Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH Bags One Planet’s Gold Award for Best CEO

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of the United States-based US Health Group Company. Troy McQuagge is the 2016 proud gold winner of the One Planet Awards that honors the best Chief Executive Officers of the year. The 2016 awards featured Troy McQuagge as the best CEO of the year due to his achievements to propel the United States Health group Company to greater heights in business and management. His role has helped other CEOs to have an emulation model who will help them accelerate their independent provisional products. Troy McQuagge was honored for providing the most sophisticated and unique healthcare products in the country. Since Troy McQuagge joined the company, his work has always resulted in the best for the company. This is why the One Planet awards found it necessary to showcase him as the best CEO of the year in 2016.

In his speech during the award ceremony, Troy McQuagge stated that he was more than honored to be recognized for his efforts. Troy McQuagge also said that he was elevated to receive the best positive products that reflect his leadership role in the industry, few CEOs have worked towards making themselves conversant with the best interests of their clients at heart. However, v was also recognized because all his work was looking towards making the common people achieve the best through the health plans. Troy McQuagge also said that the award was also part of honoring all the members who worked with him in the company. This is because he would not have managed to achieve this without the team of advisors who constantly bombarded him with the best resolutions for the company. Troy McQuagge also said that the award would not have been possible without their support to coordinate the clients and management for a brighter future.

Troy McQuagge also explained how the supportive and active team of workers helped him achieve his success in the company. This is because the team has been the steering force behind the effect of the health plans he developed for his clients in the country. At the end of his speech during the ceremony, Troy McQuagge promised to continue providing better healthcare services to create a lasting impression on the lives of people.

The One Planet Awards has more than eight decades of professional experience honoring the best CEOs of the year. These awards come from all parts of the world without discrimination in the size of the company. Any CEO who wishes to be recognized for his efforts in the company can apply for his chance. The award also honors the hardworking people in business with various professional levels in their respective industries. The awards also recognize any CEO from any company regardless of their industry. Check more reviews:


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