How Neurocore Helps Their Patients Improve Their Lives

Jackson Pojeski was an eight years old kid who always felt stressed out and overloaded. His mother, Tiffany Pojeski, said that he had a number of issues such as not being able to sleep, not being able to focus on the task at hand, and frequent meltdowns when his feelings got the best of him. She said that what sometimes set him off was really simple things like putting clothes into the hamper. He would cry out that he was really frustrated and how nobody understood him.

After taking Jackson to Neurocore, Tiffany said it was eventually like night and day. He had 40 treatment sessions and he’s now happy and doing well. Rochelle Fintelman is a clinical specialist for Neurocore. She said that her clinic often treated people, both children like Jackson and adults, who had similar issues such as stress, inability to focus, headaches, and not being able to sleep at nice because their minds are racing. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

At Neurocore they use a brain training program which is monitored through biofeedback and neurofeedback. This has helped people retrain their brains. One of the people that they treated was a professional athlete, Kirk Cousins who is now the quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

Around 11% of children have been diagnosed as having ADHD. Most children diagnosed with ADHD just take a prescription drug while they should also receive behavioral therapy. Neurofeedback such as Neurocore performs can replace these drugs taken to relieve the symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. The company was founded by Dr. Tim Royer in 2004. He used to practice at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital as a neuropsychologist before going into business for himself. Read more at about Neurocore.

Around 75% of the patients who have been treated at Neurocore are either no longer taking any prescription drugs to treat their mental disorders or have been able to reduce them. The treatment is covered by insurance. For those who have to pay out of pocket it costs $2200. This covers both the initial testing as well as 30 treatment sessions, which is the minimum amount needed for the treatment to be effective.


Jeremy Goldstein: A Problem Solver

For many years, large corporations have stopped providing employees the benefit of stock option — a partial ownership of the company through stocks. Many of these corporations did so to save money, but the decision may be more complicated than it seems. Jeremy Goldstein attempts to solve this problem.


Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney providing legal advice to corporations of all sizes. With more than 15 years of experience, Goldstein is more than qualified with to manage these pressing issues. Goldstein established his own law firm in New York after working for an established law firm.


Jeremy Goldstein explains there are three main reasons. Firstly, there could be a significant drop in the stock, which would make it nearly impossible for employees to gain much compensation. Secondly, employees are well aware that if the economy falls, their stocks will as well, thus there is no reason to keep them. Lastly, the stock options could serve as a financial burden to the company through accounting procedures and equal pay conundrums. Albeit the complications, Jeremy Goldstein explains that stock option does have value. Employees can clearly understand them and could even give them the motivation to perform better. Learn more:


There is a solution to these complications. Jeremy Goldstein explains that companies first need to fix their pending and outgoing expenses as it will reduce risk. He urges companies to apply “knockouts” — stock options that have the same time constraints and alluring requirements to employees as the original stock options. However, the difference is that if the stock price falls under a certain limit, employees lose them. “Knockouts” don’t serve to solve all the issues, but Goldstein believes they do fix a lot of them.


Goldstein has been heavily involved with large corporations like Verizon, AT&T, Bank One, Duke Energy, Chevron, and Merck. In addition, he gained valuable positions at companies such as Fountain House (a law firm). With such pedigree and experience, it is difficult to ignore his advice

End Citizens United Works for A Truer Democracy for All Americans

End Citizens United is a nonprofit group operating as a political action committee with the goal of bringing about a just and fair governmental process for all Americans. While the group primarily focuses on the agenda platform of the democratic party they consider themselves to be for the most part nonpartisan and work toward achieving the ideals of the true American democratic construct that will benefit all US citizens now and in the future. As such the group works continually toward efforts that will end the unjust and unfair practices carried out both the electoral process and the legislative process by the Political action committee Citizens United.

Recently End Citizens United released a press statement regarding the GOP Tax Overhaul Bill that was passed by Congress in December of 2017. In the statement the group’s president recapped a statement that was made immediately following the passage of the bill by the Senate, pointing out that the bill was a “major gift-wrapped Christmas present for the mega-donors to the Republican party and that ECU will continue to work toward ending these types of actions with activities ramping up toward major efforts regarding the 2018 midterm elections.

