Keeping Crime Rates Low in Our City Using Securus Technologies

My team of officers is always looking for ways to keep our city safer. With gang violence on the rise in our area, we have had to rely more on help from the public than at any other time to help keep the streets safe. This year my superiors notified me that we were on pace to break records for violent crimes if we did not get control of this gang problem immediately.


When you are dealing with gangs, the biggest issue is that you can not rely on family or friends to help. These folks simply will never help the police and betray the gangs. To make things even more challenging for us, you have terrified local residents who do not want any retaliation from the gangs, so they suffer in silence. This all means that my job of stopping the crimes is getting that much harder. It was time to put a stop to the trouble before we had an epidemic on our hands.


I discovered that Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system in our local jail for paying close attention to when the inmates used the phones. In the past this was a challenge to get information because of the way these inmates talked on the phone. Securus Technologies is currently in 2,600 jails and the system can do the work of a number of officers. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says he and his 1,000 employees all are working to make our world a little bit safer.


Once me and my team were comfortable using the LBS software, we were alerted to gang chatter almost immediately. There was one call where a gang-leader was giving his soldiers on the streets orders to take care of. There were calls of gang members telling soldiers how to bring drugs to the jail. There were even calls we discovered that talked about going after rival gangs on the street. When we got the alerts, we put teams in place to arrest the suspects on the spot and really put a dent in their day-to-day operations.


The Advantages of Starting a Business Online

One thing that the internet has done is bring all of the advantages for businesses online. More businesses are being started online and all of the established businesses are moving to the internet. One of the reasons behind this is that business owners are seeing the benefits to running a business from the internet.


One advantage to running a business online is that it is a lot easier. This is especially the case for small businesses. When people are running an online business, they just have to use the internet to take care of everything. They do not have to deal with all of the paperwork and look for data through tons of files. These files are easily accessed online.


Another advantage to running a business from the internet is that it costs very little. All people need is a website, which is very affordable compared to renting a space and getting all of the equipment together. This is not only money consuming, but time consuming as well. At the same time, the internet makes it so one could set up his business in just one day.


Another major advantage to starting a business is in the marketing. One way that he can market is by setting up his social media accounts and engaging the communities. There are so many people that are willing to connect with one another. As long as one is contributing to conversations, he is going to have a good time with online marketing and setting up his online business.


Perhaps the biggest advantage to starting an online business is that one can work from anywhere. Therefore, if one has a laptop or tablet, he can do work while traveling. This includes all of the social networking and other uses of social media.

The Fun of Starting an Online Business

There is one word that entrepreneurs are more likely to say than employees. That word is “fun”. The truth is that a lot of entrepreneurs don’t want to go back to being employees. One of the reasons is that they get to have a lot more fun doing the work that they do. At the same time, there is a lot more freedom. Then when their finances surpass that of their highest paying job, then they see no reason to be an employee. This is not to say that an entrepreneur is not ever going to get a regular job to go along with his business. However, people are going to get the most benefits that they can.


One of the reasons that entrepreneurs will have a lot of fun starting an online business is that they will take the time to know themselves. Also, they also get to learn about all of the avenues they can use for marketing. When people are able to connect with others and share details about their businesses, they increase their chances of success in the type of work they do.


Among the aspects of themselves that entrepreneurs can learn is what their talents really are and how lucrative they are. For instance, some people may be good at designing. Among the design businesses that they can run is web design. This activity is actually one of the most lucrative opportunities because people are always looking for someone to design their sites. They are also willing to pay huge amounts of money for their work. Writing is also another lucrative career for entrepreneurs to get into. Writers can get paid a lot when they find the right clients, and they get a lot of respect.

Connections Bring Forth A lot of Online Success

There are a lot of people that try to get started with their business but fail. One of the reasons that they fail is that they try to do everything by themselves. They underestimate the importance of being connected. They also underestimate their ability to make the connections. All they need is the right platforms to get started with. One of the best things they can do is sign up with a few forums and do some blogs that talk about the things they are doing related to their business.


Social media and networking can be very effective for people that know how to use it. The key to success with the use of social media is by being relevant. The worst thing to do is just spam and make comments just to get likes and followers. Take the time to actually reach out to people and build relationships. Connect with people on things they care about. People that show that they care about their users and the community as a whole will have a better chance at making profits from their online businesses. As entrepreneurs, they will learn the importance of connections.


