Growing Your Business Quickly

Warren Buffett is a financial genius who built a billionaire dollar empire off of a simple business principle, avoiding what others love, and loving what others avoid. In online marketing for your business, it pays well to know what those around you are eagerly pursuing. Do not copy them. You will face a lot of competition if you do.


What are the people around you eagerly pursuing in their business? Easy, quick, lots of money, English, USA, Europe, Facebook, leisure, pleasure, debt, and spending. You should avoid these things like poison. They will slowly sap your profit and give you a lot of competition. Why? Everyone else is doing the same thing. What are your peers eagerly avoiding? Hard, slow, little money, foreign languages, Africa, Asia, Baidu, work, suffering, saving, and giving. These are all things that you should be doing more of to grow your business. Why? Your peers are not doing them.


Warren Buffett has some other good tips such as minimize the wrongs you do, do not lose money, and hang out with people better than you. These three are great. If you minimize the wrongs you do, you will have nothing to regret later. If you do not lose money, you will have money to invest later. If you hang out with people better than you, you will become better.


In designing your online market, ask the following questions:


  1. What am I unusually good at?


  1. Who desperately wants what I am good at?


  1. What are my competitors afraid to do to meet that particular market?


If I answer all three of these questions, and eagerly pursue what my competitors are afraid to do, I will have a pick of quality jobs that are in a field I enjoy fairly well. The key is being flexible and tough when others are scared.


A good example of how this plays out in real life is the recent election of Donald Trump. Donald Trump was going to lose. Everyone said he should. But he somehow won. How? He won because he asked these three questions and did them. He was good at business and selling. He knew that there was a large population of disenfranchised white males who were angry at the current government. He knew that his Republican competitors were afraid to brutally criticize fellow politicians. He eagerly pursued that behavior and won. You can apply the same business principle, and win the market as well.




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