The press statement went on to affirm the fact that the bill, which is the largest tax break for major corporations and the wealthiest 1% of the population, was passed with yes votes of every single US senator, 17 of which are on End Citizens United’s list of the “Big Money 20”. These are individuals who have received major financial backing from the donors of Citizens United (to the tune of more than $11M combined) during their last individual election efforts. It is also noted that these monies were primarily traceable to special interest groups for which these senators have consistently voted in favor of.

End Citizens United has been tracking the progress of this tax reform legislation in both houses of Congress, as well as how it will benefit the president of the united states and his associates both in and out of government circles, ever since it was first introduced. ECU has been active in releasing information regarding how the legislation will affect real Americans, and how it will benefit the same individuals that are charged with its framing, debate, and passage, be that benefit direct or indirect.

This press statement is just one example of how End Citizens United is working to get the message out about the corrupt “steam room negotiations” and backdoor deals that are now the norm in the new Washington. They are working to bring about a return to true democracy where the people not only have a say in the way that their government is run, but have the final word in everything that Washington does. They are holding the elected accountable for their actions not only during their time in office, but prior to it as well.

About End Citizens United:

Nick Vertucci – From Homeless To Millionaire

While most know Nick Vertucci as a successful real estate investor, his life wasn’t always what it is today.

Like many of us Nick Vertucci grew up in a very loving home. And while they weren’t the wealthiest family on the block, his basic needs were always provided for.

When Nick was just ten years old his father passed away. Left to care for the family alone, his mother was forced to work long hours just to make ends meet. By the time Nick turned 18 he was homeless and living out of a van.

Homeless But Not Hopeless

Though his life was at an all time low, Nick Vertucci never lost hope. After a few years he started his own business and that is when is luck started to change. Not only did he meet and marry the woman of his dreams, but he also had three beautiful daughters and a business that allowed him to spend as much time with them as he wanted.

Then in 2000 the dot com crash hit and literally everything he had worked so hard for dissolved before his very eyes.

For almost 18 months he had very little income coming in. Not only was he going deeper and deeper into debt, but he was also losing everything around him.

The Invite That Changed It All

One day Nick Vertucci got invited to be a guest at a three-day real estate training seminar by a friend. At first he was very reluctant to go. But his friend convinced him it would be worth it and so he went.

Needless to say, going to that seminar turned out to be one of the best decisions he had ever made in his life.

While listening to the speaker something inside of Nick clicked. He realized right then and there that he had found a way to get out of debt and make a better life for his family.

That seminar is where Nick was introduced to the world of real estate. And though it took him over a decade to finally be successful, he never gave up. He eventually became a millionaire and is now on a mission to teach as many people as he can how to use real estate to make insane amounts of money, get out of debt and transform their lives.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Standing on the Edge of the Future

Dr. Mark McKenna began his business career with his launch of McKenna Venture Investments. This was a bold move on his part because he had only recently started to practice medicine with his father after graduating college. Even though he knew that it would be hard, Dr.  Mark McKenna was determined to make it work for him. He founded his own real estate firm, McKenna Venture Investments and started spectating other businesses.

While medicine was his background, Dr. McKenna explains that he always had a special place in his heart for the real estate market. He eventually acquired two other companies and grew his small startup to over 50 employees. Unfortunately, in 2005 his string of successful businesses were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina but he did not take this as in invitation to give up. Instead, he pulled himself back up and set out to make an even better company. With a failing real estate market, Dr. McKenna looked toward the medical aesthetics community for his next big venture.

Looking for a change of scenery and fostering a change in vocational direction, Dr. McKenna relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. It was there that he launched his new medical practice ShapeMed. ShapeMed was an enormous hit among its clientele and eventually drew national attention for its innovative approach to the medical aesthetics community. Dr. Mark McKenna leveraged this attention and sold ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness Inc in 2014, where he began serving and the National Medical Director.

