Developing a Successful Mindset at Success Academy

A child who is exposed to a belief system at an early age has a higher chance of accepting the beliefs when he or she is grown. A child will be positively motivated in life if he or she is constantly told about being successful and how to be successful. Success in life is achieved through hard work and discipline. Success Academy plays this role very well. Training a child how to be successful at a young age will make them successful when they are young. This is because they understand their purpose in life. They have a vision and a plan to execute it. A child who is exposed to an environment that stretches their mind to learn about their purpose will have an easier time understanding and achieving their goals in life.


The successful approach of life enables one to become a fighter and a solution-oriented individual. They will not be afraid of life challenges. They will be in a position to face and solve challenges easily. This mindset is essential in facing life. It is an important aspect of life because it influences the mindset of people and how they act. This enables such children to become responsible adults with a sound character in life. This is what is happening at Success Academy. Success Academy teaches children what they do not know and also convey it in a manner that builds a successful mindset in the children. The competitive advantage of Success Academy is not on what they teach. It is how they teach it. This enables the children to develop a character that can be tested in life. They are able to pass different tests of life successfully.


This is the best thing that a child can be introduced to at an early stage. It cultivates their various abilities in life and molds them into individuals who are open-minded. This will facilitate the children to change the society positively when they grow up. The society will benefit because it will attract people who can develop different strategies that impact people positively. Parents should evaluate the quality of education that their children are introduced to because it acts as a base in their lives. Success Academy is the best school for your child.

Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and TechStyle Group

Updated for May 29th, 2017:  Don Ressler and Fabletics have a brand new partnership going on, with superstar Demi Lovato of all people.  She will represent the brand’s new summer fitness line, including their full compliment of workout gear rolling out for the summer outdoor exercise season.

The business journey of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler had a debut in 2001. The two, met through Intermix Media when Adam was purchasing Immediately after meeting, Adam and Don realized that they had a lot in common. The two had a passion for business and knew the whole market trend with their current business. Adam and Don later founded the Intelligent Beauty Company. The company because an e-commerce brand and incubator platform.

Intelligent Beauty was highly successful as it involved merging the interaction of fashion, social life at the most affordable prices. The resultant online platform was fun and highly creative. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg expanded the Intelligent Beauty platform through hiring design specialist, style experts, and developing a lucrative subscription model. The success with Intelligent Beauty saw the creation of other online platforms that has worked well for the two. JustFab and Fabletics have been a result of the initial success with the online sales company. JustFab, later renamed to TechStyle, has increasingly become a platform where online shoppers can access denim, jewelry handbags and other specifications for the preferences.

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Former Intermix COO Raises $33M For Fashion Brand JustFabulous

JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

The online platform has worked for Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler through their VIP membership platform. They later founded Fabletics with Kate Hudson. The company has been highly successful today. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg recently announced their expansion. At the moment, Fabletics has seen many shoppers enjoy convenience with their shopping experience. The company has moved forth to open real stores, the brick and mortar stores have provided a way where someone can try their clothing personally.

JustFab was renamed to TechStyle Group in 2010. The company has gone forth to open other brands and branches such as Fabletics. Fabletics advances athleisure items such as footwear and clothing through its stores. As of August, the company recorded huge profits of close to $500 million in 2015. The company has had its headquarters in El Segundo. The choice for its location was because it was a hotspot for selling athleisure items and clothing.

JustFab has on frequent occasions been called the Unicorn of fashion. The name is a showcase that the company deals with the latest trends in the online shopping scene on The company has provided an active and casual lifestyle for shoppers. Through other platforms such as Fabletics, women can access attractive tops, yoga pants, dresses, swimsuits at affordable prices. The brand bearer of Fabletics Kate Hudson understands fashion and showcases her beautiful active wear and displays it for the world to see.


Why E-Governe is the Best Solution

Have you ever wondered how government agencies keep track of all their critical information? E-Governe is the perfect network to handle the demands of the government, including the best coverage of modern technologies, modular systems, and data security. Government agencies need better security more than ever, including local government offices as well.


There are three companies that make up E-Governe, and are helping to create the platform for the company to make it more effective than ever. Minauro, Sisteplan and Consult are all participants in the company to ensure that security is of the utmost importance. Each company has its own strategy and approach to increasing security as well as development of new systems. Having been around for more than 20 years, this company has established a consistent way to serve people.


Sisteplan has been around for many years as well, but their focus is on information technology. Offering expertise in public management, Sisteplan has built a stellar portfolio. The goal for this company is to continue to produce forward thinking systems and implement innovative ideas. While the development of new and innovative technology is the primary goal, Sisteplan is focused on putting everything in one place for public management clients. It’s easier to stay on task and get your client on task as well.


