Equities First Holdings UK

First Equities Holdings is a Unlined Kingdom based branch of a United states based company. This branch is located in London. There are multiple branch opened around the world with a few opened in the United States. First Holdings is known as a consulting firm to many, and that is true. The company is also renowned for their high quality loans that are good for their customers. The company has a board of investor who are highly interested din the performance of the company. This is die to the fact that the company hand out money too all shareholders. That amount depends on the sate of the company after that current quarter, so the better they do they more money they get. This is good since many of the investors, and shareholders happen to be customers to. The company is always looking out for their customers and doesn’t have any mal intent.

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc

OneLogin, Inc. Solutions on Ex-Employers System Security Threats

OneLogin, Inc. is an Identity and Access Management (AIM), cloud based firm that is particularly specialized in selling to organizations and other businesses. The primary goal of OneLogin is to use AIM purposely for secure the access to devices and applications. Further, the company is highly committed to decrease user on-boarding and user off-boarding IT time. Most important, the company provides better services for fast end-user productivity using single sign-on, SSO.

OneLogin understands the struggle businesses go through in search of talented employees, adopting new technology, organizing accounts, and aligning technological innovations for success. When an employee leaves a firm, it is always difficult to find an equivalent replacement. This may frustrate various operation in the firm for a couple of months or so. It is a good practice not to give a soon-to –leave employee with vital details about the organization.

Former employee sometimes pose operational threats when they become more exposed to the company secrets before leaving the company. Report indicates that former employees have directly been involved in company hacking because of their earlier understanding of the system. A case in point is a huge data breach that was recently experienced at OFCOM. An ex-employee at OFCOM was directly linked to the breach under the watch of his new employer.

OneLogin has found out that more than 58% of former employees have some form of security access to the system of their earlier employers. This research finding is shocking despite the ongoing attacks and system hacks. OneLogin study further reveals that more that 24% of data breaches has something to do with ex-employees.

To avoid ex-employer hacks, human resource and IT departments much collaborate to exercise proper safety measures before terminating of an employer contract. OneLogin found out that an excess of 45% of businesses do not use Security and Information Manager in tracking ex-employer data breach attempts.

Regardless of the need and loyalty of ex-employees, employers should not trust their goodwill for security reasons. User management system should have automated system de-provisioning features for easy security implementation. Applications such as G Suite and office365 come preloaded with such features.

Efforts of creating a better Society-George Soros and the Soros Foundation

You know that something is seriously wrong with a society when a mentally ill man can walk into a firearms seller, buy machine guns, walk into a hotel, set up a sniper station, and kill more than 60 people in one night. What is even more sickening is the assertion that arming people would prevent such massacres from taking place in the future. When George Soros escaped the Holocaust in the early 40’s and landed in the UK as an asylum seeker, he came face to face with the reality of what people who are segregated because of their ethnicity face every single day. He had to work as a porter and a busboy, and when he finally graduated from the London School of Economics, he has a dream of a future he would advocate for the rights of those that were less fortunate in the society.

Soros managed to create a business empire which is currently worth billions of dollars. His current net worth is $25 billion and is still growing. When he moved to New York from London, he started getting involved in open society foundations. His goal was to make sure that no one would have to suffer the life that he went through if there was anything that he could do to stop it from happening. He has been working with these foundations for the past three decades, and during this time, he has managed to accomplish a lot.

There was a time when it was rumored that he was involved in the Charlottesville protests. However, the news was poorly crafted and with the aim of painting Soros in a negative light. The assertion that he could mastermind someone to run over protestors was in poor taste and against everything that Soros has always believed in and advocated. Note that Soros is the man who was so appalled by the humanitarian crisis that Bush created in Afghanistan after invading the country that he decided to support John Kerry in his bid to get Bush out. While his efforts may have failed at the time, it is easy to see that human suffering profoundly hurts Soros and that he does not advocate for it in any way.

Soros has always supported the Democrats and their governance. He has been a strong supporter of the politics played by Hillary for a couple of decades now. Soros believes that the man occupying the White House is one of the saddest mistakes in the history of the nation. He believes that it is time for all groups that support human rights to rise and make sure they keep checks and balances on the government of the day. Soros is an inspiration to many people here and beyond.


