Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Advisors Provide HOPE for Others

HOPE means many things to many different people, but to Troy McQuagge, President, and CEO of UAHEALTH Advisors, HOPE means Helping Other People Everyday.

Troy McQuagge  and it’s parent company USHEALTH Group is the successful President and CEO who has led his company to a growth of approximately ten times that of when he began. His philanthropy and love of community has created a presence that has created trust across the nation turning the company into a household name with the HOPE program.

Initiated in 2010 McQuagges HOPE program brought USHealth Advisor leadership together with those of the Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) organization to aide those ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. While the horrific devastation made thousands homeless, this program brought optimism to those who were hard hit by the storm. With safe housing a priority, Troy, and his company donated hundreds of man-hours to remove storm-ravaged houses and restore those which could be saved. The company’s efforts in the Mid-City area of New Orleans helped to revitalize families who were formerly without a safe place to live.

Continuing to provide HOPE to others has become an annual offering to communities as Troy and USHA continued to provide needed services to many who are in need. Among those include a 2011 donation of clothing and supplies to The Crisis Nursery, a Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area children’s shelter. Troy McQuagge US Health also provided over $25,000 to HOPEKids Arizona to aid families of children with life-threatening illness and $45,000 to the same entity the following year in Texas. Other non-profits that have benefited from those such as the Brevard County Homes for Warriors in Brevard County, Florida and many other community services across the United States.

According to Troy McQuagge US Health when asked why HOPE was formed Troy said “Every company has a soul. That soul lies at the very core of who the company and its people really are. Our people have made it their mission to help and serve others whenever and wherever they can. For me, there is no more noble way to run a business or to live your life.” This heart spoken philosophy can only create growth and prestige for the company in coming years as USHA helps thousands to live a better life.

Continuing to provide services across the nation hopefully the selfless philosophy of McQuagge and his compatriots at USHEALTH Group and their dedication to making the world a better place will serve as a model to other corporations around the world.



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