Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s And Other Migrant Groups’ Advocacy

With current policies stating that residencies of people who come from predominant Muslim countries will get a ban order in the US, the government has put civil rights of migrant workers into question. Many sympathetic people have formed groups to help these migrant workers that authorities have stepped upon with policies that may conflict with the constitution. Even with a green card, these workers will find it hard to get protection as refugees in the country. This gives civil rights and migrant workers groups even a greater purpose. Here are some of those civil rights protection groups that make sure that the government has put no human right to the side.


American Civil Liberties Union

Right now ACLU is receiving a lot of support in the form of online donations from countries all over the world. In fact, according to a report by USA today, ACLU got $350,000 of donations this year, and in just a few days, the group has raised around $25 million, which was more than the total amount of support they got in 2016.

ACLU wants to offer legal help to those refugees whose rights the state may have dampened with its current policies. There are now attorneys from ACLU who offer an abundance of pro bono help to those who are in need , including those that the authorities have detained at airports. The lawyers at ACLU can now release many immigrants detained without due cause.



Alliance for Just Immigration

Another passionate group advocating protection of African American people from the illegal actions of the authorities is the Alliance for Just Immigration. It is an alliance that helps all the different black immigrant communities to not only organize themselves, but also to get educated with their rights. The group aims to educate and engage the African American and black groups living in the nation to help each other and report illegal detentions committed to them and their loved ones. Racial issues also get main priority in the advocacy of this group as it seeks to push for social and economic justice for every citizen regardless of race.



Council on American-Islamic Relations

Being one of the largest civil rights group today, Council on American-Islamic Relations is an organization that advocates a large-scale support for discriminated Muslims. The group is fighting for protecting muslims who have experienced attacks on their human rights. The national organization has put up a donation button on their web page and they encourage everyone to show their support by visiting their website.




This organization finds all the ways to protect the rights of Muslim communities and give them representation in areas where the government offiicals have diminished their civil liberties.



Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this organization rose from the journalists’ passion to provide help for those who may have experienced what they did. These two journalists are also co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, and are now dedicating a lot of their time to settle the migrant issues confronting the nation.


The group got to start this advocacy after claiming a 3 million dollar settlement from a landmark case involving the illegal detention of a county officer of the two journalists in the middle of the night. With the fund earned, Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is now able to support groups that advocate for migrant and human right, including the protection of their freedom to organize groups and participate in protests, especially in the Arizona area.



The Expertise Of Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is known for being exceptional in his work. There are several services being provided by his company. These include sectors like energy and construction and such diverse fields.



Felipe Montoro Jens has a seat on the Board of Directors of this company. He has expertise in engineering. His company is making use of cutting-edge engineering technology for harnessing the potential of all its resources.



Felipe Montoro Jens wants to expand the reach and potential of his company. In order to do this, his company partners with several organizations worldwide. He likes to handle all these contracts himself as he knows how important they are. Due to this, today his company has partners who are located in places like America, besides Africa. The other countries where they are located include The Middle East and Asia. Due to this, Felipe Montoro Jens has made his company highly successful in whatever it does. All this has paid off well making his company a leader in its field.



Next, people are well aware of his engineering skills besides his expertise in business administration. Due to his unique expertise in both these skills, he has been able to provide a direction to his company and steer it in a direction of consistent and sustainable growth. All this has led to his company being considered an undisputed leader in the field of engineering today in Brazil.



The company of Felipe Montoro Jens is among the prominent players in the field of international engineering area. This is because he looks into the engineering section as well as various other departments also and provides his expertise there.



Due to these efforts of Felipe Montoro Jens, his company is highly successful in Brazil, and internationally too. He is respected for his views on several subjects.

Doe Deere Helps Underprivilaged Cats Through New Program

Lime Crime, the cosmetics company which is owned by Doe Deere made an announcement in May 2017 regarding a new promotion that would be ran to help local organizations in Los Angeles which helps bring in cats from the streets which have been abandoned and found on the street. The organization helps to rehabilitate cats and teach them the important things they need to know in order to be successful in homes prior to being adopted.


Lime Crime is a cosmetic company which is completely vegan-free. None of their products are tested on animals. Because of her love for animals, that is why Doe decided to help support local organizations. Kitty Bundles is going to be helped through the sales of Lime Crime cosmetics. There are a number of Kitty Bundles to select from and each one of them contain fun items which customers have shown in the past to love.


The MEOW Kitty Bundle includes the Cheap Thrill and Diamond Crushers.

