Jose’ Borghi, a Brazilian Advertising Mogul

Jose’ Borghi is the Co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Agency, an American advertising communications network located in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Borghi is recognized and acknowledged as an influential figure in the rapidly growing Brazilian advertising industry.He has created a number of highly influential advertising campaigns that have done well over the years. These advertisements include Mammal Parmalat, an advertisement that featured children dressed in outfits similar to stuffed animals and sung memorable tunes as well as the Sazoon campaign that entailed Luciano and Zeze di Carmago hit song, ‘It’s love’. These advertisements were amazing and they are still recalled to date.

Beginning of Borghi’s success journey

Borghi’s success started from a point of doubt. He was unable to figure out what career to pursue basing on his interest and passion. While studying in high school, Borghi was invited by his sister to the Cannes Neves Theater to watch a presentation that focused on awarding commercial Vts that had managed to win different awards during the Cannes Film Festival. This invitation to the presentation was aimed at assisting José decide on what to do with his own life. At the end of the show, Borghi was very inspired and he knew that advertising was the way to go for his lifelong career. However, he could not foresee that in the future he would win an amazing award at Cannes.

Establishment of Mullen Lowe Agency

Borghi was born and raised in Presidente Prudente. He went to PUC Campinas where he managed to graduate with great grades in marketing and advertising. In 1989, José Borghi began his very first job at Standard Ogivilty Agency. With outstanding and extensive skills in advertising, he raised the bar and began working with prominent and leading advertising agencies such as Talent, FCB, LZo Burnett and DM9/DDB. With similar dreams and ambition, Borghi and Erh Ray partnered to establish BorghiErh from scratch. Through hard work and commitment, the two partners managed to lead firm in the best way and eventually brought lots of success. With impressing returns, BorghiErh was bought by Lowe and officially changed its name to Borghi Lowe in 2006. Since then, Borghi Lowe gained further recognition in both the domestic and global markets. Recently, Borghi Lowe consolidated with Mullen Group along with Lowe$ Partners to form Mullen Lowe Brasil, an amazing ad agency.


From the beginning of his promising career, José has managed to achieve lots of success. Some of the notable accolades he has won for Brazilian advertising include 15 Awards from April Advertising and 14 Cannes Award among others.


Should You Use Wen By Chaz?

If you have heard of Wen by Chaz, and are wondering if you should use it, then you will hear a resounding, yes. Wen by Chaz is a product that has been working for women for a while now, and they are seeing impressive results with their hair. If you have problem hair, this product will work for you.

Wen By Chaz Works On All Hair Types

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How Will You Use The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product?

It is a shampoo and a conditioner in one so you just apply it to your hair and lather it up. It is simple and easy to use. It will take you very little time to achieve wonderful results. You will see an improvement in your hair almost immediately. Be sure that you pick up a couple of extra bottles when you purchase it so that you never run out. You should also be sure to advantage of any of the sales or promotions that are being offered at the time that you ordering your Wen by Chaz hair care product. You can order the products thru or via this link:

Once you try Wen by Chaz, you will know that this product works, and that it does what it says it does. You will want to all the women that you know so they too can try it. It will work for them too.


White Shark Media Takes On Some Of The Trickier Online Marketing Tasks

One thing that could be said for White Shark Media is that the experts of this company are some of the most experienced when it comes to online marketing. They are especially very skilled when it comes to that AdWords campaign. One thing about AdWords is that it does increase the chance of clicks and visits. However, when it comes to conversions, that part is a little trickier. For one thing, whether the person clicks on the page to buy a product or not depends on the ad campaign. Therefore, it is important that the ad campaign is compelling and focused.


One thing that could be said about advertising spaces is that one only has a little bit of space to get his point across. Therefore, it is important for the user to be able to describe his business, product or services in a compelling way with the use of very few words. However, this is something that could be too much for the business owner since he has other parts of the business to take care of. Fortunately, White Shark Media could take on some of the weight that the company has to carry. To top it off, White Shark Media is one of the most effective advertising companies.


White Shark Media is very trustworthy because the company is always evolving. The experts are always willing to receive feedback from their clients. With the feedback they are given, they are able to adjust their business so that they can better serve the needs of their clients. Each client has not only experienced increases in sales and conversions, but they have also been let in on every aspect of the advertising campaign. White Shark Media also evaluates campaigns and provides feedback to clients on what they can improve about their ad campaign so that they will be able to generate more sales for their business.


White Shark Media knows a lot that there is to know about marketing. Among the things that they understand about marketing is that there is always changes occurring in the market. Therefore, they do everything they can to keep on top of the changes in the market.

