Jeremy Goldstein: A Problem Solver

For many years, large corporations have stopped providing employees the benefit of stock option — a partial ownership of the company through stocks. Many of these corporations did so to save money, but the decision may be more complicated than it seems. Jeremy Goldstein attempts to solve this problem.


Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney providing legal advice to corporations of all sizes. With more than 15 years of experience, Goldstein is more than qualified with to manage these pressing issues. Goldstein established his own law firm in New York after working for an established law firm.


Jeremy Goldstein explains there are three main reasons. Firstly, there could be a significant drop in the stock, which would make it nearly impossible for employees to gain much compensation. Secondly, employees are well aware that if the economy falls, their stocks will as well, thus there is no reason to keep them. Lastly, the stock options could serve as a financial burden to the company through accounting procedures and equal pay conundrums. Albeit the complications, Jeremy Goldstein explains that stock option does have value. Employees can clearly understand them and could even give them the motivation to perform better. Learn more:


There is a solution to these complications. Jeremy Goldstein explains that companies first need to fix their pending and outgoing expenses as it will reduce risk. He urges companies to apply “knockouts” — stock options that have the same time constraints and alluring requirements to employees as the original stock options. However, the difference is that if the stock price falls under a certain limit, employees lose them. “Knockouts” don’t serve to solve all the issues, but Goldstein believes they do fix a lot of them.


Goldstein has been heavily involved with large corporations like Verizon, AT&T, Bank One, Duke Energy, Chevron, and Merck. In addition, he gained valuable positions at companies such as Fountain House (a law firm). With such pedigree and experience, it is difficult to ignore his advice

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