POUNCE Kitty Bundle includes lipsticks from the Unicorn and Pom Pom selection.

PURR Kitty Bundle will include the Metallic Matte Velvetines which offer Lana and Happi selections.

BITE Kitty Bundle features the Velvetines Fetish and Polly.


All of the colors in the bundles are bright and bold. It allows women to showcase their individuality while choosing makeup that fits their needs and wants. The bundles include everything from eyeshadow to lipsticks. If interested in the bundles, Lime Crime offers the bundles to its customers.


The local nonprofit Kitty Bungalow is like a charm school but for cats. It was founded by Headmistress Simons which discovered a number of cats which were living in the 100 year old home she owned. These cats were unneutered and spayed and continued to have kittens. Before the cats and kittens are released into homes, they are taught the proper things needed to survive in their new homes. Before cats are released into new homes, they must first pass the test to show that they are ready to be adopted. They are taught how to use the litter box as well as how to adjust to being held and loved. All cats must pass this test prior to being adopted.


Headmistress Simons has helped a large number of cats find homes that otherwise would still be living on the street without her help. Once she found that she could help, she decided to open a business to help the cats relocate into homes.


Fashion industry- Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Starting a business as a young person can be overwhelming as most people do not believe that the young generation can make in the world of the entrepreneur. However, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did not shy away from trying their luck in the business sector. The two young investors decided to establish an online subscription; Justfab Inc. Justfab Inc is an online retail subscriber which has been in operation for an extended period of time. The online fashion business has been delivering a custom-made shopping experience to their clients all over the United States of America. Some of the items the fashion firm deals with include; shoes, denim, handbags, jewelry among others.

Justfab was established by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in 2010, later Kimora Lee Simmons joined the group and served as the Creative Director and the President. Before their name to Techstyle; the clothing firm received funding support from Matrix Partners back in 2011. The firm later expanded their portfolio by acquiring one of the children’s subscription companies; Fabkids in January 2013. TechStyle has been expanding their business since it began operations in other regions in the world including; Spain and France. Ever since their inception the online fashion subscription firm has been growing its brands and recently they introduced a ready to wear collection which includes all sizes.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the Co- Chief Executive officers of TechStyle which is an online subscription firm. Adam began his business career at the very young age of 13. He has been in business for over 20 years now and he is also the Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle which was formally known as Justfab. At the age of thirteen; Adam began his online game bulletin which he called Gamer’s Alliance and later sold it at the age of 17. Mr. Goldenberg became a Chief Operating Officer at a very young age of 19 serving at Intermix.

On the other hand, the Co-founder and the Chief executive Officer of TechStyle Don Ressler is the well described as the pioneer in the online business. For an extended period; Ressler has been involved in business and has successfully operated several businesses including Fitness Heaven.com which he later sold to Intermix Media in 1997. Mr. Don was the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the Fitness Heaven before joining Intermix where they meet with his co-founder, Adam. At TechStyle, Don is responsible for overseeing the customer’s experience as well as the vision of the firm. https://www.instagram.com/adamgoldenberg/

Daniel Mark Harrison – Investing in the Future

Daniel Mark Harrison grew up all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, and the United States. Due to constantly moving around he attended more than 8 different schools in his earlier years. He began his higher educational training at St. Peter’s College, Oxford in the late 1990’s, where he studied Theology for one year before he left school to start a hedge fund. Harrison also holds an MBA from BI in Oslo, Norway.

Daniel Mark Harrison is presently the Chairman and CEO of a global investment company named after him – Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. (“DMH&Co”). The company operates in Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. He is also the Managing Partner of FinTech and the blockchain venture capital firm Monkey Capital. He is also a 2015 published author of a novel entitled “The Millennial Reincarnations.”
Given the major impact that the DMH&Co made in Asia, he further partnered with an innovative financial and tech engineer called Marcelo Garcia-Casil. As owner of DX Markets, Marcelo joined with Harrison in acquiring a Series A raise. It is with Marcelo that he co-founded a block chain-based hedge fund called Monkey Capital (‘MNY’) which is a unique ICO ‘Monkey Tokens’ and is the first of many unique value-added emergent in the token market.

Monkey Capital recently went into partnership with Digital Developers Fund (“DDF”), another successful blockchain-based trading platform for high growth digital assets like cryptocurrency and domain names. DDF and Monkey Capital will be a burgeoning merge of ICO crowd-sale campaigns. This merge helps to secure Monkey Capital’s investment in the latest rare innovations like space travel and harnessing the last vestiges of the global Industrial Revolution by purchasing defunct manufacturers. Harrison is rumored to try to raise over a billion dollars in a crowdfunding campaign which will be the first 10-digit figure ever raised.

