Doe Deere Advises on How to Attain Your Dreams

Doe Deere is the brain behind the cosmetic brand known as Lime Crime. The lady, who also goes by the name Queen of Unicorns, is very passionate about makeup and colorful things. Her success story is a source of encouragement to many people who now believe that you can make it in life no matter where you come from. Here is an interview that will help you understand her success story better.

Her Childhood

Doe was born and raised in Russia until she was 17 years old when she relocated to the U.S. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Doe says that from a young age, she knew she was very determined and inventive. As a child, she always wanted to be a singing sensation, something she did when she moved to the U.S.

Deere says that she has learned how to be more appreciative of both the little and big things in life as a musician. She does not take for granted how people come to her concerts and events. She started out in the music industry then diverted to make-up, a thing she absolutely loves.

Her Advice to Young and Ambitious Women

Doe believes that the most important thing to do is follow what your heart wants. She also believes that every person has something that sets them apart from others, and this is what everyone should look for and use it to generate income. Once you do what your heart wants, you will always enjoy working. It becomes easy to reach your goals once you do what you want.

Her Understanding of Make-up

Doe Deere says that doing make-up is a way for her to be herself. She hopes that the same goes for other women, that they feel comfortable wearing make-up without the fear of being judged. Doe, who also has a background in fashion, believes that fashion and make-up are complements. She believes that whatever you wear communicates a lot about you. Therefore, it is important to be comfortable in your clothes, make-up and hair.

Her Biggest Challenge

Back in 2014, Doe says that they had a security breach. Cyber thieves hacked her website and stole some of her clients’ information. To date, Doe feels responsible for the hacking even if it was not the result of negligence. The hardest thing she had to do was regain her clients’ trust. After the hacking, she and her team dedicated a lot of their time educating their clients. She came up with a good FAQ section, an active email account and call center. She also hired more customer care representatives to help in responding to inquiries on social media ( She did all these things to ensure that her clients and potential clients get instant feedback to any questions. She, however, say that, though awful, what happened taught her a lot. She has now handled the issue and hopes that nothing like that happens again. Her priority is to ensure that her clients get what they want without fear that their information will leak out.

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