White Shark Media Proves The Value Of Customer Complaints To A Business

Founded in 2011, White Shark Media has emerged as one of the most competitive AdWords management and digital marketing companies across the U.S. They have made strides in this industry and their effort saw them get a contract to work as Bing Authorized resellers. White Shark Media is also a certified Google Premier SMB Partner and their network has been growing with each day.  Read more: White Shark Media – Google+

According to TopSEOs, like many companies, White Shark Media also receives feedback that is not in line with their expectations. Customers will always complain when they find something that does not impress them. White Shark Media advises that customer complaints are a benefit because this is an opportunity presented for free to help a company grow and become better. Below are examples that show how White Shark Media turned customer complaints into ideas.

Issues with flow of communication
At its launch in 2011, White Shark Media did not have sufficient tools of communication to allow customers interact with support easily. Reaching the exact person one wanted was not easy then because the channels used were not defined, so customers posted complaints citing this as a drawback to their success.

In response, White Shark offered more than what customers demanded. The company partnered with GoTomeeting to offer scheduled monthly calls that would allow easy online communication that ensures the client sees the progress of his/her campaign as the company proceeds with their work. Additionally, White Shark Media implemented a system that allows clients to contact their person of interest directly without necessarily going through a supervisor.

Lack of SEO services

Many who were managing SEM projects with White Shark Media also wanted their SEO services to be handled on the platform. However, this was not possible since the duties the AdWords campaigns required were too heavy for additional tasks to be implemented.

What the company did was to hire professionals with SEO skills, who would act as consultants to advice clients on the right SEO companies to join. This support has ensured clients do not lose their money to unreliable SEO firms.

Performance tracking tools

The performance of an AdWords campaign is an issue many consider vital, but at the time of establishment there were no tools to allow White Shark customers track the performance of their campaigns. Complaints about this issue encouraged the company to introduce Google Analytics and call tracking, all which are available to customers free of charge.

Eat Right And Lose Weight With NutriMost

NutriMost has helped thousands of customers around the world loss weight. Unfortunately, a recent news article in Daily News has reported that their rival is using their promotional video in an attempt to mislead the public. Healthy Living is using the NutriMost promotional video with their personal slogan. They are advertising a Can’t Lose Diet with the NutriMost videos. However, the federal courts have issued a recent cease-and-desist order against Healthy Living. NutriMost says they are jeopardizing their good name with their customers and affecting their stock options. Lose weight with a wonderful meal plan that lets you eat when you want and still lose the weight.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

NutriMost has all natural meat that is farm raised. You have the option of chicken, beef, and turkey. Their vegetables are all natural with no harsh additives. You don’t have to ecercise because their prepackaged meal plans are designed for your body type and chemical makeup. NutriMost will help you put together a meal plan that works best for you. In fact, NutriMost is highly recommended by a doctor and was designed by two very high profile physicans. Get back to a healthier trimmer you in up to 40 days.


Most people want to lose weight, but they don’t want to starve themselves. NutriMost promises that you never have to go without eating. Their goal is to help you meet your weight lose goals in a safe way. They have helped thousands of people just like you lose weight. You can order their meal plans online and have your doctor work with you on putting together a meal plan that is uniquely designed for you. You even get great snacks in between meals. If you want to lose weight in a safe way and get the most out of your money visit the NutriMost website today for more details.

A Modicum of Clairvoyance

Unlike almost every tool for business advertising, marketing and overall development, the internet is ever-changing. If we knew 5 years ago what we do today, most of us might have done a few things differently. Online marketing is, in its current form, good, yet there is much, much more to come (http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2016/04/19/7-predictions-for-the-future-of-online-marketing/2/#40a159bc266d).

The first sign that internet marketing is getting much more powerful is that we are being delivered ads that are of greater interest to us. Whenever we are on a site we visit regularly, instead of ads for things you have no interest in, the way we are being tracked is allowing marketers to give us what we want.

Traditional advertising is dying a slow death. The internet is perfectly ubiquitous, going everywhere with us, all the time. There is no avoiding the fact that picking up a newspaper, or reading a magazine and perusing ads, is all but dead. Even billboards, traditional ones anyway, are going by the wayside, and they are being replaced by digital versions that are brightly-lit and ever-changing.

