How Facial Recognition May Shape the Future of Digital Marketing

Reaching consumers requires more than the ability to deliver a high-quality good or product to your user base. Tapping into the needs and desires of individuals is an extremely important factor to keep in mind any time you are promoting a new product or brand. With facial recognition technology today, there are many new routes available to take in order to truly reach and resonate with any demographic.

Gender-Based Advertisements on the Fly

One method of putting facial recognition to use is to do so based on the gender of the individual you are targeting. Facial recognition is capable of determining an individual’s gender based on overall looks, facial structure, and biologically-based features that are prevalent in either men or women. By having the ability to immediately capture and assess an individual’s gender, a more relevant advertisement that is likely to have an impact can be shown.

Eye Movements and Blinks

In 2013, one marketing campaign hosted by Verizon utilized facial recognition to capture the eye movements and blink rate of individuals in order to show their advertisement properly and in full. When a user blinks or moves their eyes in a specific direction, the advertisement is able to follow and show its message in its completed form.

The Future of User Data

While it is currently possible to implement facial recognition into today’s marketing strategies, the technology is still growing and expanding immensely each day. Soon, experts estimate that it will also become possible to extrapolate personal data and deliver targeted advertisements to individuals based on their profiles, interests, and even their current financial status.

Using facial recognition in digital marketing is not brand new, but it has come a long way in the past decade alone. Learning about various ways to truly integrate facial recognition into your own digital marketing campaigns is a way to stand out amongst competition while also successfully reaching those who have an interest in your products, services, or brand as a whole.

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