Securus Technologies Keeping a Jail More Secure

The job of a prison corrections officer has changes over the years, more dangerous and challenging than ever before. The reason for the challenging conditions is a blending of excessive overcrowding, drugs, and gang members. It can be very difficult to do my job and try to maintain order when there is so much working against you. Our facility is at capacity now, and with the same number of officers still on duty, we have had to make some adjustments to our routines to keep everyone safe.


The trouble with excessive drugs in our jail is that inmates tend to act out without fear, and that means we need a stronger police presence to keep them from hurting one another. If the problem gets too widespread, these inmates can spread their violence to officers and guests, so it is crucial we are utilizing any resource to maintain order.


Securus Technologies has been working with local law enforcement to change the way corrections officers have to deal with violence and drug issues behind prison walls. In the past, me and my team of officers would have to be stationed inside the call center and carefully listen to every call the inmates make through the house phones. The problem is human error and we could definitely be using these officers in other places that would be more effective.


The Securus Technologies telephone monitoring system frees up my officers to get down in the trenches, while the LBS software is now scanning the calls for any conversations related to drugs and violence. If chatter has been detected, now the software sends my team the alert so we can take action while the software continues to monitor calls.


Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, employees one thousand loyal workers all fighting to make this world safer for every one of us.


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