Following a legislative session, fourteen American states brought on board a legislation which restricted access to the multi-user restrooms and other sex-segregated facilities on the basis of people’s biological gender at birth.

However, the Trump administration was indifferent to this move which saw the administration revoke back protections enjoyed by transgender students. The move was centered at reversing Obama’s ‘misdoings’ which previously provided for change in one’s gender by having the “gender identity” other than the birth gender, which thereof permitted the use of restrooms and shower rooms of whichever sex the people identify with having declared their new gender.

Betsy DeVos remains vocal against the move by Trump’s administration and strongly opposes it being the Secretary of Education. She views the move by the administration as a biased move which may see transgender students being discriminated in various learning institutions. As an educationist, she sees it as a government responsibility to safeguard all American student regardless of their gender or sexual orientation by providing a safe learning environment. Betsy also feels that gender orientation is not a federal government mandate, but more of a moral obligation which no institution or entity should interfere with.

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The secretary of education thinks that the state and any other affected stake holders are the best suited to come up with a solution to this issue, other than the federal government enforcing a law which may bring about human rights violation as well as harassment in learning institutions.Besty DeVos has been actively participating in the political arena for up to three and a half decades, and has been known to be in the forefront in fighting for equality as well as ensuring that students rights are upheld. She has been known to advocate for non-discriminatory policies and agendas, which cover across the board, including the marginalized LGBTQ students. She has continually made equality to all students her priority.

Having graduated from Holland Christian High School, Betsy received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College in Michigan. She is married to Dick DeVos who happens to be an entrepreneur, philanthropist and community activist and the two have four children together. She has served at various positions in different organizations including the Windquest Group, The American Federation for Children, ArtPrize, Philanthropy Round table, Foundation for Excellence in Education and has also been an active member of the community. Those who have benefited from her philanthropic acts include Loudspeaker Media Inc., which allowed former CNN anchor Campbell Brown to launch her education site, The Potter’s House, Success Academy Charter Schools and Alliance for School Choice, (in conjunction with the American Federation for Children) most of which work towards better education for all American students.

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