Email Marketing for Gmail – What You Need to Know

Do you do email marketing? Most of your subscribers probably use Gmail, and for good reason. Gmail has many great features and capabilities that people love. It is easy to organize the inbox in Gmail. It is also easy to tweak the settings and the design. There are many apps that you can use in Gmail. Gmail has a better interface than many other email service providers, such as Yahoo. Finally, Gmail comes as a package with various other Gmail products and services, such as Google Docs and so on. Anyone who has a Youtube account has a Gmail account. In fact, anyone who has a Google account for anything has a Gmail account.

However, if you are an email marketer, then Gmail has certain aspects that should concern you. Compare Gmail to Apple Mail. Gmail does not offer various video playing abilities. If you want to include a video in your email, you are going to have to include a video thumbnail as a picture and then link that image to a web page or a Youtube link that has the video. Gmail also automatically stores content when an email is opened and then shows that same content when someone opens that email for a second time. This means that if you want to include something in your email that is based on a limited time offer or a certain location, you will have some difficulties. Gmail also does not offer support for web fonts.

Gmail poses other problems for marketers. Take their promotions folder, for example. It is great for users, as it allows subscribers to easily filter out promotional messages so that they do not need to be bothered with them. If you have a newsletter, however, and your emails end up in the promotions folder, then you will get fewer opens because people will not see your emails as often as they would if the emails would arrive in the regular folder. You also have to take more steps to make sure that your sender address is verified, because Gmail has a lot of spam filters that can cause legit emails to end up in the spam folder.

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