Tips for Bringing In More Business

If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely experienced inevitable times of slow sales. Whether this occurs because of the season or there’s a decline in the economy overall, it’s important that you know how to react effectively.


Don’t panic during these times, but use this as an opportunity to review your business activity and products. You may also find that you should set new objectives and goals for your company to help boost sales.


Here are some helpful tips.


Review Your Marketing Strategies


Even though you may be tempted to reduce your marketing efforts, this is the time to ramp up your advertisements. When you see that there are less customers, the best thing to do is increase your communication with them. Find inexpensive ways to appeal to consumers, such as social media, so you can connect with customers while staying in your budget.


Networking Events


Even if networking isn’t your favorite activity, you should make sure you attend networking events or have a representative from your company there. Don’t isolate yourself from others in your industry when business is slow. Networking events are often beneficial for making sales and forming potential business partnerships.


When you go to a networking event, you’ll also have the opportunity to make more contacts and get potential leads for your business. Just remember to have genuine conversations and use the event as a learning experience. If you’re simply focused on gathering phone numbers and email addresses, people can sense that and may not be willing to engage with you.


An Online Presence


Finally, remember that social media and websites are pretty much a necessity for businesses these days. Even when sales are slow for you, make sure that your social media pages are active. Communicate with followers on a regular basis and be open to questions and comments. Try to respond to consumers as soon as possible and exhibit stellar customer service so that people will remember this when they’re ready to purchase from you.




How to Take Your Social Media Game to the Next Level

As a business owner, it makes sense that you want to attract as many customers as possible to purchase your services or products. With that being said, it’s important that you know a few key tips for doing this online because almost everyone spends their time online these days. Furthermore, social media is where you should put your focus.


To help you attract the most customers with social media, use the following crucial tips.


  1. Understand that you need to have an intense posting schedule.


The first thing to understand about social marketing is that you need to do it every day. In other words, you absolutely must post regularly or you will lose followers and won’t attract new customers and clients. You should be posting at least once per day to social media platforms in order to attract the most customers possible.


  1. Use helpful management tools to post to social media.


As stated in the first tip, it’s important that you post regularly to social media, but this can be difficult when you’re also trying to run a business, which is why you should take advantage of management tools that post for you. You can batch posts and plan them to be released at certain times during the day.


If this doesn’t work for you, you still shouldn’t let your social media posting go by the wayside, and in this case, you may need to hire a social media professional to take over this part of your business.


  1. Offer useful information


Your followers don’t simply want to hear about all the great things that your business is up to. They want something valuable out of the posts that you share, and this will keep them coming back for more. In any way that you can, offer useful information, insider tips and tricks or coupons and discounts that they can apply to your services or products.


Social media is an important part of marketing whether you like it or not. If you haven’t already signed up for the major social media platforms, you should do so as possible in order reap the maximum benefits from these marketing tools.


The Fight for Online Privacy

The Republicans in Congress just managed to repeal Obama administration’s bill aimed to protect online privacy. These regulations were adopted last October by the Federal Communications Commission and require Internet service providers to protect users’ privacy more than such popular sites as Google or Facebook.


According to Reuters, this new Republican bill is intended to ease restrictions, while angering many social media users.


In response, AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon have declared that they won’t sell browsing information of their customers.


“We do not sell our broadband customers’ individual web browsing history. We did not do it before the FCC’s rules were adopted, and we have no plans to do so,” stated Gerald Lewis, chief privacy officer at Comcast.


Meanwhile, Verizon’s spokesperson has confirmed that the company doesn’t sell personal browsing information and has no plans to do so in the future.


President Trump plans to sign the bill which repeals the rules imposed on Internet service providers that require them to obtain permission from customers to sell information using precise geographic location, health and financial information, children’s information, web browsing history, and other data.


When it comes to search engines, such as Google, or social media sites, such as Facebook, these already are subject to less strict rules about gathering and selling personal data about their users. This fact has served as a Republican argument for easing restrictions on service providers to eliminate rules that give unfair advantages to the likes of Google when it comes to harvesting personal information.


As it goes, the privacy rules get loosened rather than becoming more strict. The conclusion is that the lawmakers take the side of business interests rather than personal privacy. On the other hand, the privacy rules in the European Union are more strict, yet still allow for collections of personal data personal data, but only under strict conditions.


Andrew Rolfe and the Future of Charitable Organizations

It is not very commonly known among many citizens that the charitable organizations they donate to during times of crisis are often bound by sets of restrictions put in place by their largest donors. As most people give to charities without any restrictions or strings attached it is quite easy to understand why that fact may elude so many.


Strange as it may sound, many of the charitable organizations and NGOs that so many people rely on throughout the world often have their hands tied, so to speak, by the very people who support their cause. Originally donor restrictions acted as a means of preventing the funds given to charities and non-profits from being used in a way that would be against the donor’s wishes within limits. Though over the years these restrictions have created considerable amounts of problems for non-profits and charitable organizations alike.