Consult has been around for more than 30 years, and has laid the foundation for a technological evolution. Consult wants to be sure that they are ready for anything, and they are future-minded as they face the evolution of technology. Things are constantly changing in technology, but Consult goes with the flow. Focused on abiding by legislation, Consult will always be ready to meet your needs. This company is considered the “gold standard” for public management. This is why it’s so vital that you follow their examples. Consult is respectful and mindful of the fact that you have valuable resources they can draw from. Don’t underestimate the power of doing more and doing well.


The overall goal for the company as a whole, is to effectively integrate systems that aid in public management as well as to offer support with the help of qualified technicians on staff. Hosting, processing, storage and even monitoring the systems that are put in place, is a big job for E-Governe. Contemplating resources for public management, Saude, one part of the infrastructure at E-Governe, is to help internal organizations become integrated and functioning together through the network of agencies and Secretariats.


Working with a company like E-Governe, will make it easier to run your technology while helping your company focus on what it does best.





Why Obtaining a Loan Through Equities First- AU Is a Great Decision

Equities First- AU is offering prospective borrowers of capital an opportunity in which they may be able to finally obtain a loan that they have been wanting for some time. Today’s interest rates among the different lenders in the market are very competitive in the sense that different organizations are essentially fighting to see how they can go about offering the best loans for their prospective borrowers. Equities First- AU recognizes the competition that is currently existing among the different lenders in the market, thus, have taken the initiative of doing what they can to lower their interest rates as much as possible. Not only are they working on lowering their interest rates, they’re also working on offering their borrowers some of the best payback terms in which the borrowers may be given more time to pay back the amounts that they borrow.

Equities First- AU is not limiting their loans to only business owners, as they’re also offering high net-worth individuals opportunities of obtaining loans. It’s highly recommended for any high net-worth individual who may be wanting to get a loan through Equities First-AU to decide what exactly they will want to utilize the capital for. It may be of a great relief to them from knowing that Equities First-AU is non-judgmental in offering their loans to them. They offer non-purpose loans, thus, giving high net-worth individuals opportunities of obtaining loans for vacations, furniture, or anything else that may not necessarily be regarded as things that one would purchase from an ordinary loan. An Equities First- AU loan agent is ready to guide and assist whenever you may be ready to speak with them. The loan application process is absolutely quick and easy. The approval or rejection time upon completing the loan application is also usually very quick. Visit the website of Equities First– AU today!

About details Equities First:

Benefits Of E-Governe Technological Solutions In Brazilian Economy

For over 25 years now, e-governe group has been providing technological solutions for effective public management in the Brazilian Market. The firm has focused on creating systems that offer better cooperation among various government agencies, thus leading to transparency, productivity and efficiency. Today, e-governe has over 15 modern tech solutions serving almost all government agencies.


E-governe Health


Brazilian health sector has benefited to a large extent from e-govern tech solutions. Effective manage of state and municipal health facilities is one of the most challenging task of public management. Implementation of e-governe in these institutions has made them more economical, functional and simpler to operate. The e-governe systems can integrate all healthcare providers to enable medical professionals schedule effective appointments that eliminate queues within the facilities. Indeed, the solution has improved the quality of services offered to patients and general population.


E-govern tech solutions play vital role of controlling how drugs and medicines are distributed from pharmacies. Furthermore, it controls application of vaccines and the process of accessing specialized examination and medication. The e-govern solutions are also applied in ambulatory services, hospital bed control and overall management of financial resources. This system has potential to operate fully when integrated with e-government services. Some of the benefits realized by health sectors after using e-governe solutions include:


  • Patients moving from other municipalities are controlled
  • Effective management of agreements between municipal health facilities or state and municipal units
  • Efficient management of cash transfers
  • Improved organization within health facilities
  • Controls transfer of patients between health facilities
  • Enable players to structure effective programs beneficial to health sector


Implementation of E-governe by Instituto Curitiba de Informática (ICI)


The municipality of Teresina installed servers to facilitate effective implementation of e-governe system. According to Miguel Oliveira, the executive of Teresinense Data Processing Company, the Municipal Education Department had already signed the agreement that would lead to optimization of e-governe solutions by Instituto Curitiba de Informática. The first e-governe tool to be implemented by ICI will cover the entire human resource department. However, the City Hall plans to expand this technology to other public sectors. The Mayor of the city, Silvio Mendes believes e-governe systems will serve very critical role at Teresina.


