Patience, Value and Online Marketing Trends

New businesses struggle to gain traction online, which is why a solid online marketing strategy is essential. However, following marketing trends without any consistency places small businesses in a worse position than before they started. When it comes to low-cost online marketing trends like blogging, content marketing, email marketing and video tutorials, leaving consumers wanting more is not a good way to build a loyal following. Without patience and nurturing, or failing to provide relevant value, your online marketing presence will be dragged to the depths.


R.L. Adams, owner of Wanderlust Worker and Forbes contributor compiled an overview of seven low-cost online marketing trends for 2017. The trends he outlines are typical: blogging, content marketing, email marketing, video tutorials, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing and referral marketing. The factors that ring true across all of these channels is the need to provide the consumer with valuable content and to do so consistently. Then, after time, you will see results.


Adams fails to take several consumer trends into account. The first is consumer rejection of intrusive marketing. Recent data has shown that consumers do not appreciate ads on their social apps. They also do not like the feeling that their privacy has been invaded. Rather than focusing your energy, time and budget on social media marketing, it makes more sense to provide consumers with value. This leaves blogging, content marketing and video tutorials as an inexpensive way to build an online presence. The key, again, is making your content valuable and worth your potential customers’ time.


Strive to fill a gap in the online universe, or to find a weak spot and deliver stronger content to your potential customers than your competitors. In the end, time spent conducting marketing research could be worth more than time spent on social media.


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