Ricardo Tosto Plays Law, the Flute and More!

Ricardo Tosto

Listen to Ricardo Tosto on all matters legal. Ricardo Tosto knows Brazil. Ricardo Tosto knows law.


Ricardo Tosto on Flutes

Getting a sound on that flute is easy! Simply take the head joint — that section you blow hard into. If you own a one-piece flute, then just leave your fingers off of the keys or holes while laying your lower lip over mouth hole’s peculiar edge and blowing it through like a pop bottle and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.


Do you get it? “What is that”, you may say? You have never blown a pop bottle? Well, then, let’s approach it another way. Here follows a description of basic flute embouchure — the way in which you hold your lips or mouth while playing. Also, looking in a mirror as you do this will help and and more information click here.


First, the flute’s mouth hole must be pointed directly upward as your head should remain in a straight up position. Next, simply lay your bottom lip in loose succession over the mouth hole’s edge once more but not in a manner that’s pulled up or curled underneath itself or unevenly pressed down against the flute with hard force; easy and gentle are the key words here. It must cover nearly one quarter of the mouth hole.


Next, press those lips together at each corner and side, leaving a slightly oval opening by the front of your mouth. Then, center the opening above your mouth hole —even if it isn’t within the center of your mouth. Point your lips downward; then, blow a stream of air at the mouth hole’s opposite edge. Do not lift up your bottom lip when you blow! and Ricardo Tosto’s lacrosse camp.


If the blow is soundless, then check that bottom lip to ensure that you aren’t unconsciously pulling it up. Lastly, rotate the flute to make a change in angles, by which your breath will best hit the blowing edge. Try to vary both the shape and pressure of each blow. On any flute but a thick-walled one, do make sure that your bottom lip is relaxed. Remember: Pressing it down will only tire your lips and https://br.linkedin.com/in/ricardo-tosto-9556a817.


Gregory James Aziz is the CEO and president of National Steel Car which is one of the best railroad- freight car manufacturing companies that the world has seen. He was born in April 1949 in London, Ontario. He attended Riley College and the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics. His career started at an early age; Greg Aziz joined his family-owned business when he was only 22 years old. See This Page.


Affiliated Foods


In 1971, Greg joined Affiliated Foods which was his family’s wholesale food business. The company grew to become an international importer majoring in fresh foods from South and Central America as well as Europe. It enabled him to acquire the much-needed business knowledge after which he proceeded to work in New York.


Gregory J Aziz in New York


He got the chance to work on a few investment banking opportunities until the early 1990s when he managed to purchase National Steel Car from the previous owner, Dofasco, in 1994. He had taken an interest in transforming the company into the best railroad freight car company. He emphasized on its outstanding engineering capabilities. After a few years of constant teamwork and also human and capital investments, it was able to increase its manufacturing capabilities and their number of employees.


About National Steel Car


Under the leadership of James Aziz, it has managed to build an amazing reputation for itself due to its excellence in car manufacturing and engineering. It is the only railroad freight and car manufacturing company in North America and has been for the past 18 years. Over the years, they have shown admirable dedication to providing quality products to their customers. They also continue to be innovative and diverse; giving consumers what they want and as they want it.


Theirs is a team of experts who are driven and passionate. This has enabled them to constantly challenge themselves, striving to serve the people of North America with diligence and respect. In addition to this, they are committed to making the Hamilton Community a better place.

National Steel Car and the Hamilton Society


The company is involved in several charitable activities in the community of Hamilton. These include sponsoring the Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army, the United Way and even the Hamilton Opera. Moreover, they hold a Christmas party each year, allowing the residents to participate in their main food drive for the local food banks. Greg James Aziz is a man who has exhibited exceptional leadership skills as the head of National Steel Car. He continues to be an inspiration to his colleagues, employees and many residents of North America.


“Closing the Gap Between the World We Have and the World Most People Want”

U.S. based civic organization Avaaz came into being in 2007. According to their website, Avaaz has 44 million members in 144 countries. To avoid any influences that might cause it to stray from its mission statement Avaaz does not accept funding from governments foundations or corporations. Campaigns are funded solely through member donations up to a maximum of five thousand dollars.

Avaaz has no set ideology and strives to “close the gap between the world we have and the world that most people want” by uniting activists from around the world. The ideas for campaigns come from members. Once an idea for a campaign is proposed, 10,000 members are polled. A majority of those polled have to feel that the proposed campaign has merit.

