George Soros: Billionaire Philanthropist

The NY Times recently released an article about George Soros. It’s nothing new for the publication to write about hedge fund managers, but the article’s usually in the business section. The current article about Mr. George Soros is about an avid philanthropist who’s donated $18 billion to Open Society Foundations over the last several years.

The article only came out a short while ago because Soros’s donations were kept from the public. Still, it’s easy to tell that Open Society Foundations received a lot of money over the years. It’s now the second-largest philanthropic foundation in the country.

Soros founded Open Society over 30 years. It was his way of dipping his toes into human rights and political activism. Now, his organization operates in more than 120 countries. His international influence is only matched by his financial success. Based in the United States, the U.S. gets a lot of attention from Open Society.

Historically, Open Society didn’t pay that much attention to America. America was on a path to enlightenment and self-betterment. In recent years, the number of hate crimes and hate organization’s grown exponentially. Now, it’s more important than ever that organizations like Open Society exist to fight against hatred.

Hatred isn’t the only thing that Open Society fights. Over the years, it’s become more about helping anyone in need. It’s helped health organizations and foundations set up treatment centers. It’s protected people and their cultures all over the world. It’s even begun fighting against the rampant American-hatred movement on a political level.

George Soros’s always been into politics. It’s the way he sees the world becoming a better place. Most importantly, he’s not shy about his political affiliations. It’s something that many people acknowledge as one of his greatest features. Of course, his open political stance attracts some mean people.

According to other sites’ articles, George Soros is one of the most hated people in the world. Those sites all belong to right-wing lunatics, so they can’t really be trusted that much. JPost even wrote an article about the horrible things conservatives claim Soros is responsible for causing. Up first, conservatives believe in maintaining the white dominance that “build America”. So, Soros’s support of movements like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Women’s March pissed off a lot of right-wing conspiracy theorists.

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