Instituto Curitiba de Informática also signed an agreement with Osasco Municipality to implement e-governe systems at different learning institutions within the municipality. In addition to the system, ICI was also contracted to supply computer devices and installation of electric system to facilitate successful implementation of e-governe. The program was expected to cover 138 learning institutions within the city. E-governe solutions in education play several roles including: Enhancing security of information, leads to integrity, eliminates duplication, easy access of the internet, management reports are issued in real time and making shared reports easily available. Due to the economic status of Osasco City, e-governe systems will play important role of enhancing operations and service delivery. It is obvious e-governe solutions have been embraced in several Brazilian cities, and the number is expected to grow in future until the entire country is covered.




Scott M. Rocklage Remarkable Career before His Appointment at 5AM Ventures

UPDATE: MAY 26, 2017

Rocklage was recently interviewed by Ideamensch and it offered insight about his background and how the ideas of his business came to be. 5AM Ventures is his business that is based on science and life. For Dr. Rocklage, a typical day varies. Some of his days are spent researching untouched areas of life science and other days are spent working on his management portfolio. And when he’s not doing that, he is attending board meetings.

5AM Ventures is a seed as well as an early stage fund that aims at creating and developing biotechnology companies. The fund is usually sponsored by two among the top life science investment companies, Versant Ventures and Bay City Capital. They are managing more than $1 billion for the fund. It was in the year 2003 when it was announced that the fund had absorbed Scott M. Rocklage Ph.D. as a venture partner. Rocklage has been the CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. since 1994 where he administered its development as well as the approval of Cubicin by the FDA to become an antibiotic treatment. He was also involved in the development of two other pharmaceutical products that were approved by FDA while working at Nycomed Salutar, Inc. as a CEO.

Scott Rocklage is expected to combine efforts with three other investment professionals at 5AM Ventures, Andy Schwab, John Diekman and Carin Mueller. The three founded the firm in the year 2002 just as a spin-out venture in Bay City Capital. Their first year of operation wasn’t a bad start because they managed to invest in six biotechnology companies. These include Ambrx, Kalypsys, Symyx Therapeutics, Celscia Therapeutics, Miikana, and Alexza.

John Diekman said that having Rocklage as an addition to the team was a tremendous achievement to 5AM Ventures in their first year of operation. Referring to his previous achievement in directing the approval of three NDAs and development of infrastructures for drug launches, Diekman believes he is a value addition to their existing business and their futures ventures.

“He has already become an Executive Chairman of Miikana Therapeutics, and we are close to finalizing another similar role in another portfolio company,” John Diekman said.

Dr. Rocklage and his new partners have known each other for over 15 years, and he was excited to join the team of investors and entrepreneurs. He added that he is willing to contribute the experience he gained over the years to ensure that 5AM Ventures grows its portfolio of inspiring biotechnology and innovation.

Dr. Rocklage has served in different pharmaceuticals companies holding executive positions. They include Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar, Inc., MDS Proteomics Inc., Nycomed Interventional Inc., Salutar, Inc., Miikana Therapeutics and Catalytica, Inc. Rocklage has also led different teams to raise funds to cater for various pharmaceutical operations such as in the first public offering of Cubist Pharmaceutical and other successful fundraising events. Through this, he has managed to raise over $500 million.

Scott Rocklage is a member of the board of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, affiliates of the Whitehead Institute as well as BIO Emerging Company Section. He graduated from the University of California and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology holding a B.S. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Chemistry respectively. 5AM Ventures has gained a tremendous growth over the years under his control and management.


Succeed with Nine9

New aspiring Models and Actors that want to put themselves out there today can have a hard time working their way up in this day in age. With so much competition usually, only those who know their way around and have been in the modelling or acting industry for a while will succeed. Only 1% of the 99% of people have an agent, which is an advantage in finding potential work and getting hired. This does not mean the vast majority is untalented or hard working, everyone deserves a chance.We would like to introduce a new UnAgency called Nine9. This UnAgency provides new actors and models with the Nine9’s four-step proven process that can drastically improve exposure and casting opportunities for those that want to get their foot in the door.

Nine9 works with hard working and motivated individuals that are ages 3 and up. They are always looking for new people to succeed, and Nine9 is there to direct you in the right path. Registering with them is easy, you can fill out an application at this website – Once your application has been sent you have been accepted and contacted by an associate from the Casting Department, there are a few tips that can improve your experience with your first shoot.

Practice your smile, Nine9 will require that you smile in at least a few shots. Everyone can smile but make sure you put on your best. Also, something to mention is that Nine9 is not a salon, you are responsible for how your hair is done and the way you present yourself. Just be well groomed and looking as sharp as possible upon arrival. Nine9 is excited to see what you can achieve, and they will be with you every step providing the best experience possible.

