Uber Caught Stealing

Thousands of Uber fans are really acknowledging the importance of the taxi like convenience provided by the Uber drivers. Uber is based on a high tech platform that allows anyone with their smartphone application to quickly request a ride with an Uber driver. The Uber application has gained increased popularity over the last several years. However, Uber has also experienced their share of trouble. Now, information surfaced that the company had a unit that was dedicated to primarily stealing trade secrets from other companies.

Letting The News Bomb Drop
A former Uber employee let it drop that Uber had an internal unit, heavily involved in stealing trade secrets from Alphabet’s autonomous vehicle unit Waymo. This very surprising news was first revealed to the public in an eye opening letter written by the former Uber security staffer Richard Jacobs. In fact, the unit was very tech savvy in their approach to infiltrating a company’s files over the Internet and removing any trace that they viewed files or records. In addition, it was reported that the Uber team would invade the company’s servers and all traces of their activities were deleted after their exit. Thus, omitting any traces that could be tracked.

High Tech Espionage
Certainly, it is very apparent that Uber was allegedly participating in a form of high tech espionage that was designed to steal trade secrets from Alphabet’s autonomous vehicle unit Waymo. A judge decided to delay the upcoming trial concerning the high tech espionage that was scheduled for December 4th. Given the new evidence, the judge thought that Waymo required more time to prepare before going to trial. In addition, Waymo made a move to delay the trial because they would like to investigate this new information and determine if Uber witheld other evidence that was pertinent to the upcoming trial between Uber and Waymo.

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