Greg Secker- Changing Business World

Entrepreneur, philanthropist and international speaker, Greg Secker is making an impact across the globe. Secker is the founder of the The Greg Secker Foundation and FX Capital. He has dedicated his life to helping other and has made a specific effort to use his companies to make a way for others to be financially successful. Recently Secker spoke with CEOCFO Magazine to share some insight into his philosophy and what has made him successful in business.

Greg Secker lives by the phrase “I’m not a why guy; I’m a why not guy.” He takes great pride in being openminded and willing to try anything. It’s an attitude he believes has led to much of his success. He is not afraid to say yes to something and then figure out the details along the way. This approach helped Secker when he was beginning his career. After studying agriculture for several years he began to grow an interest in computers. He was open minded about this subject and this eventually led to him speaking with someone at Thomas Cook Financial Services.

Greg Secker’s foundation is doing tremendous work. His foundation has a mission to empower young people with life skills early, so that they have an idea of what they want to do with their life before they get to old. This group is also responsible for the Youth Leadership Summit. This group brings in speaker, some famous people to speak on subjects like leadership, health and wealth.

Greg Secker has been a tremendous success story. A millionaire by the time he was in his twenties, he is responsible for growing one of England’s most successful companies. He has spoken for many major companies including both CNBC and Bloomberg. He has also worked along side some prestigious speakers including Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins. Greg Secker has made a tremendous impact on the business world. With his track record he is sure to continue making influence for many more years to come.


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