While he enjoyed his time at Life Time Fitness Inc., Dr. Mark McKenna had a business mindset and an idea for a different kind of medical aesthetics company. OVME, or “of me”, is his new person-centered aesthetics company that launched to help create a better experience for his clients. The technology enabled company allows patients to access information via a very customer friendly application and they can even have providers visit them in the home for a variety of services, such as Botox. This is certainly different than the established notion that clients should come into an uninviting medical office to receive their elective care. Dr. Mark McKenna knows what the future looks like, and he intends to be at the forefront with OVME and more

How to Target Older People With Online Marketing

Many people know that when it comes to online marketing, it is important to target millennials. While that is true, it also true that there are many older people who you can be targeting as well. Older people are often buying a lot of products. They may have more money than millennials. A lot of baby boomers are starting businesses and becoming entrepreneurs. It would be a mistake to miss out on a whole new target audience for no reason whatsoever.

When targeting older people, make it easy for them to read what you are writing. Have a clear and bold font so that they can read it easily. Make sure to keep things simple, especially if things are very technical. Not all older people are familiar with how computers work. If your system requires people to do certain technical things, make sure to include clear instructions so that they can easily figure out what to do.

Keeping things simple doesn’t just refer to technical details. Keep in mind that older people may not be aware of various references that you would take for granted that younger people know. For example, consider abbreviations and slang terms such as LOL and LMAO. Not everyone who is older knows what those things mean. In addition, not everyone knows things about various social media sites and apps, such as Snapchat. They may not know what Snapchat is and how it works. Do not take those things for granted.

Remember that older people have been around for awhile. They have seen a lot of things. In order to attract them, be smarter than everyone else. What works for younger people without a lot of life experience may not work for older people.

If you want to target older people, choose your platform wisely. For example, do not try to target older people on Snapchat. Instagram probably is not for older people either, as it is more for younger people sharing pictures of their lives to their friends. Older people probably prefer Facebook and blogs.

Daniel Taub – article recap

Over the past four years, Daniel Taub has held the position of Ambassador to the Court of St. James for Israel, embarking on a career that has been very fruitful, to say the least. As his impending exit is now on the horizon, Mr. Taub took the time to sit down with Manchester City Fan to discuss his past as the Ambassador, as well as what his life is like as his term comes to an end. Daniel Taub stands out among many of Israel’s ambassadors due to his straight-laced appearance, as well as his formidable wit, causing many comparisons between him, and the former Ambassador of the State of Israel, Shlomo Argov, who was nearly assassinated. Today, the relationship between the United Kingdom and the State of Israel is in an incredible position, and upon reflection, Mr. Taub realized that many of the goals that he set at the beginning of this post, were accomplished. In fact, Mr. Taub and his staff believe that they were able to exceed even their own lofty expectations. While he generally chooses not to look back, believing that there is much more than he could have accomplished if given more time, he is overall, very satisfied with the state in which he leaves his post. One of the most significant accomplishments to occur during Daniel Taub’s tenure happened in an effort to combat antisemitism throughout Europe. He created information centers in Scotland and Wales, while also expanding the centers that were currently in operation in Manchester.

When discussing the lessons that he has learned during his time as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James, he cites his habit of reading, having discussions with friends and those who oppose his stance, as well as remaining multidimensional. Amongst his peers, Daniel Taub is known as a staunch workaholic, which led him to take extra time to speak to those in direct opposition to him. This practice helped to create lasting relationships that he believes will stay the course of his career and life outside of work. Being that he was born in the United Kingdom, but decided to move to Israel while in his twenties, Daniel Taub was able to garner a multidimensional outlook on life that has helped to mold his career, practices, and relationships. This multidimensional approach also helped to shape policies between both nations that he was directly involved in. Learn more:




How to Do Search Engine Optimization For 2018

Are you ready for 2018? If you want to be successful with online marketing, then you should focus on search engine optimization. With search engine optimization, you will be able to attract visitors to your website through the search engines.

The first pillar of search engine optimization is content. You need to have high quality content. Longer blog posts tend to rank higher. Your content needs to have images and sometimes videos. The content should be informative and should not be spun or duplicated content.

