Marketing Online in the Age of Social Media

Marketing trends are changing all the time, and the online marketing tactics can be quite difficult for entrepreneurs to keep up with. According to Forbes there are about 7 current marketing trends for people to consider.


One of the stronger marketing trends for the web is obviously the app. Business owners that have taken the time to invest in apps can certainly see a great return on investment. Decades ago it was difficult to have a business if you did not have a website. These days it is difficult to have a business if you don’t have an app. That is where the age of social media and Internet technology has come. Business owners just are not going to be able to realistically build better businesses if they do not adapt with the times.


Marketing is changing in so many ways, and there are a lot of entrepreneurs that are trying to master the art of building a better strategy to lure customers in. It takes a certain amount of diversify to make this happen. So many people, for example, will say that they are embracing social media. For the average entrepreneur this may be Facebook. What they may fail to realize is that social media is more than just Facebook. There are also websites like Instagram and Snapchat. There are social sites for networking with friends like Skout, and there are other websites like LinkedIn for business networking opportunities. There are so many ways to communicate online, and business owners have to be aware that there is a level of commitment needed to connect to potential customers on more than one app or website.


Everyone that uses Instagram isn’t going to necessarily use Facebook. This is just the reality. People that are using Twitter may use this as their only form of social media. In the online marketing arena entrepreneurs have to think about all the avenues that potential customers may show up. It is like this is one of the most exciting times in marketing because there are so many ways for entrepreneurs to market products freely. It doesn’t take a whole lot of print media. It doesn’t take television marketing. All that people need is access to the Internet.