Quora and Link Building Basics

For entrepreneurs looking to increase site visits link building is essential. Links that refer readers to company content or an organization’s landing page increases brand visibility and even leads to shared content. However link building is a dead-end if the links are never accessed by the business’ prime demographic. Marketing consultant Jayson DeMers has spent a good portion of his time “demystifying” search engine optimization and he has provided some tips for those looking to increase their link building skills. One way to build successful, authoritative links is to post content on Quora.

The Quora platform provides user-generated answers to user questions. Unlike similar sites, Quora is considered more authoritative because of its high profile users and the detailed answers they provide. Users up-vote the most relevant answers while answers that are promotional in nature or vapid are quickly deleted or shuffled to the bottom of the pile. That said, DeMers suggests users provide relevant links to highly detailed content that is non-promotional in nature.

Quora can increase a business’ visibility and improve its reputation when used as part of a consistent content strategy. Quora often generates referral traffic, which is one of its primary benefits. The higher a user’s ranking the more authoritative the user. Authoritative users garner large followings, all of which generates higher referrals and potentially increases SEO performance.

The Quora platform holds great potential for businesses that have highly detailed, professional and authoritative content which can be used to respond to Quora users’ questions. As mentioned earlier, linking to commercial pages or using promotional language in Quora answers frequently results in down voting. A business that does not already have engaging content might find Quora a waste of time and effort. Organizations must build a profile, monitor questions provide relevant answers and engage with the community.

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