End Citizens United Works for A Truer Democracy for All Americans

End Citizens United is a nonprofit group operating as a political action committee with the goal of bringing about a just and fair governmental process for all Americans. While the group primarily focuses on the agenda platform of the democratic party they consider themselves to be for the most part nonpartisan and work toward achieving the ideals of the true American democratic construct that will benefit all US citizens now and in the future. As such the group works continually toward efforts that will end the unjust and unfair practices carried out both the electoral process and the legislative process by the Political action committee Citizens United.

Recently End Citizens United released a press statement regarding the GOP Tax Overhaul Bill that was passed by Congress in December of 2017. In the statement the group’s president recapped a statement that was made immediately following the passage of the bill by the Senate, pointing out that the bill was a “major gift-wrapped Christmas present for the mega-donors to the Republican party and that ECU will continue to work toward ending these types of actions with activities ramping up toward major efforts regarding the 2018 midterm elections.

The press statement went on to affirm the fact that the bill, which is the largest tax break for major corporations and the wealthiest 1% of the population, was passed with yes votes of every single US senator, 17 of which are on End Citizens United’s list of the “Big Money 20”. These are individuals who have received major financial backing from the donors of Citizens United (to the tune of more than $11M combined) during their last individual election efforts. It is also noted that these monies were primarily traceable to special interest groups for which these senators have consistently voted in favor of.

End Citizens United has been tracking the progress of this tax reform legislation in both houses of Congress, as well as how it will benefit the president of the united states and his associates both in and out of government circles, ever since it was first introduced. ECU has been active in releasing information regarding how the legislation will affect real Americans, and how it will benefit the same individuals that are charged with its framing, debate, and passage, be that benefit direct or indirect.

This press statement is just one example of how End Citizens United is working to get the message out about the corrupt “steam room negotiations” and backdoor deals that are now the norm in the new Washington. They are working to bring about a return to true democracy where the people not only have a say in the way that their government is run, but have the final word in everything that Washington does. They are holding the elected accountable for their actions not only during their time in office, but prior to it as well.

About End Citizens United: www.linkedin.com/jobs/end-citizens-united-jobs

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