Privacy concerns loom large, so eventually there will be companies that manage our relationship with the internet, in a very personal way, protecting us from deleterious forces, and connecting us with what we want to see, shop for, be aware of and informed on. We all want information, and want to be connected, but in a sort of disconnected, and perhaps anonymous way. Companies will be coming to our rescue, helping us regulate our exposure, and providing us a safer, and more targeted online experience.

The future is upon us. Google has tested glasses, a type of scannable tattoo has also been tested, and cars can basically drive themselves. The internet marketing that will evolve from the use of high-tech glasses and contact lenses will be groundbreaking. Essentially companies can learn exactly what we look at, how we perceive it, and what attracts us to look at those things. There is a lot of power in the findings from higher-tech gadgets that will expose more about how we process information.

Finally, we are moving away from personal interactions. It is abundantly clear in almost every facet of our lives nowadays that this antiquated form of communicating with one another is fading away. That said, our human interactions will be much more substantive and will become hybridized, supporting our overall digitized life.

An Unconventional Characterization of Thor Halvorssen

In The Weekly Standard article titled “Troublemaker for Tyrants,” Matt Labash attempts to characterize the inscrutable founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen. As Labash and many others have found, Halvorssen does not lend himself so easily to characterization. Some superficial notes: he pops dozens of supplements, injects himself with hypodermic needles filled with growth hormones, and refuses to accept death as an option, opting instead for cryogenic sleep. These are neither here nor there, however.

His political alignments seem ambiguous, having notably donated the “largest contribution allowable” to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, while also having financial ties to conservative foundations. He rejects the conservative label, calling himself a “classic liberal.”

Labash attempts to subvert these simple characterizations and opts instead to reveal Halvorssen’s deeper moral alignments. He relates much of Halvorssen’s background and upbringing: Thor grew up in a very wealthy house in Caracas, Venezuela. in what he called “the lap of luxury.” Thor says that his upbringing, though privileged, did teach him that he “shouldn’t be afraid of anything,” and “certainly shouldn’t be afraid of people.”

This spirit was reinforced in a revelatory instance of public protest, wherein college-age Thor and his uncle helped free his father from a Venezuelan prison, where he was being held as political prisoner. Thor says that this event “crystallized the idea of what it looks like when you actually stare into the abyss in a country with no rule of law.”

Thor’s fearless spirit growing up combined with this understanding of the greater scope of societal corruption seems to be what drives his seemingly incoherent political compass, as well as some of his more unconventional activist practices.

Labash relates one story of Halvorssen’s conflict with North Korea, where Halvorssen attempted to set free the minds of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by sending balloons filled with “antiregime leaflets, cash, and entertainments.” This attempt was thwarted by unforeseen wind-changes, but Halvorssen remained unperturbed.

Halvorssen may be confusing, but he is most definitely passionate, which, in some cases, can make all the difference in the world.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:


Skiing In Lake Tahoe May Look A Lot Different If Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth’s Redevelopment Project Is Approved

The 1960s is considered the glory days of skiing in Northern California, according to the baby boomers that watched the Winter Olympics back then. Whenever the Olympics and skiing are mentioned, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is always part of that conversation. Read more: Season 4 Episode 11 – Squaw Valley – Undercover Boss Photos

Back in those days, Squaw Valley was arguably the top ski destination in the United States. But a lot changed over the last five decades. New ski resorts have opened all over the country. And the drought has changed the amount of snow Squaw Valley has been able to pack on the slopes for the last four years.

But the Squaw Valley’s Cushing family knew that they needed help, and that’s why CEO Nancy Cushing decided to hire Andy Wirth, in 2012. That was also the year the family coughed up $70 million to renovated their dated ski resort.

Andy Wirth came to Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe at just the right time. Andy Wirth was a solid marketing executive and businessman. He cut his teeth at the Steamboat Springs Ski Resort, but he knew he had reached the highest level in that organization. Wirth believed Squaw Valley fit his personality, and Lake Tahoe was the kind of community that reminded him of his childhood in Germany.

According to SteamBoatToday, Andy Wirth fit into the community almost immediately. He joined every organization that promoted skiing and a clean environment. He started to network and was elected to the board of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. The board recently name him chairman of that organization.

But Andy Wirth is not defined just by his career in the ski industry or his contributions to the lake Tahoe community. Wirth is also a top-notch athlete. He competes in Ironman competitions on a regular basis, and he is an avid runner. But his main mission these days is the redevelopment of the Lake Tahoe community, so it’s less congested.

