How to Market Your Business Online for Free

Marketing your business is the number one way to attract new customers. When you’re using the internet to your advantage, you’re expanding to the audience you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. We’re living in a time now when most people do their research on a company using the internet rather than trying the business out themselves first. These potential clients read reviews, visit social media pages and websites to learn about the company they’re interested in visiting or ordering from. Unfortunately, marketing your company online can often be costly when you consider the price of advertising and sponsored social media posts.


If you’re a new business owner with a tight budget, there are a multitude of ways to market your company for free without ever spending a penny. The best way to accomplish this is by creating social media pages specific to your business using some of the most popular sites. These sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You should also have a website that people are able to visit if they do a search for your company name or services on search engines like Google or Bing. Social media pages, in particular, are free to create and publish. If you want to sponsor your posts, you’ll need to pay a substantial fee, but this is not required if you just want a simple page.


In order to bring in new clients, post on related pages and try to get people to visit your own. Share and exchange links with affiliate or local companies to get your name out there. When someone asks a question or comments on your page, always answer in a professional and timely manner to give the appearance of superior customer service. When you take the time to treat your customers right, they will keep coming back to your business to utilize your services. You do not have to spend a small fortune just to advertise your company, but it does pay to take the time to set up the proper pages and keep them updated regularly to draw in a brand new crowd.

Andrea McWilliams – Successful Businesswoman That Truly Cares For The State Of Texas

Andrea McWilliams is an inspiration to many of the aspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs and women in Texas and across the country. She became the chief of staff at the tender age of 21 and is widely known as the founder of her highly successful McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants firm. It is government affairs consultancy that advises political parties and leaders and helps raise funds for the political parties, leaders, and causes. She is one of the influential and powerful lobbyists and political strategists in not only Texas but across the country. Andrea McWilliams along with her husband, Dean McWilliams, runs the McWilliams government affairs consultancy successfully. The firm handles political issues across the political landscape of the United States, whether it is Republican or Democratic, in an efficient manner.

Andrea McWilliams is known to be highly versatile in her dealings, whether it is a public or private sector. She is extremely sharp with her planning, and it helps in reaching the end goal for her clients quite efficiently and quickly. Andrea McWilliams has featured in numerous publications as well as TV news networks, including on Fox News, NPR, BBC, CNN, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal and the highly popular USA Today. Texas Chamber of Commerce awarded her in 2016 the prestigious “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist”.

Andrea has received many awards during her lifetime due to the stream of achievements and high-flying career she has had. The Central Texas’s Girls Scouts decorated her with “Woman of Distinction” award, and before she turned 40, she was also bestowed with “Austin under 40” award. Not only that, but she was also given the “Style Setter” award during the Austin Fashion Week, to recognize her efforts and contribution as a contributor and volunteer to many of the local charity organizations.

Her smartness can be judged by the fact that she was chief of staff at the age of 21. Andrea started her company, McWilliams consultancy with her husband, Dean McWilliams, who also is highly decorated and experienced professionals in the field. Together, Dean and Andrea McWilliams run the consultancy, which is one of the most popular as well as successful full-service governmental affair consultancy in the country. Even though she was born and raised in Texas Capitol on Congress Avenue, she currently lives in Old Enfield with her husband and kids. They have a lovely home that is not only lavish but historical too.

Apart from being known as a lobbyist and political strategist, Andrea is also known for role as an active volunteer in the community. She is associated with numerous charity organizations and is on the board of many popular and active non-profit organizations, including Texas Lyceum, Austin Children in Crisis, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Waterloo President’s Council, Arthouse, Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Mexi-Arte Museum, and HeartGift. Andrea is also actively associated with the cancer research and care community and is associated with the KillCancer and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, two of the most reputed non-profit organizations in the field of cancer prevention.

New Businesses Investing In Online Marketing

The sad reality is that eight in every ten new businesses will fail within their first year. These staggering numbers are devastating for the people behind the brands who have put their whole life savings on the line to provide their skilled services. In order for a company to be successful, it needs to be marketed and advertised properly and often. You can’t just run a marketing campaign when your business first opens and think that’s enough to keep it going for years. Regular marketing, both online and offline, is essential to the vitality and prosperity of your company.


Many new business owners are realizing the potential in online marketing when compared to local advertising. Sure, you can and should still hand out brochures, flyers and advertise in your local newspaper, but you need to market to an online audience, too. Most people will search for new businesses online before utilizing them because this allows consumers to find out more about the company without having to deal with a bad experience themselves. People may write reviews on your services and you need to be able to have access to these comments and respond to them in a professional manner.


Online marketing can also be entirely free if you know where to do it. Create your own social media page and do your own affiliate-sponsored advertising to get your brand’s name out there without having to spend a penny. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow businesses to pay to advertise companies on the front page, but you don’t have to spend this type of money unless you think you’d benefit further from it. When you put the time and money into advertising and online marketing, you’ll be bringing in a new crowd who will be sure to keep your company alive.