One thing that entrepreneurs come to understand is that people are looking for businesses based on what they can get from them. Yet so many entrepreneurs that fail go about their business in a backwards manner. They try to get something from customers. This is one of the reasons that it is important for entrepreneurs to have self knowledge. They have to know what they have to offer entrepreneurs so that they will be able to attract them and a lot of success to go along with it.


The Importance of Diligence in Starting an Online Business

For entrepreneurs that are at the beginning of their career, it is important to be diligent. One of the reasons that diligence is important is that it takes a long time for people to start making money from their business. Therefore, it is important to find the best process to go through. The most important part of diligence is putting in a lot of work. One of the reasons that some businesses are successful is because it is taken on by people who are passionate about what they are doing. Therefore, they manage to go beyond the minimum.


Diligent entrepreneurs are always hard at work in whatever goal they have. For instance, if they are on social media, they put in a lot of time connecting with users. Diligent entrepreneurs understand that it is a slow process. Therefore, they do not give up right away. They understand that success in business is a matter of reaching out to tons of people. Therefore, they put a lot of effort into networking. The marketing and networking is perhaps the largest part of getting the business off the ground.


The good thing about marketing is that not all comments on social media sites have to be about the business and what is being promoted. As a matter of fact, that is one of the worst ways to market on social media. Instead, the best thing to do is engage and create an online presence and image so that people will be aware. At the same time, the social media platform will also give more weight to what the user posts. Therefore, the user can provide a link with the right keyword and then he will get a lot of impressions.

The Internet is a Great Place For Entrepreneurs

One of the greatest advantages that the internet has is that it offers people the ability to start and run some successful businesses. It is much easier to start an online business. One of the reasons that people can easily start online businesses is because all they need to do is connect with people. If a user has a strong web presence, then he can use that in order to get his business off the ground. One of the best things he could use is social media. Connecting with people and getting involved with discussions that are related to what he is passionate about is going to be one of the best ways to bring forth the success he wants.


However, there are steps that entrepreneurs must take in order to make sure that they are going to succeed. One of the best things for an entrepreneur to do is to know himself. When an entrepreneur has a great understanding of himself, then he is going to go very far. Self understanding is one of the greatest steps towards success.


One thing that the internet does is make it easier for people to develop the type of job that they do the best in. The best thing to do is take advantage of the time that is available. When people find a favorite activity, the best thing they can do is find a way to monetize it. The most important thing for people to do when trying to start an online business is be diligent with the type of work they do. With diligence and discipline, people will achieve their goals in a reasonable amount of time.

Keys to Marketing to a Niche Audience

According to a recent article in Huffington Post, marketing to a niche market online is different than marketing a product that the general public will want. If you are going to sell these products, then you need to know where your target audience is and how to reach them effectively. Make no mistake about it, others are also trying to reach them with similar products.

Content marketing still reigns supreme in niche marketing. The marketer, however, must find the customer’s sweet spot and stay there or the message is simply lost. Keep the content interesting by presenting real life problems and show how your product solves the problem. Choose to go directly to where your audience can relate to what you are saying.

Make sure that you are monitoring what customers are saying about you, your product and your company. If you do not do the monitoring personally, then empower your team to take action on your behalf.

PCP advertising is especially useful to niche marketers. Make sure that you are monitoring your ads carefully to make sure that they are getting the desired results. Instantly remove any ads that are not producing results, as they are wasting you money.

Network with others in similar fields. Consider writing guest blogs, as they will introduce you to each other’s clients. Promoting each other can be very effective for both of you, and you can use it to cut down on advertising costs.

While your website needs a strong call-to-action, you also need to get the customer to give you their email address. Then, those who leave without making a purchase can be reengaged later through an email.

Joining affiliate marketing programs that are already reaching your target audience can be very effective. While you may have to pay a sizable start-up cost, the benefits may be worth it in the long run as more people see your ads.

As a marketer trying to reach a niche audience, you need to use a strong marketing game. You will not be an overnight wonder in most cases, but slowly you will gain a sizable market share if you keep your advertising focused on reaching your target audience.


