Matthew Autterson Knows Finance and Philanthropy

Matthew Autterson has a strong financial background, and an education that complements his ability to run successful programs and businesses. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1980 with a B.A. degree in Finance. His career took off when he signed on with First Trust Corporation. Autterson took on the role of President at Resources Trust Company. Broad Inc. later acquired Resources Trust Company, and Broad Inc. became SunAmerica Inc. AIG, in 1988, acquired SunAmerica for $18 billion.


Matthew Autterson attributes his success to an extraordinary drive and dedication toward realizing his goals. His drive also comes from being a loving and dedicated father. At present, Matthew Autterson supports Falci Adaptive Bisosystems as a member of its Board of Directors. The company’s mission is to help make life better for those suffering from neurological disorders and disabilities. People gain increased mobility through the company’s support, products, and programs. Autterson’s association with the company is another testament to his desire to accomplish everything he sets out to achieve.


Falci Adaptive Biosystems utilizes new technologies that are designed to help disabled individuals to better control their automobiles, work, and home environments. As such, the company works with a wide range of professionals that include occupational therapists, physical therapists, physiatrists, and driving therapists. The company is a current leader in designing technology that is most useful in helping improve the lives of disabled persons.


Another key element that sets Falci Adaptive Biosystems apart is that it works very closely with patients and therapists to address the needs of people disabled as a result of spinal cord injuries. The company utilizes focus groups and creative brainstorming sessions to imagine and bring to life adaptive technology. The company also works with scientists and engineers from such institutions as the Air Force Academy, Princeton University, the Air Force Research Library, and other entities that can assist in designing and bringing adaptive technologies into existence.


Education, drive, and talent often work hand in hand in bringing good and helpful things to life.

Matthew Autterson dedicates his life to finance and its ability to fund technologies that will help disabled individuals better adapt to life’s challenges.


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