Matthew Autterson Investment Mangement , the Human Approach

Matthew Autterson is an independent financial professional, who lives and works in the Denver, Colorado area. Matthew Autterson graduated in 1975 from Brother Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Matthew Autterson received his Bachelors degree from Michigan State University in 1979. He founded the Resources Trust company in 1982 and has been their president ever since. Autterson is president of the largest investment company in the entire country. Matthew Autterson married Lori E Leaks in 1988. The couple are the parents of four children.

Matthew Autterson is on the Board of Directors of Falaci Adaptive Systems. Mr. Autterson is involved in many philanthropic endeavors. He has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Denver Zoo. Caring a lot about people, he is also the Chairman on the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice.

Investment Management is a general term for a wide variety of investment that include securities, bonds, shares, real estate, and more. People, who are saving for retirement will find investment portfolio accounts valuable. Young couples,who dream of having that special home can open a joint investment account as soon as they become engaged to be married. Most of all, everyone knows how expensive college is. College loans can put college students in debt for years. One if the best ways to handle this is buy investments for the children when they are very young and save for future college expenses. Resources Trust Company is one of the largest and best managent investment companies. In addition to Resources Trust Company, Edward Jones,and Mellon Company are very successful. They try to understand the individual needs of their customers and not treat everyone the same way.

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