Starting a Business in Minnesota

Starting a business is a dream that many people have. Over the past few years, millions of people have started to take the plunge into starting their own business. This is a great thing for those who are interested in taking control of their life and making more money. If you want to take the next step in your journey, starting a business is going to require a lot of planning. There is a lot of business activity going on in the state of Minnesota today. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can get the word out about your business. For example, advertising at the Minnesota State Fair is a great way to get direct exposure for your business.


One of the biggest hurdles in starting a business is the financing portion of the equation. A lot of people do not have the cash on hand that is needed to take the next steps in the business. This means that they are going to start borrowing money in order to reach their business goals. Although this is not a terrible thing to do, this can result in you taking on debt that is difficult to pay back. Fixed expenses cut the amount of free cash flow that is generated in your business. Instead of going this route, you may be able to invest in your business from a different perspective. Crowd funding is one of the newest ways for you to get a portion of your funds to start out. Whatever way you choose, always make sure that you understand exactly what is needed in order to make things happen.

Final Thoughts

Starting a business is a lot harder than many people realize. There are a lot of moving parts that are required to get things going. If you want to take the next step in your business journey, there are a variety of ways that you can do that. Instead of focusing on the challenges, focus on the ways in which your life is going to change for the better when your business is successful. This is what can fuel your energy when things get tough throughout the day. Start today by building up your business from the ground up.

Twitter Has Started Using Stickers On Ads For Brands

Twitter has introduced the use of promoted stickers for advertising other brands both on people’s content feeds and the actual content. While social media advertising primarily uses the strategy of brands placing adverts on people’s content feeds, Twitter has taken its model a step ahead to advertise brands into the actual content. Twitter is responding to what its competitors such as Snap-chat and Facebook are doing to increase their advertising revenue

Twitter is also considering introducing ads on the photos people post on its network. The ads are the branded version of the stickers that Twitter introduced in the mid-2016 for people to add to their photos. The new branded labels enable individuals to click on them to see photos made by other people in the category. Pepsi has already embraced the idea and it has already rolled out ads using Promoted Stickers on Twitter network. Recently, the company posted about fifty branded stickers to Twitter’s stickers library which were accessible in Russia, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, the United Arab Emirates and the US to promote user engagement with the branded stickers.

Twitter has now said that only certain brands with their sales reps on Twitter will be able to buy Promoted Stickers. Brands will have the choice to buy four or eight stickers which Twitter will display in its library. Twitter has not revealed the price of these Promoted Stickers which seems weird. However, it is proving to be an effective advertising strategy because if a brand pays for the sticker added to a photo, there are impressions created from the person’s followers. If on the other hand a brand has to pay for everyone who views the branded photo, it could be less of a deal.

For Twitter, the deal is increased sales assuming that people will embrace the idea and that brands are cool with its pricing structure. It is not the first attempt Twitter has tried this advertising strategy. Twitter had already unveiled the sponsored emojis which brands could also pay for. Earlier in the year, Twitter launched the conversational ad format that would be used by advertisers to enable people to tweet a branded message.

A Great and Influential Person; Nizan Guanaes

Life presents its self in different angles as we hope to see. We all write our future and success stories. One chooses their career path, but that’s not the end, you have to make everything work out for you and others that rely on you. Against all odds, be able to prove to yourself how capable you are. A few people go through great trouble to do this while others never have to struggle because they choose their paths, wisely and based on their passion.


Nizan Guanaes, the co-founder and partner of ABC holding companies, started small, gave the respect to the little startup, and all this propelled him higher to the place he is today. His humbleness and desire to make the change the world needs has motivated him greatly in life and also in the commencement of his ventures. He is currently a great entrepreneur and an excellent advertising professional. His dedication in his work has contributed significantly to the expansion of ABC Group, which currently has over 18 companies, that range from advertising, content marketing and entertainment. He has acquired considerable recognition in the business world and is not only a great entrepreneur and investor but also among the most creative and influential people in Brazil.


Nizan Gunaes has not only revolutionized the advertisement industry but has stunned many with his efforts and desires to give back to the society. His contributions to education, the environment, women and girls empowerment and combating sexual harassment among girls; has enabled him to gain higher status and respect in the society. It has also allowed him to gain recognition worldwide for his efforts, bugging among other awards and recognition, the ambassador of good will for UNESCO. He is also a great family man, giving all his love to not only the society but to his wife and son.

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Don’t Let Anyone Laugh At Your Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is not known for being a humorous site. Those looking for a little Wikipedia humor do have an option. They can check out the Twitter account run by Ed Summers. Summers has logged a number of fairly funny – and outrageous – Wiki edits made by congressional staffers.

Those affiliated with members of Congress are tasked with a great many duties. Representatives do want to make sure accurate reporting is done about them. Unfortunately, they cannot just open an account with a major newspaper and start changing stories. Wikipedia does not present such barriers. Anyone who creates a profile on the platform can write, edit, and update a Wikipedia page. Congress has taken note of this, and made a host of changes to Wikipedia pages.

