Lime Crime Plushies

In the beauty community, Lime Crime is known as one of the best companies when it comes to making lip products, especially their matte liquid lipsticks. They just announced they are launching a new line of lip products called Plushies. They offer 12 new shades altogether with a 13th available exclusively on Ulta’s website. On Lime Crime’s website they are dubbing this the cutest release ever when it comes to their packaging.

Now Lime Crime hasn’t directly come out and said what the lip products are going to be exactly but Pinterest followers quickly discovered that if you zoom in you can see the production description, which reads: “Soft Focus Lip Veil.” This leads people to believe this new release is going to be a lip tint. This is a new concept for Lime Crime as it’s completely different from all of their other lip products currently out as they tend to make mostly liquid lipsticks.

Youtubers that have received them for reviews are agreeing with Lime Crime when it comes to the adorable packaging. It has bears on the cap and is light pink but it is in a clear bottle so you can see the color on the outside of the bottle. This lip veil does come with a scent that is similar to the Diamond Crusher line by Lime Crime, which resembles a fruity smell. When it comes to product application, they do go on sheer at first application but they do layer nicely on the lips and don’t clump up or feel tacky.

They also dry down on the lips quickly. The Plushies last all throughout the day compared to other products that come off easily when eating or drinking. It also is kiss proof and transfer proof. Plushies are also non drying on the lips even when they have multiple layers added on to the lips. They retail for $20 on Lime Crime’s website.

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