Brazil’s First Court of Appeals

Portuguese colonization of Brazil began in the year 1500, with exploration and settlement beginning in the 1530’s. The first semblance of a territorial government for the colonies in Brazil was the Governorship-General, which was supported financially by the Portuguese crown. In addition, there was also an Ombudsman-General who headed up the judiciary system, which mostly served to hear disputes and dispense justice among the landed classes.

In time, the Portuguese crown was concerned with the sweeping powers of the position of Ombudsman-General and decided to institute an appellate court along the lines of those that had been founded in Portugal. The “Tribunal of Relation of Bahia” was founded in 1587 by Phillip II, who as Hapsburg emperor sat on the thrones of both Spain and Portugal. In fact, this court was the first court to operate in the New World and was one of only a few in the entire Portuguese empire, a testament to the growing economic importance of Brazil in the late 16th century.

Ricardo Tosto is an attorney and historian based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a co-founder of one of Sao Paulo’s most highly-rated firms, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, Tosto is well known for his work in a wide range of specialty areas. A founding member of the Brazilian Electoral Law Institute, Ricardo Tosto is passionate about research and legal education.

Besides his scholarly research and participation in professional organization, Ricardo Tosto is widely quoted as an expert in print and on television. Ricardo Tosto is a graduate of Mackenzie Law School.

The Internet Continues To Have Growing Affect On Business

The internet has made it possible for people to connect with one another around the world. Information is shared at an extremely high rate. Individuals are able to access cultures that they could not 20 years ago without physically visiting a certain part of the world. This has led to a type of globalization that affects every business. Markets are wide open. Business owners must be prepared to entertain customers with unique needs and preferences. Experts in online marketing believe that the power of the internet is underrated. Business leaders are barely discovering how online commerce will continue to affect daily operations. Social media is at the forefront of communication. Many businesses are still behind on these platforms. Social media helps build a following that is catered to the interest of a person’s profile. Retailers are discovering that this is an effective method to reaching customers. It does not benefit a company to have a large number of shoppers in their store who are not buying the product. Many online marketing campaigns simulate this. There are professional internet marketers who promise big numbers and are able to create an audience for any website. However, a huge following online does not guarantee sales. It is important for marketers to identify the target and focus their efforts on generating high usage rates with their online profiles. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the leaders of social media marketing. There is new technology developing all of the time. Businesses need to focus on the different ways the public learns to communicate. The changes are often subtle and go unnoticed by top executives. Those who are able to spot new trends in their early stages will be able to get out in front of their competition. Smartphones are the most popular tool for online interaction. Building an online presence means that the website and products must work well on the current devices that are being used by the population. A user-friendly program can mean the difference between great sales and a struggling project. Most website building software provide development images for desktop designs and smartphones

Why You Need An Experienced Lawyer

Are you thinking about starting a business in Brazil? Looking for a powerful lawyer who can advise and provide the guidance you in need?

If you operate an existing organization or plan to launch a new one, your success may depend on getting the right legal advice. Law firms and lawyers are available to help with everything from drafting contracts to mergers and acquisitions.

Starting a new business, or dealing with another party, involves some legal steps that need to be adhered to. When two individuals agree to start a business, or when two businesses have a transaction going on, there is always a contract to be signed by both parties.

Each partner should also go over the written arrangements to make sure they have knowledge of what is involved in the new partnership, what this implies for them and their investments, and what this implies for their futures.

Business contracts are often written by legal counsel. Moreover, each party should be represented by his or her own legal counsel to make certain their interests and rights are protected prior to signing.

One of the exceptional things about Ricardo Tosto is that he is focused on every problem he addresses. He makes the effort to speak with you and know you, know your dilemma, and he has the capacity to help you. This reinforces our his mission, which is to give each client our undivided and full attention.

As an experienced business organization litigation lawyer, Ricardo Tosto can help resolve your establishment and commercial litigation needs.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has become one of the most respected enterprise litigation and corporate attorneys in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has also developed a reputation for successfully resolving legal issues ranging from new business enterprise formation to complex corporate litigation.

Company Adding Feature To Compare Workplace Metrics With Competitors

When it comes time to take inventory of your company’s employment practices, sometimes you need to get a feel for how your employees feel about your company. This new tool from a company called Comparably now allows businesses to do that. Comparably is a company that uses analytics to get a feel for a business’s practices, and has an interface similar to that found on where people can review and rate companies they’ve worked for. Users can also see if the salary they’re currently making is better than or worse than workers at other companies.


Employers on the other hand can take a look at their numbers and see how they’re doing with employee morale, but they can also take a look at their diversity factors through gender, race, age, average tenure of employees and so much more. In fact, many current fortune 500 and growing tech companies are using Comparably because of its unique employer interface, and some of those companies include Uber, Twitter, Airbnb, and PayPal. The analytics on this software can really analyze each company department, or even executives and managers to see how their reputation is doing and to highlight problem areas that can be improved.


