The Story and Career Life of Dr. Mark McKenna

The broad recognition of Dr. Mark McKenna is behind his qualifications as a certified practitioner concerning in both Medicine as well as surgery. It is through the consideration of the Panel of Medical Examiners belonging to the states of Georgia as well as Florida.

In addition to his passion concerning being patients’ advocates, Mark McKenna is a dedicated individual regarding the provision of services towards the community. Despite originating from New Orleans, Tulane University’s Medical School is the center from which he earned his Bachelor’s degree.

Upon the completion of his training, Mark started his professional exercise of medicine alongside his dad. It was at this juncture that the establishment of the McKenna Ventures took place.

As time progressed,McKenna considered it a wise idea founding the University Mortgage Lending & Uptown Title. It is worth enhancing the acknowledgment of the firms’ portfolio that already has more than fifty employees. The rest of the services on offer by the business include not only finance and real estate but also turnkey design-build.

The occurrence of Hurricane Katrina took place in 2005 causing a lot of destruction to New Orleans City. The different areas affected included specific business opportunities that McKenna had already identified. It is when the storm came to an end that he considered it wise engaging himself actively in the city’s renovation. The rebuilding mainly addressed the housing that is worth low as well as moderate income.

It is after shifting to Atlanta that he considered founding ShapeMed. The shifting took place in 2007. It is remarkable that it is the reference point for his service related to medical practices regarding wellness as well as aesthetics. The purchase of the company, ShapeMed, by the Life Time Fitness Ventures happened in 2014. Beginning then up to mid of 2016, McKenna worked for the company. He occupied the post of National Medical Director. It is after a year that he gained an elevation to the OVME firm’s position of the Founder as well as its CEO.

Mark McKenna’s wife is known as Gianine McKenna. The couple has two children namely Ryder and Milana Elle. The former is usually known as Pomeranian, and her age is four. To know more about him click here.

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