Andrew Rolfe, The Ubuntu Fund, and The Future of Donor/Recipient Relations


Andrew Rolfe and the organization in which he is a board member have a different vision for how a non-profit and charitable organization should be able to operate in order to ensure those who need help are not left to suffer due to restrictions set in place by someone more fortunate than themselves. The Ubuntu Fund, which helps disadvantaged youth and families in South Africa, has begun only accepting donations and funds from donors that do not apply restrictions to the usage of company assets. By no longer allowing donors to set restrictions, which may be made with good intention but are ultimately created by people who have less knowledge of what needs to be done to help than those who run non-profits, the Ubuntu Fund has been able to expand the way it helps affected youth and families in South Africa.


Andrew Rolfe and a Sign of Change to Come


As the Ubuntu Fund revisits the way in which donors and organizations work together more charitable organizations may begin to follow suit as well.


If you would like to learn more about the Ubuntu Fund and its chairman Andrew Rolfe please visit


Amazon Cash Targets Unique Customers To Come Aboard

Does anyone remember when Amazon was only known for selling books? The online retail hub definitely sells more than books. And it still sells a lot of books as well. To help facilitate the further free flow of capital, Amazon has come up with Amazon Cash. With Amazon Cash, using a bank card to make a purchase might become a thing of the past. No, that won’t happen overnight. Amazing new trends can take a while to catch on. If Amazon promotes its Amazon Cash feature effectively in its marketing, the online seller should capture the attention of many looking for an easier way to shop.


With Amazon Cash, barcode-driven deposits can be made at a participating retailer. The money ends up credited to an Amazon Cash account. The goal here is to target the customer how always pays in cash and does not have a bank card. Amazon knows there is a huge customer base out there who fit this description.


The concept of Amazon Cash could prove to be groundbreaking. Online marketing is, wisely, directed towards people who consistently buy online. Coming up with a strategy to attract a customer who never buys online is complicated. When the person lacks a means of paying for online purchases, things are even more difficult. Amazon Cash absolutely should make things less difficult. Amazon would end up reaping the rewards of increased sales thanks to coming up with such an innovative topic.


The idea that online marketing goes offline in search of customers has been done by other companies. Paypal Wallet is such an example. Amazon Cash reflects a growing confidence in the success potential of the strategy. With the right marketing approach, new customers can be grabbed from anywhere. Retail stores are perfect sources for Amazon customers. Ironically, online businesses such as Amazon are the cause behind the dwindling customers who visit retail stores.


Amazon Cash reflects a glimpse of the future. The future is one with far fewer retail stores. Current customers who rely solely on retail stores are going to find they have a new place to go. And they can get there with ease as hurdles and impediments are removed.


How to Find the Best Employees for Your Startup

If you have a startup business, you know how difficult it can be to get everything done. All of the goals that you have will take up so much of your time, and it may feel like you can’t keep up. This is generally where startup owners decide to hire new employees, but as you may assume, this process can be a challenge. Fortunately, the following tips and tricks should be able to help you find the best employees for your new business.


  1. Look for people with experience.


First, even though it may be tempting to hire brand new faces to the business scene, you don’t want to have to act as a teacher as well as a boss. Teaching your employees a little bit about how business works and how your company runs is okay, but your goal should be to look for potential employees who already have some experience under their belts. Check their resumes before inviting anyone for interviews. You’ll also want to back up their information online.


  1. Don’t be afraid of millennials.


Lots of professionals and business owners are nervous abut hiring new people, but they’re most nervous about hiring millennials. You shouldn’t be nervous about this generation. They get a bad rap for being selfish and lazy, but doesn’t every generation have a selfish and lazy crowd? Numerous millennials are hard workers and can do a great job for your company. One area where they especially excel is in dispersing your company’s message. They’re always active on social media, and that’s a good thing for you.


  1. Find employees with drive.


Finally, look for employees who have a lot of drive and are willing to put forth their all for your company. They should have a special interest in whatever it is that you do, and when you meet for them for an interview, make sure to ask them pertinent questions so that you can be sure that they’re all in.


As a startup owner, you may be nervous about bringing new people onto your projects. But if you use the tips above, you’ll be able to find the best employees for your new business.


What Do You Do If You cannot Market On Google AdWords and Facebook Ads?

When you want your business to grow, you have no other choice except to market your products. Most of the time, online marketing is the most convenient to reach to the masses. Two platforms that will give you a great footprint to the potential market are Google and Facebook. These two companies have a large user base who are spread all around the world. What do you do if these businesses cannot run you marketing campaign?



Sometimes Facebook and Google may fail to run ads that they feel don’t comply with their advertising guidelines. Most of the time the companies that may fail to comply with their instruction may include e-cigarette and vape products.



Facebook ads and Google AdWords can provide an instance traffic and conversion. However, if your product is not allowed on these online marketing platforms, it does not translate to death of your product online. What are your options when you are in such situation?



Facebook might not allow some products to advertised on their ads platform. However, it does not limit companies from having a brand fan page. With that opportunity you can build a fan page for your product, you may be required to spend more time to build a following of really engaged users. One way to achieve this is to include inviting note on you packaging slips asking your customer to follow your brand on all social media accounts. You can also run competitions so as to offer discount coupons to those who share your brand post or those who tag their friends.