The redevelopment of Squaw Valley is part of that project. Wirth wants to make Squaw Valley an all-season destination, and he’s not stopping until that gets done. The project was approved by the planning commission recently, and now it awaits the final approval from the community.

How To Develop Effective Dashboard To Track Online Marketing Activities

Dashboard development and data visualization are important for analytics industry because useful dashboards help organizations democratize access to data that contribute to foster a culture which data is used to make more and more decisions to realizable business outcomes. However, if you visit many enterprises across a variety of industries, you will find dashboards are not designed to achieve these goals. To put in another way, the time, expertise and resources invested in dashboards often results in disappointment and frustration.

There is a commonality in how these dashboards fail to realize the company goals. The common issues with dash-boarding projects include developing a dashboard without a clear role or worse; it does not uniquely address the exact need of the organization. The second problem is aligned to the debate about tools. For instance, the developer of the dashboards might lean towards which tool has many features without consideration of the data sources which is the most important for the ultimate dashboard. The last problem is the tendency of the developers to consider the alternatives to dashboards. It is common to find that some developers ignore the reliable and easy-to-use dashboards.

There is something developers can do to ensure dashboards are useful to the company and are critical to the decision making. First, it is important to define the role of the dashboards. To achieve this step, start with aligning the needs of the stakeholders to the role of the dashboards. This helps you to manage the expectations of the interested parties in the long term and define the scope of your efforts. Dashboards must be made to provide a deeper level of detail and interactivity.

The second tip is to ensure you don’t start comparing features and tools. After selecting the goals of the dashboards, do not jump to vendor selection. Before you go to selecting one among the various visualization tools on the market, consider the number of data sources, the quality, and reliability of how you want the view the data. The last thing to do is to consider the alternatives. Remember that if the users are comfortable in accessing the data they need, with tools already in place, then a dashboard may not be necessary.

Andrew Wirth, Improving The Tahoe Community One Step At A Time

President and Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and Alpine Meadows Andrew Wirth has recently been named the new Chairman of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. He attended Colorado State University where he earned his Bachelors degree, and has since gained several years of experience in the hotel industry.

He began his professional career when he landed an internship opportunity with the Steamboat Resort Corporation in 1986. In 2007, Wirth was promoted to Chief Marketing Executive Officer of Intrawest, the parent company of Steamboat. Read more: Special Warfare Warrior | Andy Wirth’s Fundraiser and Julia Mancuso opinion: My friend Andy Wirth is a good guy

In 2009, Wirth founded the MVP or Mountain Village Partnership. The group was established in efforts to provide more support to local businesses with assistance from Steamboat Corporation. In 2010 Wirth assisted Steamboat with their American WInter Olympics send-off celebration and after nearly thirty years, he left Steamboat to begin his current journey as CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

With his guidance, the ski resorts underwent an upgrade that totaled more than $60 million. After being placed in the bottom 20 percent for customer service satisfaction at ski resorts for more than one year, the two destination locations saw a significant increase in the satisfaction of their customers and visitors.

Aside from his business expertise, Andrew Wirth is a compassionate and dedicated philanthropist. He is a member of the “founders Circle”, and a major contributor to environmental and community service organizations in the Tahoe community.

According to SteamBoatToday, Andy Wirth was the 2012 recipient of the Chairman Outstanding Service Award, presented by the Reno Airport Authority Board. In 2014 he received his Community Five Award from Disabled Sports USA for his nomination as Citizen of the Year. His contributions to both the world of business and philanthropy have helped so improve the quality of life for all members of the Tahoe community, and create an even better experience for their visitors.

Make it Makari for the Ultimate in Perfect Skin Lightening Balance

Women of ethnic complexions often feel left out of the beauty industry, because there aren’t enough choices for skin care that tackle pigmentation issues. Most of us rely on over-the-counter and even prescription items that contain suspect bleaching agents like hydroquinone. Studies show these kinds of chemicals can be harmful and unsafe for the body.

That is why Makari De Suisse has quickly become the world’s leader in skin whitening and brightening products. Their rich formulas are based on purity and ingredients found in nature that help deliver the ideal, lighter skin tone.

Makari has a wonderful variety of skin care products carefully designed to fade away dark patches, acne, ashy blotches, sun spots and any other discoloration imaginable. Plus, the brand does it safely and effectively with unique formulas in caviar extracts, fruit and plant bases. Makari has been a quality brand manufactured in Switzerland, which is known for its tough and rigid standards when it comes to giving the green light to beauty products.

