Timothy Armour Analyzes Warren Buffett Investment Strategies And The Election Of Donald Trump

Timothy Armour is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Capital Group.

The Capital Group is the home of American Funds. The firm is one of the largest investment managers in operation anywhere in the world.

Recently, when on and writing for MSNBC, Armour took issues with Warren Buffett, and investment strategies evidently espoused by Buffett. Buffett wagered $1 million for charity, contending he can achieve better investment returns than certain hedge fund managers. He bet that he could accomplish this by investing in only an S&P 500 passive index fund. Buffett’s bet will reach its end bet this year. Odds are that Buffett is going to win.

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Armour has stated that he believes that Buffett was on point when he made the initial bet. Armour added that he supports Buffett’s general approach of bottom-up investing.

In his overall analysis, Armour maintains that while Buffett was right in the context of his bet, basing an entire investment strategy of the same premises would not be wise for all people preparing for retirement. Armour contends that these individuals can achieve better financial results over all if the blend their investments and do not rely only on a passive index fund or similar vehicle.

Armour went on to argue that the United states is in the midst of what he is calling the 401(k) generation. At this time, most Americans are charge of their own retirement. This differs from years’ past when a great deal of retirement rested in the hands of employers and employer-provided retirement plans.

Armour has also considered the stock market following the election of Donald Trump. He maintains that the so-called Trump Market is real. By that he means that the market is showing record increases precisely as a result of the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency.

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