Nizan Guanaes: The Great Marketer of All Time

Advertising is important for the launch of a new idea, product or service. Many aspects of a business depend on successful marketing. When done correctly, advertising can attract many new customers, capture the market and increase sales of a marketer. Although marketing is very important for a business to succeed, it can be very expensive.

A marketing program that incorporates an excellent mix of different forms of marketing like print and broadcast advertising, website development, trade shows and design gives your company the best chance of reaching more customers.

Marketing enables a company or institution to develop strong customer relationships. This is where an integrated marketing plan becomes effective. An extensive, integrated marketing plan lets you to effectively communicate your company’s values, messages and mission to your target audience. ABC Group, for instance, is an advertising company that has developed strong customer relationships with several Brazilian companies. ABC Group is a holding corporation comprised of 18 firms that deal with marketing, advertising, entertainment and content. ABC is the biggest holding company in Latin America, and Advertising Age ranks it the 18th largest communications company in the world.

ABC was established by Nizan Guanaes and his partner Joao Augusto (Guga) Valente. Nizan Guanaes is a Brazilian advertising executive who has established several advertising firms. Apart from ABC Group, Mr. Guanaes has founded DM9DDB and Africa Propaganda, both of which are advertising agencies that later merged with ABC Group. He has built a reputation as a skilled marketer and spearheaded the growth of the companies he founded.

Nizan Guanaes also dedicates some of his free time to various initiatives. He is an active member of UNAIDS High Level Commission on HIV Prevention and was recently appointed UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. He is also a member of Women in the World Foundation, World Economic Forum, Clinton Global Initiative, and Endeavor.