If you have a site that has a higher authority, you will be able to rank higher more easily. Authority is measured in many ways. One way Google measures authority is by the age of the domain and by how much content it produces. However, backlinks are also an important part of how Google measures domain authority. That is why you should strive to get high-quality backlinks to your website.

These days, it is also important to have a mobile-optimized website. If your website is not yet responsive and optimized for mobile devices, then you will not be able to rank high in the search engines. Make sure you have a mobile-friendly site. If possible, use the Google AMP project to create mobile optimized websites.

Your website also needs to load fast. If your website is slow loading, not only will you drive away visitors and increase your bounce rate, but Google will not consider your site for high rankings.

When it comes to keyword research, make sure to use keywords that are long. Short keywords are often very competitive and are hard to rank for. If you use long-tail keywords, you have a better chance of ranking for them. In addition, make sure not to stuff your pages with keywords. Google will penalize you if you use keyword stuffing as an attempt to rank higher.

Finally, make sure to include outbound links in your blog posts. Make sure to link to sites that are authoritative and informative and which are relevant to your blog posts. You will rank higher if you do this. Do not include too many affiliate links or links to sales pages.

How to Beat Your Competitors With Email Marketing

Email marketing is all the craze now. As more and more blogs get published, it is a lot harder to drive traffic through organic blogging and search engine optimization. Many marketers are trying to build up a solid customer base through email instead.

When it comes to email, you have to focus on driving action. For example, get people to click on a link. Without a proper call to action, people will just read your email and do nothing. Remember, they usually have other emails they have to get to, so make sure they do something before deleting your email.

You should also focus on personalization. Personalization does not mean including someone’s name in the subject line, through that can help increase your opens as well. Personalization refers to sending people emails based on their previous history. For example, if someone does not open an email, you can send them the same email a second time with a different headline. If someone does open the email and clicks on the link but doesn’t buy anything, you can send them a reminder email to buy it.

You should focus a large portion of your email marketing efforts on increasing engagement. It is all about engagement. If subscribers are not engaged with you, then they will not open your emails and will not buy from you.

There are many ways to be more engaged with subscribers. To start, focus on developing a relationship with your subscribers. Do not just send them emails that have a catalog of your products in them. Do not just send emails that promote products. Send emails that offer value to your subscribers. Include interesting articles in your emails. Try to create a connection by asking your subscribers what they want and tell them that you would love to hear feedback from them.

The most important thing with email marketing is testing. Test out different subject lines and see which ones get the most opens. Test out promoting different products and see what works well. Test out tweaking your landing page and the lead magnets that you give away to attract subscribers. Test out different lengths and styles of emails.

How Local Businesses Can Get Started With Online Marketing

Many people who own physical businesses and retail stores are not doing any online marketing. However, this is a mistake. Online marketing is for everyone, and even retail stores and physical businesses can benefit from online marketing.

For example, if you run advertising campaigns, then you can reach people who would otherwise not know about your business. You can use Google AdWords and Facebook ads to run ads about your business. On Facebook, you can run ads that target people who are in a 5-mile radius from your physical store. This is a great way to attract people in your area to your physical store by using online methods.

One of the things that you can do is to start blogging. In fact, blogging is just one form of content marketing. Content marketing can help people find out about your business. Social media marketing is one form of content marketing. Email marketing is another form. However, blogging is very important because it will help people find out about your business. By using keywords that attract local users, you will get more customers. Keywords that attract local users can be anything that mentions local event or locations. Be sure to mention the city and state where you are located very often throughout your blog posts. This will help people find you.

You should also institute a reward program. Reward programs will help customers come back to you again and again. There are many ways to institute rewards programs. One way is through email. You can ask your customers to write their email address at checkout and then add them to your email list. You can also include a short 5 digit number that your customers can text to get started with getting deals on a regular basis from you. You can include this number in your marketing materials and shopping bags.

Do not forget to make sure that you have profiles on online directories. Set up a Google profile with Google My Business. Make sure you are on Yelp and Apple Maps as well. Finally, encourage customers to leave reviews on your online profiles. This will help boost your online rankings. Always reply to positive and negative reviews.