With the rise of Glassdoor and Comparably, companies are going to be scrutinized even further by their workplace environment. With new generations entering the workforce, perception is everything and factors such as age groups and gender also carry a lot of weight for millennials. Comparably also helps companies make anonymous hires by helping them find candidates whose job qualifications match what they’re looking for without having to wade through all the other fluff. Also, new workers care about geography when looking for a job, and Comparably has questions about what to expect at any given job or office culture within US cities. It used to be said that beggars can’t be choosy when looking for work, but with these new analytical tools new candidates will get more information on those few choices.


Equities First Holdings Provides a Great Capital Source to Small Businesses

There is more about small business lending rather than exchanging of cash and that is empowering of small businesses. Private ventures have enormous capacity of growing the economy. Hence, small business owners ought to know about the lending options for their businesses. Equities First Holdings will help your venture to get quick funding and get you out of the toilsome traditional lending services that cannot help you during the time of neekd. Equities First Holdings applies technology to booster small businesses using on demand payment apparatus that are both affordable and flexible. The services are of great transparency with no hidden fees, hence giving you a peace of mind to get an alternative source of financing your business with stock-based loans. The loans use your stock value as security with fixed and small interest rates that does not exceed 4% with also higher loan value ratios. For EFH resume Click Here .

Some of the banks will only provide loans on expansive sums; but if you are looking forward to borrow less that their set minimum requirement, there is need to get alternative financial institutions. Alternative lenders will provide you with more friendly loans in terms of interest and period of payment. As a spearheading firm in the world, that is where the Equities First financial help comes in hand. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis with another satellite firm in New York. It has also opened several offices around the world with the aim of spreading its alternative lending services to small businesses and potential individuals who use their stock value as collateral.

If planning to seek for traditional loans, you should be prepared of providing the institutions with detailed documents showing your history financial performance, how you intend to use the loan and the way to repay the loan. Many banks will ask for recent bank statements, personal income tax returns, personal financial information and credit history among others. Using stock as security, Equities First Holdings can offer an urgent and faster loan capital for your startup business.

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Snapchat Changes Its Name And Puts New Glasses On The Market

Snapchat is no longer called snapchat, although it’s new name, Snap Inc. is so similar that it will probably be continued to be referred to in its original name by the general public. According to Business Insider, the reason the company changed its name is because it branched out of simply a social media app to include a wider spectrum of online services. In addition, Snap Inc. is now selling something quite unique, a new pair of smart glasses to enhance the experience.


The glasses are only coming out in a limited distribution, so it may take a little time before they come to a store near you. But smart glasses are starting to become something more prevalent in today’s world, and perhaps with a little more promise than Apple’s smart watch. What users can do with these new Snap glasses is take photos, or shoot short 15-second videos when something catches their eye, and then send those videos to their phones to post on social media. Basically, Snap’s glasses are in an experimental phase to see whether or not they become a fashion-tech trend, or perhaps even a useful tool for everyday users. They will sell for about $129 and come in three colors.


What are the interesting dynamics that this new snap phenomena could bring? Well, the videos that users record with these glasses have a much broader view in a circular capture area, now accounting for more peripheral vision and a more 3D view, instead of simply a small area that traditional cameras have captured. But it’s interesting to think that a development that was once seen as purely science fiction, or perhaps linked to a James Bond gadget, may be on the verge of becoming mundane. It’s often said that now everyone has to be careful what they do because they don’t know who might be watching, well it just might be that the next average Joe you see walking by with a pair of sunglasses may not only be watching, but even recording through those lenses.


Patty Rocklage’s work within the community

Patty Rocklage is a psychotherapist who specializes in family and marriage counseling. She has over twenty years experience in her field of study. She graduated from South Carolina in 1981 and makes her home in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

The therapist is famous for helping couples and families sort out their differences. She is known for her warm communication skills and her caring demeanor. Her patients and her peers consider her trustworthy and professional.

As a psychotherapist she is able to help her patients with things such as,

  • Mental disorders
  • Family misunderstandings
  • Blended family issues
  • Psychological issues like depression and anxiety
  • Bipolar and Schizophrenia

She is available for short term or long term care, depending on the case. Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychologist with Massachusetts and a life coach with successful outcomes during her professional years.

Patty and her husband, Scott Rocklage, have been noticed by their community for the outreach work they do. The donations they have given for different projects within the community are for things such as, the revamping of the MIT labs.

Patty Rocklage believes in giving back to the communities in which she lives and works professionally. As a life coach she is involved in helping others improve their lives. She has gained respect among those that have come in contact with her.

Sometimes couples need someone other than a family member or friend to talk to about their troubles and Patty Rocklage understands that. She considers her patients needs with the upmost respect and strongly believes in patient confidentiality.