How Local Businesses Can Get Started With Online Marketing

Many people who own physical businesses and retail stores are not doing any online marketing. However, this is a mistake. Online marketing is for everyone, and even retail stores and physical businesses can benefit from online marketing.

For example, if you run advertising campaigns, then you can reach people who would otherwise not know about your business. You can use Google AdWords and Facebook ads to run ads about your business. On Facebook, you can run ads that target people who are in a 5-mile radius from your physical store. This is a great way to attract people in your area to your physical store by using online methods.

One of the things that you can do is to start blogging. In fact, blogging is just one form of content marketing. Content marketing can help people find out about your business. Social media marketing is one form of content marketing. Email marketing is another form. However, blogging is very important because it will help people find out about your business. By using keywords that attract local users, you will get more customers. Keywords that attract local users can be anything that mentions local event or locations. Be sure to mention the city and state where you are located very often throughout your blog posts. This will help people find you.

You should also institute a reward program. Reward programs will help customers come back to you again and again. There are many ways to institute rewards programs. One way is through email. You can ask your customers to write their email address at checkout and then add them to your email list. You can also include a short 5 digit number that your customers can text to get started with getting deals on a regular basis from you. You can include this number in your marketing materials and shopping bags.

Do not forget to make sure that you have profiles on online directories. Set up a Google profile with Google My Business. Make sure you are on Yelp and Apple Maps as well. Finally, encourage customers to leave reviews on your online profiles. This will help boost your online rankings. Always reply to positive and negative reviews.

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