Uber Legal Battle Heats Up

Uber is an on demand transportation network of private drivers that act as a taxi service. The private driver will pick the passenger up at their location and deliver them to their destination. The  Uber application that people download to their smart-phone or tablet makes this process extremely easy for people to get a ride. The service also provides a way for thousands of drivers to earn money, driving for Uber. However, a legal fight is heating up in New York over Uber being declared a legal employer of the on demand workers.


Uber Drivers

In the beginning, Uber claimed that their on demand workforce were simply independent contractors or private drivers that earned compensation for picking up passengers and delivering them to their destination. They did not work for Uber. However, a situation that is developing in New York might change the way that Uber views their drivers. A case is currently being heard by the New York State Workers Compensation Board about this matter. If the Board finds in the favor of the person filing the claim, Uber will have to dish out a ton of money to compensate claims that have been filed over the years.


Worker’s Compensation

The fact that Jorge Washington, a courier for Uber’s Rush and Eats delivery services filed a claim for workers’compensation is definitely going to change the way that a lot of on demand services operate. Consequently, Uber is definitely up in arms about the entire matter. They are struggling to make sure that the claimant does not get a second hearing about the compensation matter, because it might be approved by th New York State Workers Compensation Board. Uber has taken several steps to make sure that the second hearing is delayed or suspended. They’ve actually offered to settle with Washington. Washington would have to drop his compensation claim and end his contract with Uber to settle. However, it is reported that Washington rejected Uber’s offer.

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