Don Ressler; Niche-Specific Enterprises In Fashion

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are two formidable entrepreneurs that have over time proven to be an inspiration to most people. These two have managed to create a lot of competition for Amazon in the fashion e-commerce sector. The question of how the two managed to scale such great heights in the corporate world and register themselves as household names can be justified as follows. Adam and Don brought back the online shopping enterprise in the business industry. This, they achieved by creating a different way in which people could be able to access high-quality wear that perfectly fits them and at affordable prices.

Before Adam and Don became a team and created JustFab, they both had separate individual experiences in the field of business and had established successful ventures. They came to meet in a company called Intermix Media where they both worked. Previously, Goldenberg was in a company called Gamer’s Alliance which he founded himself from the beginning as a teenager. Later on, he sold Gamer’s Alliance before eventually joining Intermix Media.

On meeting the two entrepreneurs cliqued and it’s from there that they sought to create healthy partnerships. They both were aware of what it takes for one to be able to create a successful business enterprise. Evidently, these two had a lot in common. A few similarities between them is the fact that they both had successfully exploited their specific ventures previous to their meeting and they were veterans in the marketing industry. While at Intermix Media, the two entrepreneurs were the brains behind the formation of Alena Media. This was an e-commerce directorate of Intermix Media. Alena Media made great strides and became a fortune maker for the two businessmen.

When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg made up their minds to resign at Intermix Media, They both were fully aware that employment wasn’t for them. Instead, the only thing awaiting was to start their own business. They founded their first company called Intelligent Beauty which put many of their cosmetic products out there on the market. It is the year 2010 that saw the two businessmen have their first breakthrough in the fashion industry with the first e-commerce brand called JustFab.

Years down the line and JustFab has immensely grown. It has attracted some investors and venture capitalists. The year 2013 saw the brand achieve unicorn status after a successful year of good sales and the company as a result registered as a billion dollar firm by venture capital.

Don and Goldenberg’s successive businesses have however taken a slightly different approach from that of JustFab by narrowing down to a specific market in the fashion industry.

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