The Power of a Simple Review

According to an article recently published in the Huffington Post, business people should be encouraging reviews as it helps them build their business in many different ways.

The first thing that online reviews do is help you increase your click-through rate. This is the number of people that click on your listing when they enter words into a search engine. By simply using schema markup on your site, you can get your reviews to show alongside your listing. More people will be encouraged to click on your link even if it is not the first one on the page.

Reviews are also useful in increasing your search engine optimization allowing your site to show higher in search engines. In fact, you can visualize it as one leg of a three-legged stool. The second leg is your on-page search engine optimization like choosing great keywords and providing outstanding content. The third leg is the number of times that you appear in social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Pinterest.

Reviews also provide social proof that other people like your company. Humans are social beings. We tend to like what other people like. These reviews encourage others to like your company.

Reviews build a level of trust with a potential customer. They can often be used to turn that customer into a paying customer. Even if you get a negative review, it is not the end of the world. It is imperative that you respond immediately in a calm professional manner. Customers realize that you cannot please all of the customers all of the time or that even the best of companies have a bad day.

While many people fear reviews, they also provide great feedback. They let you know what your company is doing great, and what your customers would change if they could. Instead of fearing reviews, embrace them because they are helping you build your online reputation. While they cost you nothing, they may make you a millionaire.



Standing Out From The Crowd

Rock and Roll! The U.S. Money Reserve is moving and with a strong, steady momentum. We look to the agency’s leaders to better understand what’s happening. What’s occurring isn’t by any means a normal stint of publicity. At times like these, it’s difficult to be a U.S. government agency.

Presenting these firms in a positive light is even more of a daunting task. But it looks like the U.S. Money Reserve found its own way to fight back against a bad reputation. That fight neither includes deformation or an aggressive attack toward another existing social identity.

Instead, with the right leadership, the U.S Money Reserve turns inwardly and in order to bring about the much needed change it needs. This transformation is also led by none other than the agency’s President. Philip N. Diehl brings to this agency what few others can. It’s a complicated issue for today.

What We Can Learn From Philip N. Diehl

To better understand the man, we have to look at his past. Philip, prior to accepting this role with the U.S. Money Reserve, worked as an administrator for the U.S. Mint. The firms aren’t far from each other in regards to responsibility, yet the clarification has to be made. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The U.S. Mint actually prints, stamps and create currencies used within the United States.

The U.S. Reserve deals mainly with government-backed investments, and that often means gold, silver or platinum. When Philip resided with the U.S. Mint, what he implemented were the quarter collection series that represented all American states.

This was actually his idea, and the zeal, nationalism and homeland pride it induced is obvious. The same ingenuity is what led Mr. Deihl to a solution for the U.S. Money Reserve also.

The Importance In Digital In A Tech World

In a pioneering fashion, Mr. Diehl saw the need of integrating the U.S. Reserve into a digital world. And it’s somewhat surprising that he did it by urging his own firm to revolutionize themselves through a website. Because of this simple move, the agency has more transparency than they’ve ever had.

This includes access to information for investing which today shows tremendous prospects.

Social Intelligence To Shape Hospitality Industry Marketing

Modern travelers do more than packing a suitcase when they want to travel. The travel review sites such as home sharing services and fare aggregator engines have become part of a travelers plan, experience, and a platform to evaluate their trips. Social media has become a critical part of each phase of the travel experience. For instance, consumers can share photos from their excursions, use social channels to seek advice on locations for honeymoon from people with previous experience, or voice comments about the five-star meal they enjoyed at a resort.



Social media is the ultimate forum for consumer opinions because it offers the users a wealth of unbiased insights to marketers on the different factors that influence consumers to travel decisions. Social media gives the hotel owners a clear idea about brand loyalty and the factors that would influence consumers to love a brand. Therefore, it is the task of hotel marketers and hospitality brands to understand customers’ opinions, affinities, conversations, and trends as expressed on social media to inform business strategies.



Recent reports show that there are three ways that hospitality industry players can use social media insights to shape hospitality marketing. One of the ways is to understand the travelers and what they like. It involves understanding the type of travelers your hotel attracts and ensuring on-target marketing efforts. Women’s social conversations focus on family-friendly travel which could encourage an extended stay.