In order to achieve its objectives, Avaaz employs a variety of strategies including online petitions prompting some critics to argue that Avaaz will is replacing activism with “clicktivism”.

Avaaz was instrumental in the establishment of the Paris Climate Accord. When world leaders insisted that there was no public or political interest in climate change Avaaz organized and financed marches. Around the world, more than 1.5 million people, including world leaders and cabinet ministers, marched to show their concern over climate change.

During Syria’s Civil Uprising of 2011, Avaaz provided rebel forces with 1.5 million dollars worth of internet communications equipment and $2,000,000 in medical supplies. This prompted other organizations in the area to denounce Avaaz for taking sides.

Avaaz has taken on the chemical company Monsanto and stopped them from producing genetically altered seeds. As part of their human rights campaign, Avaaz has given money and supplies to refugees in Lebanon and donated $500,000 to a Migrants’ Offshore Aid Station in the Mediterranian. Avaaz works to save the environment for animal rights and fights governmental corruption.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avaaz

Richard Mishaan Design: Creating Masterpiece in Interior Design

According to gcreport.com, Richard Mishaan Design, a world-renowned and a global leader in the interior design. The innovative company has created timeless and artistic interior designs for more than 25 years. It’s a diverse company handling residential, hospitality, and commercial clients.


The firm has designed numerous creative and discerning residential, retail, and hotel projects all over the world for well-known customers. Richard says that the success of Richard Mishaan Design could be accredited to his endeavor to create constant cooperation between pieces that have been collected whose common is thread tonality and texture. He’s aiming at creating designs evoking the client’s excitement.


According to customers who have previously worked with Richard Mishaan Design, the outcome is usually a space that’s stylistically expansive with elements that are different seamlessly working together. Mishaan is also an expansive character and has excellently combined his knowledge of interior design, fashion, and architecture as well as his cultural roots on developing a deep insight plus understanding of luxury and style.


Mishan was born in Colombia. He began his career in Phillip Johnson’s office as an intern. He studied at NYU, where he earned a BA and proceeded to Columbia School of Architecture. Apart from owning Richard Mishaan Design, Mishaan is the author of two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. Monacelli Press, a Random House division, released the two books.


Artfully Modern was published on Nov. 2014; it features lavish spreads such as the well-to-do businessman duplex penthouse in lower Manhattan, for which Mishan designed a stair hall of limestone whose walls wear a custom pattern like a basket weave. Art show and museums are Mishan’s inspirations. His key influences include Tony Duquette, Carlos de Beistegui, and Syrie Maugham. Mishaan’s favorite hotel is the Royal Mansour Marrakech. His favorite museum is Pavlovsk Palace, located in St. Petersburg.




National Steel Car And Gregory James Aziz Improve Their Overall Manufacturing Levels

The career of Gregory James Aziz has seen the National Steel Car railroad company rise from the ashes of the decades of ownership by the Dofasco company to return to the very top of the North American railroad market. In 1994, the former Wall Street investment specialist who was born in London, Ontario found himself taking control of a company with a workforce of just 600 with an annual manufacturing level of just 3,500 freight cars produced; Greg Aziz managed to wrestle control of what was once known as Imperial Steel Car from Dofasco and quickly set about developing a company the Canadian people could be proud of.


One of the most important aspects of the work of Gregory J Aziz at National Steel Car has been the commitment he has made to developing new products that exceed the standards of government agencies and the needs of his customers across North America. Over the first five years of Aziz taking control of National Steel Car, the company has been rising in importance as a railroad manufacturer with more than 3,000 employees and annual manufacturing results of over 12,000 freight cars produced each year.


Not only has the sheer volume of freight cars produced reached record levels for the freight manufacturer but National Steel Car has also seen the level of quality recorded in its new products rise over the years Greg Aziz has been in control of the company. One of the top awards for North American railroad car manufacturers is the TTX SECO quality award that has been awarded to National Steel Car each year since 1996 to make this one of the most respected freight manufacturers in the world. See More Information Here.


Greg James Aziz does not solely work to further the success of National Steel Car and has developed a number of interests across his different philanthropic endeavors that include The United Way, The Hamilton Opera, and The Salvation Army. Greg Aziz likes to make sure the employees of National Steel Car know just how important they are to the success achieved by the railroad manufacturer over the years and ensures as many past and present employees attend the annual Christmas party for the company every year taking the number of attendees into the thousands.