A Leader in the Costa Mesa Community – OCC Opens 5-Acre Recycling Facility

It’s understood that institutions of higher learning offer educational opportunities. However, it clearly shows an earnest commitment to go beyond the classroom and promote worldly ideas when a school takes the initiative to promote environmental awareness. Orange Coast College in Coast Mesa has done just that.



Recently, the college cut the ribbon on a 7-million dollar, 5-acre recycling site on campus. The Adams Avenue facility builds on the 4-decade commitment to provide students with a place to drop their recyclables. However, the new recycling venue takes the commitment to another level by making it available to the public as well.



Residents from all across Southern California will be able use the facility. Beyond accepting the normal paper, plastics and glass, the facility will compensate people, using the standard California redemption rate for designated items. Of special note, the service will also handle large appliances and the all-important need for electronics disposal.



OCC grew out of sense of recycling something into a useful commodity. In 1947, the school got its start when voters approved a measure to recycle a former military base into an educational facility. Today, Orange Coast College is fully accredited by the World Association of Schools and Colleges with over 135 educational programs offered to its more than 20,000 regular students.



There is a vibrant campus life with dozens of clubs and organizations to prepare students to engage socially. OCC also promotes the benefits of team sports with intramural programs and intercollegiate athletic squads, which every student as an equal opportunity to participate.



For over a half a century students have been able to count on OCC to give them the tools for a solid educational foundation. Now they can count on the school to support and stand behind important visions that also help promote the world around them. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/denova-homes-hosts-orange-coast-college-architecture-students-300544974.html



While this new facility shows support for the modern interests of their students, it’s also a display of allegiance to the local community. The new recycling facility may seem out of the ordinary for a college, but not at Orange Coast College. They’ve made being a leader in the promotion of worldly ideas their business for over a half century.



How Waiakea Water is Helping Those Less Fortunate

When Waiakea Water made the announcement that they had developed a plastic additive that would allow their water bottles to fully degrade 97 percent faster than other bottles, it certain got the attention of an industry. Although the development of the additive will benefit generations hundreds of years into the future, it is what Waiakea Water is doing today that really is helping to change the way those less fortunate are able to access a most basic resource.https://www.beveragedaily.com/Article/2017/09/27/First-fully-degradable-plastic-bottle-Waiakea

Going back to 2012 when Waiakea Water got their start, they already were focused on helping others less fortunate. The company would donate 3 percent of their revenue to local Hawaiian communities and organizations. Waiakea Water was blessed to have access to millions of purified water each day, and knew from the start it was all about giving back in order to thrive. As the company began received awards for water taste and one of the fastest growing companies in America, they knew they had to do more.

Waiakea Water then partnered with PumpAid to be able to reach a global audience that were in need. These communities needed one thing, clean water, something many take for granted each day. Waiakea Water would not only donate money to these communities, they would donate their time, something that wound up being more valuable. Teams of employees would decend on these communities and help with the installation of the water pumps. Once installed, the communities were taught how to maintain the pumps, how to repair them, and how to preserve the water so they had access to clean water whenever they needed.

Each time a bottle of volcanic Waiakea Water is sold, the company donates a full week’s supply of fresh water to a community in need. There are more of these communities than many even realize, part of the reason millions die each year from lack of fresh water. There are newborn babies dying every day from water-born illnesses, something Waiakea Water is hoping to bring awareness to and eliminate at the same time. Waiakea Water hopes the development of the fully degradable water bottle brings more awareness to the lack of water many communities are dealing with.


Avi Weisfogel: Bridging the Gap in Dentistry and Apnea

Sleep technology is one of the newly advancing fields of medicine in recent times. Sleep specialists are relatively new in medicine, but their role in health cannot be downplayed. The current crop of sleep specialists has pioneered research advancements that touch on little-known sleep disorders. Dr. Avid Weisfogel is one of these renowned doctors in Dental Sleep Medicine. He has treated various sleep disorders among his patients for over 20 years.https://americansleepandbreathingacademy.com/asba-members-directory/8774/avi-weisfogel/

Dr. Weisfogel studied for a degree in Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University. He then proceeded to New York University for his Doctor of Dental Surgery certification. Having obtained the necessary qualifications, he began his dental practice and called it Old Bridge Dental Care. His clinic has won the Best Dentist Award for two consecutive years.

