Some of the Biggest Names in Online Marketing and Why Innovation Is Key


Digital marketing is becoming a wider trend than nearly any other aspect of advertising in 2017. Some of the most important on the rise digital marketing influencers include Gary Vaynerchuk, Derek Halpern, and Amy Porterfield. Vaynerchuk is a bestselling author that has made it on New York Times’ best selling lists and is known for being a serial entrepreneur whose claim to marketing fame is using his platform to spread digital words. Derek Halpern has created Social Triggers, a way that helps mental health servicers who do not have great ads out already get known by potential customers.


Something all three of these digital marketing experts, along with something anybody in business wants to have, is a strong nose for innovation. Innovation is the number one driver of experiencing advertising growth and effectiveness.


Exponential amounts of advertising is becoming dominated by mobile devices. Some companies have trouble making mobile app app designs that work well on computers and phones alike, which is something no digital marketing expert has problems with. Innovation has helped these people succeed by adapting to the ever-increasing need for good quality mobile ad developments.


Since the barrier to enter the marketing segment is relatively low, nearly anyone can offer marketing advice to companies who know nothing about digital marketing. This results in some companies being matched with marketers that are not experienced in souping up the mobile presence of companies’ advertising pushes, resulting in lost potential.


Mobile advertising is expected to be the number one consumed form of ads by the year 2020, a short three years from today. Google and Facebook dominate this market, who both often acquire smaller businesses with valuable property that can help them succeed. Fortunately, these two businesses bring loads of good will to digital markets, although they do, in fact, make digital marketing a lot harder than ever before.


Successful online marketers do more than place commonly used terms in your company’s website, reformatting PPC ads, and renovating the text sections of company websites: they bring fresh innovation to the proverbial dinner table. Those interested in becoming digital marketers should remember innovation is key to differentiation in digital marketing realms. Innovation is integral to the success of all digital marketers mentioned earlier in this piece, something you should study up on.


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