When your advertising option is limited, the best option that you have is to focus your efforts on coming up with dominating organic search results e.g. focusing on doing search engine optimization in the right way and concentrating on the long-term outcome. Working on SEO and making it a priority and marketing wisely is paramount. While building on the SEO, you require much patience; you need to perceive it as a marathon and not as a sprint. During the initial stages, you are not going to see immediate results. However, if you tackle it in the right way and run a high-quality campaign, you will gradually start noticing organic traffic, and website visibility will increase.




Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Addressing Poor Reviews and Negative Feedback

Finding more proactive ways to address negative online feedback is rapidly becoming an essential part of online promotional and marketing efforts. Crafting and implementing an effective advertising strategy is absolutely essential for ensuring that businesses are able to attract and acquire the new clientele they need in order to remain competitive and profitable. Failing to respond to negative reviews could end up causing far more harm the brand or company image that businesses may be seeking to create. A prompt response to a poor review and efforts to address customer or client concerns as publicly and professionally as possible can often make a bigger difference than many businesses might realize.


Why Reviews, Testimonials and Feedback are Essential


With so many different manufacturers and service providers competing for their business, today’s consumers frequently turn to online reviews in order to determine which companies or products to choose. A single negative review may create a ripple effect by pursuing the potential customers or prospective clients that would have been more likely to post positive feedback to take their business elsewhere. Responding to any and all public complaints and criticisms in a prompt and effective manner has quickly become an indefensible marketing tool, one that businesses may be able to utilize in order to enhance the value and quality of their customer relationships.


Positive Feedback is Essential for Brand and Reputation Management


Businesses who fail to craft the right image and companies that may develop a negative reputation among their customer base may soon find themselves struggling to remain competitive. While online promotional efforts and advertising strategies can often play a vital role in allowing businesses to increase their visibility, social-media marketing and transparent customer interactions may be of critical importance when it comes to ensuring that an advertising strategy is able to produce the best results. Businesses that choose to ignore a negative review and organizations that fail to respond to customer inquiries and comments that have been posted to a public platform may be making a very serious and costly misstep.


Is Nine9 Good To Work With?

Nine9 is a unique acting agency that does something not many companies in the entertainment industry do. They focus solely on helping any actors and models get their start in the industry in the most correct way possible. Nine9 Talent Agency is very focused on building serious success for their talent by giving them the right resources, including acting class recommendations and photographers to prepare them for auditions and meetings. The people a part of the site love how well they are treated. Nine9’s success stems from having a great creator of the site who knows and understands all aspects of business.

Anthony Toma has created a multitude of businesses and companies over the years. After being in the grocery business one day, he saw an opportunity in the entertainment field and join in as a franchisee. He thought it was the perfect opportunity, but when funding investors backed out, he decided to go into another version of the business in his own company, which is now Nine9. Today, the company has helped numerous people get their head start in the acting and modeling industry. Models are being flown from one state to the next while other actors are traveling all across the nation to get to auditions and be considered for big television and movie roles.

They specialize on the idea of taking ordinary people, no matter the experience or the look. Tomas wanted to build an agency that would take in those people, nourish their success, and guide them forward to building a successful career. Tomas is a businessman who knows how to not only bring talent in and join, but he knows how to get casting directors using his actors to complete their commercial, short film, television show, or even their movie. This company is great to work with as an actor. Nine9 at LinkedIn . for more .

Snapchat Stock Surges 44 Percent On The First Day Of Launch

Snap, the parent company of SnapChat, had a great run on its first day at the New York Stock Exchange. The issue was launched at the value of $17, but opened at $24 and closed at $24.48, which is a net rise of 44 percent straight. However, the IPO price was not accessible to everyone but limited to high net worth investors and institutional buyers. Many of the investors rooting for Snap didn’t have the chance to invest in the IPO because of low accessibility. It resulted in many of the investors not able to make enough returns from their investment after the launch.


The launch of Snap’s IPO looks pretty similar to that of the launch of Twitter’s IPO launch in 2013. The Twitter’s IPO launched with much fanfare and saw a massive surge on the first day, but faced volatility in the month’s to come. Alternatively, Facebook didn’t witness such a surge on its opening day but strengthened its position over a period in the stock market. The move of Snap going public is considered an exciting turning point for the company. It is because the company didn’t want to be hyped as overvalued, which is mostly the case with online companies.


It is true that SnapChat is entering the market a bit too late, but it would prove worthy for the enterprise. It is because its attractive feature of “Stories” being copied by other modern applications like Instagram and now, even Whatsapp. Even though the revenue of the company has been significantly increasing, the income doesn’t generate considerable net profit. Hemant Taneja, one of the first few investors in SnapChat says that he believed in SnapChat and its Founder, Evan Spiegel because Evan was hell bent on making the technology generate interest, create volume regarding member base and overall, make it work, and he did. He added that the founder wanted to keep the primary elements of the app same, rather than always changing the behaviors.


The images in SnapChat disappear by default, and while many were skeptical about it in the beginning, it proved to be a feature that is quite popular till date.