SahmAdrangi: Kerrisdale Capital Management Chief Investment Officer

Recently, the Kerrisdale Capital Management has managed to raise at least $100 million from the investors with its main aim being betting it against one single stock. This report was released by someone who is familiar with the situation to Reuters. This fund appears to be one of a kind that is unheard of over the years. In many cases, hedge funds associate usually raise money on a given investment thesis. It can be recovering a struggling energy company or residential mortgage. Kerrisdale is a small company that is located in the New York City. The firm is planning to use this huge amount for a short type of stock and is also going to unveil everything about it for public consumption soon.According to Adrangi, the amount was raised in a short time. The company has experienced a rise of $10 billion and strives for everyone to have some insight about the investment. Adrangi and Shane who is an analyst in the same company decided to focus on the campaigns that are going to go down soon. Among the things that the duo is working on include video, websites, and reports to convince other investors about their thesis. In this case, the company being targeted will be revealed by mid-May. The Kerrisdale Company began buying the stocks to set a foundation for an upcoming company. Today, Kerrisdale is managing at least $500 million plus the amount that was raised. The company has been able to create a show in the betting history and taking the case to the public sometime after. Some of the activists’ positions include the Zafgen and Satellite Company Globstar. Approximately, the company has had returns of up to 28 percent in the last half a decade.

About SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi was born in Canada. He has over the years managed to grow his hedge fund Kerrisdale Capital from $1 million to $200 million. Aiming to profit through uncovering fraud, Adrangi has managed to come up with one of the most prosperous capital. He admires John Hempton who also brought a shift of events with the Australian hedge fund.He began his life in a Chinese company back in 2010. His great urge to unveil sham companies led him to found the Kerrisdale Capital firm. He has become publicly known as an activist investor due to his bold step of exposing the Chinese frauds.

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