However, when Dr. Weisfogel wanted to venture into dental sleep medicine, he had first to take the course separately because it is not offered as part of the curriculum in dental school. Furthermore, since it was a little-known field of specialization, in the beginning, he could barely get referrals for patients. This inspired him to start the Healthy Heart Sleep channel. He was then able to work together with other medical specialists from the dental field to try and bridge this gap.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has since been teaching other doctors how to diagnose and treat sleep disorders. This program includes daily communication with other doctors through various avenues for two weeks. The doctors also learn through monthly webinars and meet for retreats quarterly. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has treated patients with obstructive sleep Apnea using dental appliances.

Sleep Apnea is a health disorder in which a patient experiences an obstruction in their breathing while they are asleep. The breathing pauses for a few seconds or minutes while the patient is sleeping. When normal breathing resumes, the person experiences choking or makes a snorting sound. People with this disorder may not even be aware that they have it. Dr. Weisfogel has been credited for his contributions to research on dental sleep medicine and helping medical professionals understand disorders and their complications.


A Brief Look at Career Profile of Louis R. Chenevert

Louis R. Chenevert assumes the role of the President and CEO at the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He was appointed the company’s Chairman in January 2010 and President and Chief Executive Officer in April 2008. He became the Director and Chief Operating Officer of UTC in March 2006. He previously worked at Pratt & Whitney as the President between April 1999 and March 2006.

Mr. Chenevert worked at General Motors before joining Pratt & Whitney in 1993. His role was to oversee the operations of General Motors’ St Theresa. He also serves on the board of the Business Roundtable as an Executive Committee member. Here, he serves as the chairman of the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee. He also serves on the board of the US-India CEO Forum and The Business Council. Louis Chenevert also served as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Yale Cancer Center as well as the Board of Directors of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and Cargill. Louis Chenevert was inducted as the Fellow of AIAA in 2005.

Louis Chenevert went to the Universite de Montreal, Ecole des Hauste Estudes commerciales (HEC) and earned a bachelor’s degree in Production Management. He is a founding partner and Chairman of the Friends of HEC Montreal Board as well as Chairman of the Advisory Board of HEC Montreal Board. Louis Chenevert had a remarkable run since joining Pratt & Whitney in 1993. His rise to the position of the Pratt & Whitney’s President coincided with a renaissance of the company’s performance. It currently generates significant gains in market share for United Technology Corporation, its parent company.

Under his helm, UTC’S share-price has risen from a low of $37 to $117 within a week. That accounts for a 200% appreciation in shareholder value. Louis Chenevert has recently moved hundreds of its aerospace engineers to Connecticut to allow for greater flexibility when applying their skills. That has helped UTC to avoid staff layoffs as is seen at other companies. At UTC, Chenevert focuses in two broad markets, aerospace and building technologies. UTC has combined Otis with its control business to provide integrated solutions to infrastructure and commercial projects around the world.https://affiliatedork.com/how-former-ceo-louis-chenevert-helped-utc-become-a-global-force

Podcast Advertising is effective, says PodcastOne CEO Norman Pattiz

The results of a study that has been analyzing the effectiveness of Podcast advertising have been released. Podcast CEO Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster, the VP of Edison Research Strategy, declared the outcome of a progressive study that was conducted countrywide among five of the most popular brands. The research, which got done between July and December 2016 illustrated a significant effect of Podcast advertising with increased scores on brand recall, intention to buy and remembering of precise messaging.

The survey showed that at least 60% of Podcast listeners could refer to a particular grocery after an Ad about it had run, a significant margin of the 7% among the spectators included in the pre-study. There was a significant increment in the product responsiveness between the research, with financial services product raising by 47% after the intervention, 37% for car after-market goods, with grass and garden products registering an improvement of 24%.

Post-research analysis showed that more than 33% of the respondents affirmatively to the question whether they had a ‘positive, view of a car after-market merchandise, a significant raise from 18% in the pre-research score. The percentage of the test-takers who reported to be ‘almost convinced’ to use a garden lawn product increased by 8% to 22% after the Ad.

Three types of research were conducted for PodcastOne by Edison Research Strategy in 2016 to observing the effectiveness of market promotion using podcast advertising for five different brands. The study involved established brands which were launching new campaigns and also upcoming brands that were trying to enhance their popularity. After 4-6 weeks of podcast campaigns analysis were done on the respondents and compared with their responses before the promotions. The results showed a rise in the consumer’s perception of the products after the podcast campaigns. It got indicated by a higher receptivity to and willingness to purchase the advertised products.

