Samuel Strauch On Miami’s Disaster Preparedness

Disaster preparedness is in the DNA of any long term Miami residents. Any resident who witnessed the wrath of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 cannot take disaster preparedness lightly. Andrew caused damage worth $27 billion in 1992 dollars. The category 5 hurricane made Miami stronger as it lead to the creation of more stringent development plans that ensured buildings are built to withstand hurricanes.

Samuel Strauch is one of the most prominent real estate specialists in Miami. The alumnus of Harvard, Netherland’s Erasmus University and Hofstra University in New York notes that the Miami construction industry learned a valuable industry in the years after Andrew. Strauch, who founded and runs Metrik Real Estate, notes that Miami’s building codes are the most stringent in the US. All buildings being constructed require features such as fortified roofs that help the buildings withstand wind loads. Additionally, most buildings use impact-resistant glass in the construction of structures that may be hit by wind-borne projectiles during a hurricane. Other building techniques such as reinforced concrete pillars, hurricane straps and cinder block masonry are standard features in the Miami construction industry post Andrew. Some buildings have been designed to withstand 180 mph winds. These standards ensure that any new building in Miami can withstand the immense water pressures and winds brought by hurricanes.

In 2017, Hurricane Irma had been projected to ravage most parts of Florida. Samuel Strauch and other real estate experts helped reassure residents that the state would be well prepared for the storms due to its strict building codes. Strauch also praised the state for consistently enforcing the standards across all buildings. Luckily for most residents, Irma did not follow its projected path. This resulted in most of Miami’s heavily populated regions being spared from rain and wind damage from the hurricanes. Areas in Miami that became flooded were assisted by the flooding defenses in Miami. The pumps are used when water threatens the Ocean Drive area. The defenses worked as planned as most flooded areas experienced receding waters within a few hours of the storm’s passing.

Samuel Strauch came into the Miami real estate scene in the early 2000s. He saw many opportunities for growth in the town as it was transforming from a resort town into a full-fledged city. Mr. Strauch was able to leverage his contacts in Latin America to bring new clients and investors in Miami. Currently Metrik Real Estate is focused on creating projects that can adapt to Miami’s rapidly evolving environment.

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