Susan McGalla’s Success As A Marketing And Branding Consultant

Susan P. McGalla is a former retail president and merchandising expert who brought some unique marketing ideas and fashion branding to American Eagle while the company was going through a major growth period in the late 1990s and throughout the 2000s. Now she owns an executive consulting firm known as P3 Executive Consulting that offers advice to startups and other companies looking to grow their brands or generate new ideas in their strategies. She also is on the board of officers for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan merchandise and memorabilia division and has guided them on how to make their products more appealing for the women fan demographic. McGalla loves sports herself and may bring them up while delivering speeches at seminars for young aspiring businesswomen.

Susan McGalla got her business degree at Mt. Union Collegea, a small college in Alliance, OH. She then moved to Pittsburgh where she began at the Joseph Horne Company, and then joined the corporate team at American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla started as a regional merchandising officer and then became president and Chief Merchandising Officer. She led the opening of several other branch stores at the company including a children’s and female apparel subsidiary, and she was even seen leading a small march to the new headquarters in American Eagle casual attire when the grand announcement was made.

What McGalla attributes to her success is something that most local media outlets were surprised to find out. She said her success was not based on the ability to use the woman card to get to where she was, but to simply look at the corporate world as being made up of people and not different genders. McGalla says it was because her parents put the same expectations on her that they put on her two older brothers to work hard even while she was young.

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