One of Makari’s best ingredients is their patented Organiclarine, a safe, non-medicated substance found in nature that bleaches and balances the skin tone. It is gentle yet powerful and goes to work fast, with many users seeing results appear in two weeks.

Makari’s Exclusive Toning Milk and Toning Bar Soaps are excellent examples of shin whitening and brightening at its finest. The Organiclarine-enriched formulas are amazing at evening up the skin tone, as well as exfoliating dead skin cells, smoothing skin texture and allowing every inch of you to glow. Shea butter, argan and carrot oils are also blended into this superior formula to help slow down the production of melanin and prevent the darkening of skin. Just use the Exclusives line three times a week, and you will begin to see a dramatic improvement.

Every unique complexion deserves attention and specially designed products to achieve a balanced, smoother and more even skin tone.

Make it Makari, and watch your skin transform and brighten before your eyes.

Google Is Working On A New Operating System

Google is working on a new operating system. It is not based on Android. This is a totally new operating system called Fuchsia. This one is going to be different from the smartphone based operating system. It is also a lot different from Linux. For people looking for detail, it is important to note that there is no official announcement from Google about the project. It is in fact apparently in the early days of development. Therefore, Google needs a lot of time to develop its project so that it can become something worth looking into for users. Google is not even responding for requests for more information from sources like Business Insider.

There is a lot of speculation as to what the new operating system is going to be used for. A lot of people are noting that Android and Linux are not very ideal for smartphone usage. Closer looks at the OS in development reveals the possibility that it is designed for use across a wide variety of systems which include mobile systems, embedded systems as well as other systems. It is possible that it is made to unify all of the systems. Therefore, this new operating system might be a solution that mobile and computer users are looking for.

One thing that a source is speculating about the operating system is that it might be used for augmented reality devices. As of right now, there is no telling what this new operating system is going to be used for. However, it is likely that all of these speculations could be right. One thing that Google is known for is being innovative. A large part of its innovation is the integration of many features and convenience for users. Then there is the possibility that Fuchsia is going to turn out to be nothing. It could actually be a project that never sees the light of day. There are tons of projects that get toyed with which don’t actually get realized.

Panama Entrepreneurship with Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

A majority of people love starting their own ventures. However, they lack professional help and advice on the way forward, which prevents them from moving forward with their plans. The rules below will help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into business ventures on about.me. Currently, there are enormous opportunities in Panama that require potential and willing bright minds to exploit them. Succeeding in Panama, unlike in the rest of the world, may be much easier and quicker with determination and guidance.

You need to initiate the game. It is imperative for you to find your niche in the market and exploit the opportunity maximally. Your skill set, passion, and experience should be your guiding principles to getting the perfect area of specialization in the market. Then, you need master the art of being mobile. Those businesses that prosper in Panama are those that run while you are asleep. An internet business would be ideal as Panama enjoys high-speed services. Focus on coming up with a good, pragmatic idea and implement it successfully.

Networking to meet potential partners in your niche is key. You need a trustworthy partner who boasts of strong work ethics, and you share the same vision. Joining forces with the right person in Panama will double your accomplishments as well as maximize on each other’s strengths. Motivating yourself is not an option. Find a Panamanian lawyer and have him build a custom corporation for you. Award a hundred shares to yourself and then print business cards. The firm’s name and yours as the President or Founder should appear.

To be successful in Panama, you need to drop all the shortcuts. It is not smooth and quick, but the ultra-conducive environment in Panama is ideal for young entrepreneurs.

Minimizing your costs is essential. Learn how to focus on low overhead costs. You can share rent, electricity and rent expenses with another group. You will expectably make mistakes in your Panama venture. However, if you are adequately prepared, the failure will be comparatively friendlier. Lastly, you need to find a mentor in Panama. A mentor like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa will accelerate your learning curve substantially. If you choose a mentor correctly, you will avoid costly mistakes as well as solicit advice from them.

Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is one of the best expert mentors for entrepreneurs. Mr. Velasquez is a native of Venezuela and holds a high reputation in the business world. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Panamanian professional executive and uses his knowledge and expertise in several fields in different organizations. Currently, Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa serves five companies in three positions: The President, Director, and Treasurer. He is a prominent leader in the business world of Panama. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has helped businesses grow and mentored young businesses leaders as well, to help improve the economic conditions.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: https://twitter.com/adrianjvf_ve