How Omar Yunes is Helping Sushi Itto Realize Worldwide Success

On 5th December, Sushi Itto held Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) competition in Florence, Italy. The award was worn by Omar Yunes, who became a franchisee of the Japanese food company at the age of 21. Today, Yunes has 13 franchised units distributed throughout Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla and these are 10% of the brand’s total franchises.

BFW Competition Attendees and Mode of Evaluation

The BFW competition focused on the franchisee contribution to the network other than the brand. Among the aspects considered included amount of knowledge added to the network, employee motivation, savings achieved, and improvements proposed to the business model. There were representatives from 35 countries including Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Hungary, France, and Brazil.

What the Award Means to Omar and Mexico at Large

Receiving the award, Omar Yunes said he was only a representative of the 400 employees working in his 13 units. BFW Mexico organizer, Diego Elizarrarras, accredited Omar’s winning to his contribution on franchise-franchisee relationship. Omar has achieved better management relationship by implementing control boards which ensure clear measurements of each unit.

Diego further said that the award showed a strong sector in the country which shows that Mexico is past the days where franchises were a regional affair. Sushi Itto CEO, Benjamin Cancelmo said the awards showed the brand’s joint effort to offer customers outstanding services marked with great flavor and unique hospitality.

The second place in the Mexican chapter was won by Ivan Tamer. Ivan contributed to the provision and implementation of tools that help with new marketing systems. Today, these tools are used by all pawn shops and hence Ivan’s contribution is considered unique within the network.

About Omar Yunes

Mexican investor, Omar Yunes became a representative of Sushi Itto at the age of 21. Through hard work and dedication, Omar has opened 13 units in Mexico and has over 400 employees. Also, he has received several awards as a result of his aggressive marketing strategies that have seen him take control of the food industry in Mexico. His leadership skills have also helped his brand develop a strong business network and a working business structure. He also has an effective board that sees all business strategies are achieved.

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