Summer has made it a mission to keep track of some of the more comical Wikipedia revisions. One edit focused on referring to GOP Congressman Tim Huelskamp being named a “national conservative leader”. The edit – and title – is a dubious one. Tim Huelskamp is not going to be returning to Congress next session as he lost a primary election. Additionally, he was removed from a committee position showing his influence in Congress has diminished. Admittedly, the Tim Huelskamp staff likely does not see the humorous side of this edit.

Anyone who has a legitimately serious requirement to create a Wikipedia page doesn’t want people to be laughing at it. A person who lacks the professional skill to create a nice Wikipedia page may end up creating a page that yields disastrous results. Putting forth a good effort is commendable, but the end result is what creates the greatest impression. Actually, the impact left on the reader is really the only thing that counts. A Wikipedia page that does not contain quality writing is, at best, going to be a mundane read. At worst, the page will be a huge turn off. Entrepreneurs positively cannot accept such a result.

Get Your Wiki ensures no one has to worry about being a laughing stock due to a messed up Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki creates completely original Wikipedia pages on behalf of all manner of clients. The service also handles editing and monitoring and does those tasks quite well.

An online presence should not cause any harm. A solid Wikipedia page definitely won’t hurt its subject. With the people creating the page, the page is sure to yield great results.

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How Businesses can benefit from Facebook Video Marketing

Many businesses use commercials to reach out to their loyal clients as well as recruit new ones. Since advertising is visual, it is possible to reach out to many prospective customers by enhancing the visual impact utilizing video marketing. Carefully chosen text combined with high quality moving images not only advertises the business but also entertains. Businesses that use video marketing and capitalize on the popularity of digital ventures like Facebook have high chances of realizing immense profits.

Benefits of Facebook Video Marketing


Millions of people across the globe use Facebook on a daily basis. Therefore, entrepreneurs can create Facebook pages for their companies. The pages should target their potential clients and update them on new and existing products or services that are available.

Increased visibility

Facebook videos are searchable on modern search engines like Google. The video will be available on both Facebook and Google. Thus, businesses will have a fantastic online presence. Customers will access information about a particular company easily.

High conversation rate

Apart from increasing the number of people who visits a particular website, social media can boost the conversation rate. Business owners can post interesting videos and still manage to convince their audience to buy their products or services. Originally published on Forbes

Incredible social connectivity

Facebook is debatably one of the most famous and fastest growing social media platforms. The number of users keeps increasing as each day passes. Therefore, entrepreneurs should communicate with potential and existing clients, offer ideal customer services, and strive to build a fantastic relationship with their target audience.

Google Adsense Closing Accounts

Google Adsense has been the source of income for many bloggers and site owners over the years, including YouTubers and other businessmen online. It’s the way to making huge money, but building a blog to make money from Adsense from scratch in this day and age is not exactly a recommended business model. It has become more than true that Google Adsense is ultimately a great money maker, but with so many people from several years ago not using their account or barely making a whole lot of cash, their accounts are being closed down on July 4th. In fact, they focused primarily on all the inactive accounts, and so any active accounts were left alone online.

They legitimately sent emails to every single inactive account reminding them that they could continue their account, provided that they keep it updated and sign the form to maintain their Adsense accounts. Sadly, many were closed down while also providing a quick launch of whatever money they had left in the account, as long as the money to withdraw was a minimum of $10.

Google Adsense is constantly trying to step up their game and provide new options for many people. Adsense is a very worthwhile site that you could use to grow your income, but the key is to be active and to make sure you save your account with this new update that they came up with. Google Adsense’s new update is just their way on handling business and taking care of old accounts.

How Apps Are Revolutionizing Advertising

A wide variety of trends have developed over the years allowing for businesses to better connect with clients in an efficient manner. With the development of apps, the newest trend involves customers connecting with businesses via apps. The constant growth in the world of online marketing is definitely proving that SMS and apps are needed to get the brand more marketing and better formation on how they conduct research and business. More than 65 percent of customers have said that companies have tried to contact them via apps. Even more companies are trying to thrive for new ways to reach out to these people as effectively as possible.

The key when using this technique is to know how to reach people as effectively as possible. For example, some brands are trying to be as creative as they can be by using inventive approaches. A local beauty technician utilized whatsapp to provide a last-minute offer to previous clients in her store. The three most common options to connect with people are Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and then texting. All three options are powerful to go after.

Chatting through apps is the ultimate newest way to be connected with customers. If you can grow your brand and reach out to more clientele using different apps, grab the opportunity. SMS marketing and app advertising are all about effectively using these platforms as proper as possible. It’s vital to know what you are doing as a business to engage with customers on a much deeper scale like mobile.