How to Beat Your Competitors With Email Marketing

Email marketing is all the craze now. As more and more blogs get published, it is a lot harder to drive traffic through organic blogging and search engine optimization. Many marketers are trying to build up a solid customer base through email instead.

When it comes to email, you have to focus on driving action. For example, get people to click on a link. Without a proper call to action, people will just read your email and do nothing. Remember, they usually have other emails they have to get to, so make sure they do something before deleting your email.

You should also focus on personalization. Personalization does not mean including someone’s name in the subject line, through that can help increase your opens as well. Personalization refers to sending people emails based on their previous history. For example, if someone does not open an email, you can send them the same email a second time with a different headline. If someone does open the email and clicks on the link but doesn’t buy anything, you can send them a reminder email to buy it.

You should focus a large portion of your email marketing efforts on increasing engagement. It is all about engagement. If subscribers are not engaged with you, then they will not open your emails and will not buy from you.

There are many ways to be more engaged with subscribers. To start, focus on developing a relationship with your subscribers. Do not just send them emails that have a catalog of your products in them. Do not just send emails that promote products. Send emails that offer value to your subscribers. Include interesting articles in your emails. Try to create a connection by asking your subscribers what they want and tell them that you would love to hear feedback from them.

The most important thing with email marketing is testing. Test out different subject lines and see which ones get the most opens. Test out promoting different products and see what works well. Test out tweaking your landing page and the lead magnets that you give away to attract subscribers. Test out different lengths and styles of emails.

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