A Look At Some Leading Female Figures In Business And Marketing

Julien Rath, who works for Business Insider, recently wrote an article that highlights the leading female figures in marketing. His article points out that the advertising industry is still a field that is made up mostly of men. Women account for only a third of the top positions in this field. This is according to information published by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.


Events and programs such as The 3% Conference and She Says are trying to buck this trend and raise the profiles of women in marketing and business. Still, despite significant progress being made in this field, women are still a minority in a place where they can really shine.


Business Insider online magazine publishes a list of the top creative and successful women in the advertising sector. Using reader feedback and staff research, Business Insider comes up with a list of top 30 female advertising leaders, entrepreneurs and executives. Below are some of the top female advertising figures as selected by Businss Insider.


The top ranked woman in advertising this year was Rachel Mercer. She currently serves as the senior vice president and head of digital strategy and invention at the Deutsch Agency. Mrs. Mercer’s resume includes working for big name companies such as PNC Bank and paint company, Sherwin Williams. She has successfully created and run social media and online advertising campaigns for these corporations. Mercer was also instrumental in releasing and promoting the Anheuser-Busch Superbowl ad that gained a lot of publicity.


Coming in at number two is Myra Nussbaum. She has more than a decade of experience of working in the advertising industry. Her resume includes clients such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Oreo and Radio Flyer. One of the highlights of her career was creating an exhibition where colorblind people could see the paint colors offered by paint firm, Valspar. Mrs. Nussbaum is well known for her use pop culture in ads. She is currently working with candy company, Mars Wrigley on marketing.


The third spot went to Turkish female advertising director, İlkay Gürpinar. She has worked for multinationals such as MacDonalds, Avea, Ikea and the car brand, Landrover. Mrs. Gurpinar has helped her agency become the most awarded agency of all time in Turkey by winning a record number of Cannes Lions awards.



Understanding The World of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the most intriguing aspects of the Internet because we all like to act it doesn’t exist but it sure does. Advertising in general is a constant development, and it’s so easy yo get so confused with how it works. Forbes recently gave a completely powerful and brief article that detailed every single aspect of the world of online marketing, and it can be just what you need to know and understand all the aspects of the Internet.


The main portion of your focus is creating a website and having it pop up in the search engines as a result of somebody typing in your business category. Using a powerful SEO strategy can dictate your growth because of the fact that people can find it in an instant with a simple Google search. What you need to know is that online marketing stems further than just building a site; you need to lead people to it with efficient advertising and online marketing strategies. First, you need to know how to create a powerful site with great content, not to mention build authority throughout Google by building links towards your site.


In the end, the goal is to focus on creating top of the line content that benefit people and then using the different forms of marketing to get your site seen by people. The article on Forbes touches briefly on different marketing strategies available like blogging, SEO affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, PPC, email marketing, article marketing, alongside every type of advertising that can be done to achieve more growth and development. Staying on top of your game in the world of advertising and marketing is about educating yourself and listening in on all the different ways to get the right people seeing your site.


Forbes is full of great content to help educate you, and this new article they created is a great first step to understanding and knowing what Internet marketing is even for. Businesses need to know how to advertise, but even those individuals who are famous and popular need to know how to keep their name in the public eye looking decent and proper. A good understanding of this can help you succeed.


Why Your Business May Be Failing Its Online Marketing

There are so many reasons why your online marketing just isn’t doing it for you. There’s so many different things to remember regarding your online presence, and different strategies and campaigns can get you all kinds of confused. This is not your typical business and marketing strategy. You need to know how to get yourself doing the right strategies in order to grow and move forward.


Why Your Business May Be Failing Its Online Marketing


The first thing you may be doing wrong is not knowing how to market your brand. You need to know how to expand your company as effectively as possible. You need to utilize all aspects of your online strategies with things like SEO, article marketing, Adwords, and anything you decide to do. It’s also about committing to certain strategies and focusing in on them as best as you can.


You also really need to have more courage to try new strategies. If you aren’t experimenting with new strategies, you will stay stagnant and never move forward. It’s all about knowing and understanding yourself as best as you can and knowing where your business is headed. You need to not be afraid to try new methods of marketing and get yourself moving forward.


Your business is going to need an extra push, and this is why it’s so important to hire a professional who can help your business out as well. An expert who knows every aspect of what your business is going to be in the future is perfect and just what you need. Your business has potential but it needs to move forward if you want to succeed.


You also need to have a very defined and focused goal. You must know and understand all aspects about who you are as a business. You shouldn’t get into one type of marketing just because you know your competition is doing it. What works for them may not work for you. You need to have goals with the media platforms you’re already using, not to mention goals of strategies you’d like to get into.


In the end, you should be ready to have money to spend on marketing and advertising. Without testing new campaigns, you can be missing out.