Why You Should Contact Equities First if You Need a Loan

Equities First is a financial advisory company that offers alternative lending options. Its clients include wealthy individuals and businesses. The firm was started more than a decade ago. It has a lot of experience in the financial industry. They are able to tailor the products and services that they provide according to the situation of the client.

Equities First is a trusted company. It is known for its exemplary services. They have executed close to a thousand transactions with numerous clients to date. It has expanded its operations to other regions. It has nine global offices. Prospective customers who contact the firm receive a response within a day. They have developed a simple and efficient process since they offer to lend based on securities. Their loans and terms are convenient because they were designed with the client in mind and learn more about Equities First.

The company offers a loan-to-value ratio of 75%. This means that the loan remains intact as long as the value of the stock does not go below 75% of the initial value at the beginning of the term. This protects the borrower in case the value of the stock depreciates and the loan period has not expired. The borrower retains the full amount when the loan matures even if the stock goes higher. The clients are assured that they will receive all their stock at the end of the term.

The interest rates offered by Equities First are very low as compared to those offered by traditional lenders. The rates are around 3-4%. The loans are non-purpose. This means that the borrower is free to invest the funds in whatever they wish. Equities First is bound to the collateral pledge since the loans are non-recourse. This gives the borrower limited liability if the stocks depreciate and read full article.

More visit: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08120457

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