Felipe Montoro Jens Government Projects to Be Passed in Second Half 2018

The Federal government announced an auction to be held in August 2018. About 57 projects will be given to the Private sector. These projects will be worth an investment of R$ 44 billion and a total of 22 sectors were listed by Program of Partnerships and Investments( PPI).

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, some of the projects will take place in the second part of the year. These projects include sale of stake in Brasillia airports, airport auction in Sao Paulo among others. The Public Company has 49% interest in these projects.

BR-153 project is also listed by the federal government, though the concession was previously revoked. Bidding on these projects is scheduled in the later months of Michel Temer’s government. The private sector will also be granted the BR-364 project, which is scheduled by end of 2018. The BR-364 stretch is nearly 800 kilometers and it is between Porto Velho and Comodoro.

The auctions that will not be affected are those of port terminals concessions namely Vila do Conde, Vitoria, Belen and Paranagua.

State-owned companies were announced to be privatized though how this will be done was not explained. The companies to be privatized are Mint, Docks of Espirito Santo, Casemg and Ceasaminas.

Moreira Franco, the minister of Secretary General explained that Mint Company’s sale is because of the need to advance in technology.

Contribution of the Investment Partnership Program (PPI)

PPI plans to widen and strengthen the state’s and private sector’s relationship. This will facilitate creation of jobs and ultimately enhance the growth of the state overall.

Public infrastructure will be assured of expansion by the PPI. Through this, quality and sufficient tariffs will be made available. The legal security together with stability of the projects will also be maintained by PPI. The greatest thing is that the state guarantees minimal intervention when it comes to investment.

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