In addition to being the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz has experience in radio syndication that spans over 40 years. He is also the brains behind America’s leading provider of news, entertainment and related content, Westwood One. He also founded Courtside Entertainment in 2010 with an objective of producing and distributing quality programming.

Pattiz has served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America, the authority that is in charge of overseeing all non-military broadcasting. He was appointed to the board by presidents Clinton and Bush in the years 2000 and 2002 respectively. Learn more: http://labusinessjournal.com/news/2015/aug/16/radio-turns-ear-demand/


Waiakea Water Company Develops an Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Water is one of the world’s leading favorite beverages. However, bottled water has had its challenges, mainly due to the non-degradable nature of its plastic packaging. Waiakea Water Company has recently launched a 100 percent recyclable bottle that might be a big game changer.

It has taken Waiakea five years and over 1,200 trials to develop the new packaging. A major challenge that they experienced during this process was to create a degradable bottle without losing its plastic features as this would affect their sales. They also had difficulties obtaining a United States patent and trademark on the degradation of plastic. Good news is that they managed all these challenges and now consumers can now enjoy their favorite drink without fear of the effects it could have on the environment.

The history of Waiakea Water Company

Waiakea is a Hawaiian company established in 2012. It produces bottled water using exceptional, sustainable and environmental processes. The company’s culture has made it a famous brand not only in Hawaii but also in the United States. The firm’s co-founder, Ryan Emmons, was inspired by the Hawaiian culture, which focuses on the welfare of the people and not accumulating wealth.

Ryan’s family had access to the Mauna Loa volcano. It gave him an upper hand as a source of water which he could use for his company was readily available. So, at the age of 22, Emmons dared an already overcrowded industry. He established a volcanic water company and named it Waiakea Water. The company has since grown by 4000 percent since its establishment in 2012.http://ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/RyanEmmons-Waiakea17.htm

How Waiakea water is collected and processed

The water Waiakea package originates from Hawaii through both rain and snowmelt on the pristine peak of the active Mauna Loa volcano. It is one of the purest environments on the planet. After collecting the water, it undergoes filtration through 14,000 ft of porous lava. The process enhances the water with minerals and electrolytes thus making it delicious and naturally alkaline.

Waiakea’s philanthropy

Besides Waiakea’s environmental consciousness, it also focuses on philanthropy. For instance, through the company’s partnership with Pump Aid, it donates 650 liters of clean water for every liter it sells to regions in need. It has given several hundred million gallons of water to needy areas. It is the company’s focus to donate as much as they can without limit.

In Illinois Aloha construction is doing more than just construction.

The recent boom in construction has seen a steady increase in the jobs being delivered by this sector.It is a positive development as it shows that there is growth taking place in the economy. Construction companies are however under increased pressure to give quality services now more than ever this is mostly due to the fact that clients are far more exposed to international designs and preferences are changing with a need to be unique, Trendy yet reliable being a key factor. This has led to the specialization by a lot of construction companies with some choosing to focus solely on particular and intricate areas and read full article.

When it comes to Illinois, there are is Aloha construction company this is the company that recently opened its arms and gave back to the community they came together with Learning Express Toys Company sponsoring kids to a toy shopping spree which saw children enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity.This is the kind of spirit that has seen the Aloha become a favorite among the locals where it is held in high regard led by its current CEO Dave Farbaky who also run the Farbaky foundation a charity organization that helps he less fortunate in society and what Aloha Construction knows.

Aloha is part of the community where they offer various specialized services.They are a family company meaning that they value-creating relationships with there clients and this is what has seen them handle over seventeen thousand projects to date and Aloha Construction’s lacrosse camp.

Aloha offers various services including roofing where they have been able to gain expertise working on numerous types like Cedar Shake, Asphalt, Clay or good old Metal this can be placed on a Flat or Steep slope as well as other futuristic designs as per the client’s needs.

Aloha also offers gutter services.They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and range from K-style, Seamless Aluminum or Omni-style this diversity in their line of products ensures that every client is cared for and http://www.pantagraph.com/places/business_professional_services/consultants/construction/aloha-construction/business_1145307057.html.

Siding is also an area of there specialization its something that they pride themselves on having fully certified technicians qualified in diverse siding materials.This has seen the level of detail in there work enviable and impressive.