Nick Vertucci – From Homeless To Millionaire

While most know Nick Vertucci as a successful real estate investor, his life wasn’t always what it is today.

Like many of us Nick Vertucci grew up in a very loving home. And while they weren’t the wealthiest family on the block, his basic needs were always provided for.

When Nick was just ten years old his father passed away. Left to care for the family alone, his mother was forced to work long hours just to make ends meet. By the time Nick turned 18 he was homeless and living out of a van.

Homeless But Not Hopeless

Though his life was at an all time low, Nick Vertucci never lost hope. After a few years he started his own business and that is when is luck started to change. Not only did he meet and marry the woman of his dreams, but he also had three beautiful daughters and a business that allowed him to spend as much time with them as he wanted.

Then in 2000 the dot com crash hit and literally everything he had worked so hard for dissolved before his very eyes.

For almost 18 months he had very little income coming in. Not only was he going deeper and deeper into debt, but he was also losing everything around him.

The Invite That Changed It All

One day Nick Vertucci got invited to be a guest at a three-day real estate training seminar by a friend. At first he was very reluctant to go. But his friend convinced him it would be worth it and so he went.

Needless to say, going to that seminar turned out to be one of the best decisions he had ever made in his life.

While listening to the speaker something inside of Nick clicked. He realized right then and there that he had found a way to get out of debt and make a better life for his family.

That seminar is where Nick was introduced to the world of real estate. And though it took him over a decade to finally be successful, he never gave up. He eventually became a millionaire and is now on a mission to teach as many people as he can how to use real estate to make insane amounts of money, get out of debt and transform their lives.

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