their work will resonate. Who knew that middle-aged women would read Twilight? Or that people from across the country would enjoy a musical about a dead president? Author marketing specialist, Fauzia Burke told The Huffington Post, that knowing your audience is key and knowing your analytics is essential for any successful online marketing campaign.

Burke recommends evaluating the demographics behind sites like Pinterest and Instagram but familiarity with Tumblr and other social sharing sites are also worth looking into. Pew Research and Sprouts Social provides demographic information for a range of sites. Once authors know where their readers live online, they focus their online marketing efforts in those areas.

Analytic software like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics assist authors in tracking the paths readers take to reach their websites. And, according to Burke, every author needs a professional website as well as professional profiles. Burke recommends that non-fiction authors familiarize themselves with Linkedin, but fiction authors tend to connect with their audience through Goodreads. Overall, authors should have a profile on every site, including Amazon. However, an interview with The Huffington Post isn’t a bad online marketing strategy either.

Fauzia Burke was interviewed for The Huffington Post because of her latest book, Online Marketing for Busy Authors.