Troy McQuagge: Giving Healthy Hope

Since taking over the leadership of USHEALTH Advisors in 2010, Troy McQuagge has guided the company to significant financial success. His excellent leadership saw him awarded the CEO of the Year Award during One Planet awards. Mr. McQuagge is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and has had a stellar sales career, with his main focus being on health insurance. He started by working for All State Insurance in the early 1980’s before joining UCI Health Market. Mr. McQuagge has brought a new dimension to USHEALTH Advisors by bringing up the initiative of HOPE, an acronym for Helping Other People Every day.

Helping Other People Everyday

HOPE has become a mission that all USHEALTH Advisors want to live by in their daily dealings. The aim of HOPE is to bring a positive change in other people’s lives. The initiative was started in 2010 by Troy McQuagge USHealth. Its first activity had been done in partnership with the Phoenix of New Orleans organization. USHA employees volunteered to help Phoenix of New Orleans in rebuilding and restoring homes for those New Orleans residents in Mid-City who had lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina. HOPE has also donated shoes, baby formula and other supplies worth thousands of dollars to The Crisis Nursery; a children’s shelter in the Scottsdale area.

The HOPE initiative also spread to other USHA local agents in other parts of the country. In Florida, the local agents have partnered with Brevard County’s Homes for Warriors to help in doing home demolitions, repair, and cleanups of a home that will be given to an army specialist mortgage free. In Arizona, the local USHA team is set to support the Wounded Warrior Project. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

The Company’s ‘Soul’

USHA Chief Executive Troy McQuagge USHealth has termed HOPE as the company’s soul, and that making it part of the company mission to serve others and help them at any given time is a more noble way of running a business and a way of living. His sentiments are backed by USHEALTH Group’s chief marketing officer, who has also stated that USHEALTH Group as an organization takes seriously helping others, not just as a corporate responsibility, but also as a personal goal. Check:


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